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Poll Results: How long did you mother breastfeed you?

  • 23% (77)
    She didn't.
  • 8% (26)
    She tried.
  • 8% (26)
    About 6 weeks
  • 5% (17)
    6 weeks to 3 months
  • 9% (30)
    3 months to 6 months
  • 23% (77)
    6 months to 1 year
  • 15% (49)
    1 to 2 years
  • 4% (15)
    2 to 3 years
  • 1% (5)
    3 to 4 years
  • 0% (0)
    5 years of more
322 Total Votes  
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My mom says she tried to breastfeed me but that I "wouldn't do it." I don't know how true that is; she was 16 and this was 1975. So I was completely FF. I don't have food allergies but I did have severe problems with a too-small mouth and jaw and had to have teeth pulled and a spacer put in the roof of my mouth as a child, and I wore braces. I definitely can "see" the effects of being bottle fed in my face, I have a long face, etc.

My husband was also bottlefed. MIL says why would she breastfeed when she was able to get formula for free? This was in 1967, and my husband was a preemie who was not expected to live in those days, but he did live!

I am still breastfeeding my first DC at 16.5 months and plan to until he is at least 2, and then we'll see how it goes from there. I have been getting comments since he was 6 months old from both sides about how I need to wean him and how "some people" are grossed out by the idea of a child of my son's age (whatever age he may be at the time of the comment) still nursing. I just tell them it's a good thing I could not possibly care less what anyone else's opinion is because I know I am doing what is best for my son. that pretty much kills all discussion each time.

and now my sister, who was opposed to breastfeeding with her older children, has just had a new baby and is breastfeeding her...my family says she's just doing it "because she saw me doing it" haha~
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My mom tried to breastfeed me, but I had undiagnosed tongue tie. She had small breasts and my dad has said things like "her breasts were not big enough to breastfeed", so I think that's the spiel the doctors passed on to them.

I don't think my grandma even tried. It was definitely not the thing to do in the 40's for urban women. She told me about making all the bottles of condensed/evaporated milk for her babies.

DH was not breastfed. His mom was very young and listened to all of the doctor's orders. DH was quite premature and I suspect MIL's milk dried up before he came out of the NICU. She did breastfeed her first child for six weeks; her third for two years and her final child for an undisclosed amount of time. I am not sure whether HER mother breastfed, but DH's father's mother breastfed.
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My Mom bf both me(1985) and my brother(1988) for about 1 year, but she supplemented with formula for both of us, more so with me and brother would projectile vomit it back up no matter what kind of formula it was. I kind of feel sorry for her that she weaned us at 1 year. She told me about pouring all the leftover freezer supply down the drain and crying when she did it, and I thought, why didn't you just give it to us in a cup until it was gone, but I didn't say it because I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

DH was not breastfed (1968), but his little brother was.

My Mom (1957) was not breastfed, but that was because her mom had to deliver her early so she could have a brain tumor removed, so she was recovering from major surgery and having chemo, etc. I think my uncles were breastfed, but I'm not sure.

My dad (1957) wasn't breastfed just because nobody really did it then, but Grandma says she tried to breastfeed her second but her milk never came in which was so emotionally difficult for her, she simply chose to ff the other four.

Going back farther than that, I really don't know.
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I was BF until I was almost 3. I don't have a single baby picture of me with a bottle. I was weaned intentionally while my mom had to travel for a couple of weeks, and as soon as I was I developed severe asthma and allergies, requiring lots of hospitalizations. I'm sure I would have developed them sooner if I'd weaned.

My mom was FF, totally.

My fiance was never BF at all, and never missed school growing up. But I can tell you, I honestly think that he was "conditioned" *ahem* to ignore being sick. Who's ever heard of a kid not getting a single ear infection? Seriously.

And he says no one on his family BF that he can recall.
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My mom breastfed me for 3w exclusively. She says I wasn't getting enough, so she started offering bottles. Then I was colicky (sensitive to dairy?) and she stopped breastfeeding entirely. She discovered that if I was suckign on the bottle I was content (high sucking need?), so she just offered me a bottle frequently. I was 24lbs at 12w o_O

The ped advised my parents to switch me to rice cereal and skim milk. So I started solids and had skim milk for the next four years, until my mom pried my bottle out of my bottle rotted mouth. I tehn started biting my nails and still do.

