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vbacers when are you due? how many c/s?

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After 2 c/s one in 2000 and 2006 i'm due 8-2008 and 'm gonna vba2c!

My 1st two were for the dumbest reasons so my vbac chances are super high!
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I finally have the go ahead for a VBAC after going back and forth for months!!

I'm due May 30. I had a vaginal birth in '02 and a c-section in '05 due to complete previa.
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Good luck mamas I had a VBA2C a month ago today (!!), the birth story is somewhere in the birth stories forum if you want to read it.
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I am due in December and planning a homebirth. Oh yeah and I have had 3 c/sections
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I am due Nov 1 and have had two c sections. I am planning a vba2c, probably at home. I also have a bicornuate uterus, so there is a slight chance that I'd have malpositioning (my first was a footling breech), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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I was due last Saturday ;-) and have had just the one c-section.
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due oct 2008
1 c-section
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Due late Sept 08 - HBAC
1 unnecessary c/s in Dec 06
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Had a c-section in March of '06 and just found out two days ago that I am pregnant with #2 . . . we will be planning for an HBAC at the end of this year.

Mine was a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks due to a combination of breech positioning, IUGR and oligohydramnios, so I never experienced labor the first time around--I feel like a bit of a fraud, going into this one with a child but with no first-hand knowledge of labor itself.
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I have had one c/s due to a short umbilical cord in a true knot, I labored fine we just ran into issues at the end.

I am due July 3rd but I have polyhydramnios so it might be earlier than that.
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i had one section in Sep 2005 due to "failure to progress" with a malpositioned baby.

I'm due in very early Sep, planning a hospital birth (or birth centre in hospital birth. With the care I'm receiving, you don't have to decide until you are actually in labour!) with a midwife, doula and hypnobabies. I'm both nervous and excited at the same time!
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I'm having a HBA2C in AUgust - probably September since my "due date" is August 30th...

C/S #1 was in 2002 for placental abruption; C/S #2 was in 2004 for breech presentation

A 3rd is just not an option unless it's 100% necessary. Good luck to everyone - we can do this!!!
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I am due 8/10/08
Have 4 Vag births and then last baby was Emergency C-section
Planning a HBAC this time...hoping for the best.
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My real due date is May 7, but an early u/s came up with May 12 as EDD, so that's the "official" date.

(I know my real due date because I was charting temps when we were TTC; I know exactly when I ovulated, but I'm keeping mum because I'm happy to have 5 extra days!)

I'm planning a hospital birth with a wonderful midwife and a doula.

My first ds was born in Nov. 2004 via scheduled c/s due to a very marginal previa. (I wish I had asked more questions before I consented to that.) I never went into labor-- he was 38.5 weeks. So this baby will be my first labor!

So far, it looks like after Ironica, I'm next! (If she's still here: good vibes for a peaceful delivery! : ) Of course I'll eat my words when i'm sitting here at 42 weeks and cj'smommy has already had her VBAC
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due sometime in Oct. 08 and going for my 2nd VBA2CS....
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I had an unnecessary c section in August of '05 - I'm due in early November.
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2 csections. 2005, 2006... Now in August 2008 I have a planned hba2c!!!
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HBAC due May 1st but probably about a week after that...
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I had one in 2000 due to macrocosmia according to my records. I'm due in august hoping for an HBAC
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Due tomorrow (4/19), planning an HBAC!

C/S 18 months ago due to failed induction at 37 weeks for PIH.
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