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Hips wider pp?

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Is it possible that - - barring all weight gain/loss - - my actual hip bones are wider after pregnancy/childbirth? I really don't feel that huge (though I don't have a clue what I weigh) and I *cannot* pull even my biggest jeans up over my hips!

Anyone else? And if so, do you think it's permanent? BTW my feet are bigger now too
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My experience is that yes, your hips are probably wider... your feet too... ALL our bones and ligaments spread somewhat during pg. They DO return after 4 or 5 years IME... I've gone from size 7 shoe to size 8 shoe THREE times now!
Our amazing bodies...
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I'm not sure, but I can tell you my hips still hurt when I roll over in bed, so I think my pelvic girdle took a beating with that giant baby of mine. Oof.

I can't get my comfiest jeans to button, but the worst is, I can't get my regular jeans to even go over my butt. Sigh....
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Thank God my favorite jeans still fit, but my nicer pants are pretty snug in the hips now. I'm back to weighing what I did at my 1st ob appt at 6 weeks. I do think my actual hips are wider.
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I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which was higher than I'd like) but I cannot get into my pre-pregnancy underwear. It will not go over my hips. I have not tried my jeans, I fear it may set me back mentally if they don't go on.:

For now I am still rocking the maternity jeans and enormous Granny knickers imported from England..!
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I am very slender and don't gain a lot of weight with my pregnancies. The biggest change I notice in my body is the width of my hips.

Historically, it has taken me a good 9 months to get back into my favorite jeans. Unfortunately, the bones shifting back into place is painfully slow. But they do go back, so I don't fret over it too much.

Feet, IDK about. That must be one of the very few pregnancy side effects I don't get! LMBO!

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I've been thinking this too. Most of my pants/jeans will button, but the fit is so tight the zipper won't stay zipped. Everything eventually fit after DS1, but I can't remember how long it took. So now I have about 3 pairs of bottoms that actually fit and a whole wardrobe that doesn't!
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yeah, my hips are definitely wider after this baby! i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which i was really happy with before...but, things just aren't quite the same now. *sigh* the things we sacrifice for our children!
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My hips are never going to be the same after this one, but they have gotten progressively wider each preg. I will never again fit into size 5 simply because I have spread so much. And now my shoes don't fit. *sigh*
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Fascinating. I don't think my hips are wider--my clothes fit fine--but then, I'm not sure they could get any wider than their pre-pregnancy state. 'Childbearing hips' indeed!

My *waist* is certainly wider, though. That annoys me. I actually had a waist before, and I was quite fond of it. I hope it comes back someday...
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Hi, I'm not in your DDC, but I'll chime in here - in my first year of breastfeeding, I was ridiculously skinny - baby was sucking the life out of me. My cheeks were hollowed, my ribs showed...and yet my pre-pregnancy jeans would not come up over my hips. I think there is definitely a spreading of pelvis for some women!
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My hips have always taken a while to get back into place after each of my births. I can be my prepregnancy weight but still take a while to be able to fit into my old jeans because of my hips. My ribs don't take as long to get back to normal...my hips seem to take a few months.
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