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Breastfeeding Family History

Poll Results: How long did you mother breastfeed you?

  • 23% (77)
    She didn't.
  • 8% (26)
    She tried.
  • 8% (26)
    About 6 weeks
  • 5% (17)
    6 weeks to 3 months
  • 9% (30)
    3 months to 6 months
  • 23% (77)
    6 months to 1 year
  • 15% (49)
    1 to 2 years
  • 4% (15)
    2 to 3 years
  • 1% (5)
    3 to 4 years
  • 0% (0)
    5 years of more
322 Total Votes  
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Oops! The poll should ask:
How long did your mother breastfeed you? I don't think I can edit it!

The other day in my mom's group we discussed whether we were breastfed or not. Most of us weren't, but some were. Of those who weren't, a few expressed resentment towards their mothers. I'm just curious about the current mom generations' breastfeeding family histories. Were you (and your partner) breastfed. If so, how long? Do you have any stories or remember it? Do you know if you parent's were breastfed, or the last person in your family who was? If you have any siblings, do they, or their partner, breastfeed? Also, if you weren't, or only for a short period, do you attribute any sicknesses/disorders (physiological or psychological) to your formula-fed infancy? How does your extended family feel about your decision to breastfeed? Lot's of questions, share what you want. I'm just curious!

I was not breastfeed and neither of my parents were breastfed. I have one sister, and she FFs. I don't resent my mom because I think she did the best she could with the information presented to her at the time, and I feel that she was very nurturing in other ways. I do have allergies, and had a lot of respiratory illness as a kid--I believe if I were breastfed I probably wouldn't have been as sick.

My dh was breastfed for six weeks.

My family doesn't disapprove, but I wouldn't say they're supportive. It's just another one of my things to them. My sister is quite defensive because she's felt attacked because of decision to FF. It's a complicated, interesting dynamic.
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My mother didn't even try with me or my sister. But I can say we both were cloth babies. Our family is very anti breastfeeding. They get all jittery when I nurse my almost 2 year old. I just tell them My pedi says to keep her nursing,and they are all ok with it. They do anything the doc tells them to.
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my mom told me that i was breastfed until 18 months, and then the doctor told her to quit so she did. i never had a bottle. my husband was breastfed, but i dont think for long because his mother asked me when the baby would "go to formula" when my son was fairly young. but in her defense, when she asked how long the baby would nurse and i told her at least two years she didnt seem phased at all and now the whole family thinks its super cute when my toddler demands "booasha!" when we go over there for a visit.

despite being breastfed, i had a lot of food allergies as a child and i still react to dairy.... so does my cousin, who was breastfed until he was over two. my husband has jaw problems, which i have heard can be caused by being bottle fed. but in all, we are healthy people.
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My mom never tried - had the shot in the hospital and was told "formula was best". I had environmental and food allergies as well as a ton of respiratory infections and ear infections (to the point of tubes) as a child. I am as dedicated to bfing as I am because I hope to save DD from the same issues (although, she has food issues already). She is, however, extremely supportive of my bfing and I think regrets not doing it with me.

I know DH was, but have no idea for how long.
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My mother breastfed all 4 of her children. We weaned ourselves or were gently weaned between 4 and 5 years old. I weaned at 21 mo, probably because my mom was 3 mo pregnant. My dh's mom bf'd for 6 mo beause she was a Jehovah's witness and she was pressured by the church to bf. Honestly, I do believe that poor nutrition (not just being partially ff'd) has affected my dh's health.
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My mom was the only one in her family to BF her kids, I was BF for about 9 months, then went straight to whole milk. I have seasonal allergies and sensitivities to dyes, fragrances, etc.

My dh was never BF, has some food sensitivities.

My sister and I both BF our kids, for a long time, and our extended family is not very supportive but we don't get a lot of flack because we (like our mom) won't just keep our mouths shut, and they think we are great moms in general. My dad is the one who encouraged my mom to BF as she had never even thought about it. I am thankful for that. My in-laws are supportive of my BF even though they had no previous experience with it.

NO ONE else in my extended family breastfeeds, they think we are weird (especially me because I homebirth, cloth diaper, etc.)
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I was not breastfed. the only health issue I have is being overweight, which is from a number of factors. Who knows if not breastfeeding is one of them.

I have no resentment. The doctors told my mother formula was best.
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My mom and everyone is supportive of me bfing.
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Neither of my parents were BF'd at all, and neither were my brother and me. DH was EBF'd for 4 months and weaned to all formula bottles by 6 months.

