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My baby boy is here! (unplanned c-section)

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Our third baby, a sweet little boy was born early Monday morning via urgent c-section. Between very thick meconium in the water and finding out that he had turned breech at the last moment, it was decided that a homebirth was no longer safe. I was very disappointed to lose out on a birth we planned, but feel very glad that we had the option of him being delivered safely at the hospital. The c-section went well even though it was definitely a scary moment for all of us. I lucked out with wonderfully respectful doctors and nurses who were very understanding that the change of plans was very unexpected for us.

Anyway, he is nursing great and we are resting at home after I begged for early release from the hospital last night We named him Charles (Charlie) and he was a teeny tiny 6lbs 3oz, exactly 2 lbs less than our other son! I don't have much of a "birth story" to write this time but I will attempt to put together some thoughts on his birth in a few days when I have time. The kids are not too sure about him yet, since our being gone at the hospital was not something we had a chance to talk to them about in advance. I'm very glad that I have the support of my family and friends right now as I am truly learning to ask for help right now.

Congrats to all the other mamas that had their babies while I've been away
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OOOhhh! I get to be the first to say


I'm glad everything is going well for you, and always proud when a mother recognizes the limits of her comfort and is proactive about her care. You did a great job, mama, and are truly a credit to all of us. ENJOY YOUR BABYMOON!
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YAY! Congratulations! Welcome Charlie. So sorry you had to have the c-s But glad everything is going well....So happy for you all!

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Congrats Mama! I know it is hard to have an c/s never mind when it isn't planned (I had an emergency one this time around too). Definitely take all the help you can and don't be shy about asking. It is major surgery that you have just been through. Enjoy your sweet little one!
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Congratulations mama!!

I was wondering if you had your baby when I hadn't seen you in a few days. I'm sorry you had to miss out on your home birth but it sounds like everyone is healthy and happy!
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world Charlie!

I'm sorry you had to have a c-section, but I'm so glad you are all safe and sound and how wonderful that you got to come home early! Take care and ask for all the help you need! Enjoy your now family of 5!
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I'm glad all is well and congrats!!!!!
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Congrats on baby Charlie! I am so proud of you both and you are such an amazing mama. Enjoy your babymoon and see you soon!


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Congratulations on baby Charlie!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your baby, embrace all of the support you have, and heal quickly!
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Congrats mama!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome, Charlie!

Glad you are both o.k.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome Charlie!

Remember that any way you get that baby into the world is still a wonderful way-it's STILL birth, mama!
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i've been watching for your birth post.
congratulations and welcome charlie!!!!!!
sorry to hear thibgs did not go as planned, but glad your boy is healthy.i hope you are healing well.
happy babymoon!
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Glad everyone is healthy in the end, enjoy your little Charlie!
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Glad to hear you are home and doing well. I love his name...our little guy is names Charlie too .
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