My mom had similar successes nursing all five of her kids, though none of the others were over fed to the same degree.

My grandmother had 12 kids and breastfed them all for a few weeks at most, before they got too hungry and she switched them to 'milk'. Milk was some combination of sugar and condensed milk, I think.

My paternal grandmother never tried nursing any of her six children. She had inverted nipples and was told she couldn't,. so she never tried.

My DH was nursed for 6mo, which might have been the official recommendation at the time (early 80s). MIL wanted to go back to work part time and weaned DH to solids and formula. I don't know if MIL was nursed, but FIL and his siblings were not for long at all- GMIL says shes wishes it would have worked out:/
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8 montths for me, 4 for my little sister. i was born in 82, sis iin 84
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I was colicky & had health issues so my mom thought that I "hated" her (PPD anyone?) so she weaned me. She recently told me that her doctor scolded her for weaning me without talking to him about it!
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My mom tried bf me (born in '75), but for how long I don't know. She won't talk to me about it, but I've heard second hand that her MIL was always pestering her and she was uncomfortable bf with her around, so she just put me on formula. I went on to be a very colicky, unhappy baby. My parents used to joke about how much I cried and screamed. And I was always sick as a child.

I know she didn't bf my brother ('77), but did my sister (born in '81). I remember her bf, but don't know how long.

And early solids of course, as recommended by the doctors.

My DH was breastfed, rice cereal started at three weeks old. His sister was born when he was 15 months old, so I'm sure he wasn't bf much past 6 months. He had severe allergies and ear infections as a child, to the point of being hospitalized with ear infections when he was 7 or 8.
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Mom makes no bones about the fact she thinks breastfeeding is disgusting and didn't even consider it (I was born in '75).
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My mom breastfed all four of us for over 2 years, stopping each time a few months before giving birth to her next baby. None of us ever used a bottle at all. My youngest brother nursed for a little over 3 years before losing interest and self-weaning. My mom was not breastfed at all; my dad was, but I don't know for how long. Mom had asthma and allergies very badly as a child, and she says one of the reasons she ws so determined to breastfeed us was because she believes her poor health was at least partly a result of being formula fed.
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My Mom Bfed us a little over a year (79) twins, and a second set of twins in '80. Then I guess she started bfeeding all four of us for a while, but the younger set was bfed for almost 3 years. At the time it was very hard for her as no one did it, and she was trying to feed twins as well then another boy in 91 who was bfed 3 years and a boy in 96 who was also bfed about 3-4 years.
Nether she or my dad was bfed, and neither were either of Dh's parents though Dh was for about a year.
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I don't think my mom had the right support around her so when it hurt to breastfeed she quit. She said I took the skin off her nipple, makes me think it was positioning or latch problems. But who knows, with dd it hurt alot more than with ds1 or ds2, didn't hurt at all with ds2. Anyway...
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I was bf for nine weeks, until one week I did not gain weight and the dr told her to switch straight onto formula. Which she did. She always told me I did not gain at all on breastmilk, but I have since seen my records and I was in fact gaining half a pound a week up until that one week - they had no knowledge of growth spurts, or cluster feeding - I use to scream a lot in the evenings and they took that to mean I was not getting enough. I was also on a 4 hourly feeding schedule.
Mum has learned a lot about how nursing is meant to work thru me BFing my kids. She wishes so much that she had someone around to tell her.
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Mom nursed me until about 8 months, it seems, from the baby book, but by no means was it the exclusive feeding method. Very early on she fed me and my brother solids, beginning with oatmeal, and progressing through other normal foods put through a food mill.

I have no idea why she chose this course. I think it followed what her mom had done, and possibly what my paternal grandmother had done (though I don't know very much about that side, since Grama died before I was even thinking about having children). Last month, I was able to look through my Mum's baby book, kept faithfully by my grandmother so that grampa, who was overseas in WW2, would have some record of his daughter's first 2 years (!!!). Before Mom was even a month old, gram was giving her orange juice, in addition to nursing. She was feeding "cereal" (probably rice cereal, I guess) by about 4 weeks. I didn't get a chance to figure out when Mom was weaned, but I'm pretty sure it was well before Grampa got home from the war (which happened after Mom had already had her 2nd birthday).