Both sides of the family (including extended family) are very supportive of BFing now, though
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My mom bf'ed me for 3.5 years. Dp's mom bf'ed him for just under 3. Neither of us remember it but we both grew up thinking that babies eat breast milk and that anything in a bottle was breast milk. Both our moms were nursed, no idea how long. I don't think our dads were. Dp and I were really healthy kids...nothing but a common cold/ear infection. Neither of us have had a broken bone. Both of us score well on IQ tests. :

I hear that Dp's mom got flack from the family for bfing her boys as long as she did and for bfing Dp's bro as she was pregnant with Dp. I've thanked her already for paving the way for my 'crazy' ways.

ETA: I also think that Dp's exposure to nursing made him have the idea that there's a part of pregnancy/birth/child raising that NEEDS to be about doing things you may not want to do for the benifit of the kid. When talking about women who chose not to bf he's less about the kid not getting breastmilk and more about what else that mom isn't doing because she doesn't want to.
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I was bf'd 11 months until I went on a nursing strike. Then went to WCM. DH was bf'd but less than a year I think. We were both given spoon fed solids at a very young age. We are both mostly healthy. I have seasonal allergies. Neither of us have food allergies.
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I was breastfed but not exclusively, and i never remember my brother nursing and he was 5 years younger. It was the only option for me and my little one so i am glad we have had an easy time of it so far. The interesting thing is that the first time i was around my extended family with our newborn they started in on how some people bf too long and how they hoped we wouldn;t be doing it at age 6 or 7. Funny they never asked me how long i planned to bf just assumed it would bee "too long".
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I was bf for 4 days, my brother1 was not at all, brother2 was bf for 11 mos, and then brother3 for 8 mos.

I bf my oldest for 12m, 2nd for 2y 9m, and the baby is 5 mos. Not sure how long we'll go. Couple of years, most likely.

Brother2's wife has breastfed or currently breastfeeds their 3 kidlets. She's expecting #4 soon and has tandem nursed #1 and #2, then #2 and #3, and probably will do the same for #3 and #4. #1 and #2 are both fully weaned now, they're 5 and almost 3. For #1 she overcame inverted nipples and relactated and hasn't had a problem since.

My mom has real issues w/ us nursing in public and nursing without covering up. Both of us just do what we need to do to feed our kids, though. My mom is supportive, otherwise, though.

My mil is very supportive. DH was bf for 18 mos.
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I was breastfed 2 1/2 years, and my dh 18 months. I am surprised there aren't more breastfed mamas on this poll. I thought we would have been overrepresented here at MDC
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I was bf for a little over 6 months when we had nipple confusion issue thanks to a paci and I had to go to bottles of formula/milk. I had med issues, but probably more due to her smoking when pg. I am a little resentful that I didn't get to bf as long, but I blame the paci for that. My gma breastfed all 6 living children, all of my aunts and my uncles' wives bf. My brothers do not have kids yet but I told them their wives have to go through an intensive screening test by me first. :P

Everyone in my family except two of my cousins' wives breastfeeds. And both cousins asked their wives to please do so.

Dh was never bf, neither was anyone in his family at least going back to his grandparents. They have tons of medical issues. Except *maybe* his aunt bfed her two kids, but we never see her but she's a "hippie".
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I was breastfed for a few days, I believe. I was put on rice cereal at 2 weeks

DH wasn't breastfed at all. His mom says she couldn't because she's a Type I diabetic (I have no idea if that's accurate - that she couldn't, I mean. I know she's Type I diabetic).

My family supports it, although my younger sister is a little squicked out that Katie gets bm at this age. My grandma recently made a comment about how I don't have to worry about what Katie does or doesn't eat if she's still getting breastmilk, and how great it is for her. DH's family, outside of his father, does not support breastfeeding. His mother and sister have commented on how gross it is, and how formula is "good enough for them". His father, a very wise man , hasn't said anything to me one way or the other.
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My mom tried a couple times in the hospital to nurse me and that was it. She didn't try with my siblings at all. Her mom (my grandma) nursed her until she was 2 though. And my DH was nursed until he was a toddler as well.
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My mom BF me for a few months. She BF the middle child for about 9 months and my youngest brother for 3 years.

DH was BF for a year and all three of his siblings were breastfed for at least a year.

Both of our families are supportive of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding.
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My mom BF me until I was somewhere between 6-9 mos. She nursed me longer than either my older sister or younger brother.

DH was nursed, but I'm not sure how long. He was definitely NOT nursed into toddlerhood.

We are generally healthy people, aside from needing to lose a few lbs. DH sucked his thumb for a long, long time, into his pre-teen years, I believe... which may be due in part to premature weaning... but his sibs are very close in age and there are also a lot of them, so self soothing could have had much to do with that, as well.
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My mom "bucked the system" to BF me and my brothers in 1968-1973. She's not sure if she was BF as an infant or not, but she knows her younger sister was fed a homemade formula.
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