Anyway... no resentment here. My mom loves me, took good care of me my whole life, and still does take good care of me (when she gets the chance, anyway). Can't change what happened back then, can only pay attention to the information we have now about the value of breastfeeding for long-term health, and make our decisions about how to feed our children with that in mind.
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Wanted to add that neither my sister nor myself were ever supplemented. My brother was though, as my mom was a reservist. Her annual tour was too soon after my brother's birth for her to save an adequate breast milk stash.

She came back from her tour and he had a serious nursing aversion. Despite a complete lack of support from my grandmother, she worked through it. He went on to be her longest breastfeeding nursling.
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My mom nursed all three of us; I'm not sure exactly how long, but pretty sure it was about a year. I know she nursed my sister longer because we were living in a foreign country at the time and she didn't quite trust the water there.

My husband was breastfed too, and I have to say, it's been nice having both my mom and my mom-in-law be supportive of me breastfeeding their grandchildren. Not in huge, gung-ho sort of ways, but just in that, "Oh, of course that's what you do with babies" sort of ways.

None of us kids have any food allergies that I know of.

Neither of my siblings have kids yet, but I know my sister plans to nurse.
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We are very blessed -- both my mother and MIL breastfed all of their kids (6 total between them) for over a year. That was back in the mid-late 70's and early 80's. (I don't think any of our parents were breastfed, though one of them may have been.) My mom was a bit of a rebel. I grew up seeing my mom nursing my siblings and her friends nursing their babies; it just never even occurred to DH and I that we'd feed our babies any other way -- breastfeeding was always very much the norm, and formula was for emergencies.

So, no, I've never gotten anything but complete support from any of our children's grandparents, and I'm pretty sure they'd have at least tried to change my mind if I had decided not to BF. I know that we are a bit "crunchier" than our parents -- neither of ours have been close to weaning at age 3, and I've nursed through pregnancy and tandem nursed -- but our families also don't comment on those choices either unless it's something positive. I feel for all of you whose parents and ILs, etc. are unsupportive -- blah.

As for other family members, only one sibling has kids so far, but they've breastfed for at least a year. Of the others, I'm pretty sure they'll breastfeed too. (Heck, I've got one brother who thought my cloth diapers were cool and is now interested in EC'ing, and I'm pretty sure several of them are very open to cosleeping and babywearing too.)
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I was breastfed for just over a year. My mom wanted to breastfeed my older brother but she ended up having an anesthetic during his birth (preemie, footling breech... I don't know the whole story) and she woke up having been given a shot to dry her up. She was NOT happy.

My partner was breastfed for 7-8 months. All of our family is completely supportive of our 'extended' breastfeeding. They trust us to make parenting choices that suit our family.

Funnily enough my brother and his wife are FF their adopted daughter. So... I was breastfed and am breastfeeding, my brother wasn't and his family is FFing. (albeit for a totally legitimate reason! My SIL would breastfeed if she was able to)
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My mom did extended bf'ing for myself and my 2 brothers. I'm not exactly sure how long my youngest brother and I nursed for (+2 years, for sure) but my middle brother nursed until he was over 4 years old. The interesting thing is that he is BY FAR the brains of the family. His mind amazes me. I read recently that there is a correlation btw. length of bf'ing and intelligence and he would certainly prove that in our family!

My DH, on the other hand, was not BF at all and while he is super smart (IMO - ha ha) he has chronic health problems - food sensitivies, allergies, a 2 year bout with an undiagnosed chronic-fatigue like sickness, etc...

My family is very supportive. We'll see what happens with DH's family as I continue to nurse DS beyond a year...
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My Mom breastfed me until I was close to 18 mths (then she had my sister and I quit the boob). She breastfed my sister until she was 3. My mom actually knew Cynthia Mosher back in the day in LLL in Alberquerque.

Anyhoo, my Dad was breastfed (born in '53) and my Mom was breastfed for six months or less(born in '52).
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