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Can I join you guys? Dh decided to use withdrawl this month 4 days before O he had an oops. I have been crampy on and off since 5dpo, my tummy has been a little upset too. I am testing tomorrow morning 10dpo we will see what it says. My leutal phase is usually 13 days. Waiting with the rest of you.

We were going to ttc in two months we wanted to avoid having a baby near christmas or in January. If I am Pregnant my edd will be something like Jan 3. ARRG (just kidding we will be happy as long as it is healthy)
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Yes, please join!

I am actually testing tonight for the first time, only because we're having people over and I might want to make a surprise announcement when we toast our glasses. But it's probably too early...I am either 7 or 8 dpo. I usually test + at 9dpo. These tests I got are super early sensitive and they say as early as 6dpo. We shall see but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

I understand the month thing. I really would have preferred to have another one in april/may as we have too many birthdays close together in my family. lol This one would be due early January.

Welcome, and good luck!

Fireflies- yes you can have high libido and be pg, that happened to me with my last pregnancy.
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Ugh..this is my thread. I've had tender boobs all week. We use NFP and over the counter birth control, and I'm afraid I either misjudged my temps and mucous or that the OTC BC failed. I've been very tired and emotional the past couple days, too. ugh. I just wish I knew one way or the other. off to buy another pee test.
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Hi Kim.....waiting with you whilst you test!!!!!!
Arg...I feel that anticipation with you!!!

We have such stress right now with DH in grad school and many other issues, can't possibly be good for a developing little thing...
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MindfulBirth, love your user name...
Ug...I know what you mean about the thread!!
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I tested today at 10 DPO and got a negative, so the wait continues. My tem usually starts dropping 12 dpo with aunt flo starting on 14dpo. If my temps are still up in 2 days I will test again.

How are the rest of you ladies doing?
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Okay so I am always wishing for an oops, but we are going to start ttc #3 in July, so I keep telling myself that's not that long. So I like reading this thread it's fun the anticipation! Anyways, I was wondering where you Momma's bought your prego tests, I want to get some for when we try? Let me know and where do you do your charting? Sorry so many questions. I wish the best to all of you who are waiting and hope the outcome is what you want it to be!
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fireflies...I understand. My dh has been in full time school and full time work for years now and it was REALLY wearing on me/us. But he graduates this December so I feel like there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. But it CAN be done. My first marriage was terrible and I made it through 2 pregnancies and dh was in school with our last one (he was planned) and it worked out great. So you never know. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Stretch- Good luck on your next test!!

luvmybabygirls- I get mine at www.anotherblessing.com I bought 10 tests for $8.50 with free shipping. And she's always very prompt in mailing them out. I have done my charting at www.fertilityfriend.com but I don't like that I have to pay. I currently use www.ovusoft.com the software compatable with the Taking Charge of Your Fertility Book. I love it. Good luck to you.

Lots of cramping with cm today. Slightly sore bbs. That's about it. Otherwise I feel pretty well...which is odd because my PMS is horrid.
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I got my tests at Dollar Tree, they were a dollar

I chart on both ovusoft and fertility friend (the free version) I like ovusoft better, but I have trouble uploading to the web, so for sharing purposes I re-enter my info in fertility friend.

DH an I are in a period of transission. He is tryong to become a police officer, it is slow going. We are also living with a friend (single guy 27 owns a 3br house) He has said We need to move out before we have kids. We are working on it but not knowing where dh will find a job is making it harder. He has a test on thursday in our town they are hiring 2 or 3 officers ! of the people is the current dispacher, if he doesn't get one of the cop positions he is going to go for the dispacher job, which would be great, because the pay is better than his current job, and it puts him in a great position next time they are hiring. It also adds much needed experience to his resume.
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Well, I emailed the lady I ordered the tests from and she mailed them out the day I ordered them (saturday!) so I should get them today. Woohoo. I'll check in after the result.
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Well..here's the odd thing... after I posted yesterday, I started thinking about the past couple days and how I've been 1) very tired and 2) somewhat nauseas.

"Oh, friggin crap," says I.

So, I went out and bought another test. NEGATIVE. (yay!)

Today, I have more energy and no nausea. Boobs still tenderish. No AF. I have no idea what is going on.
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LOL Mindful Birth you make me laugh!!!!!!!!

Kim-thanks for the encouragment! Did you test yet???

My digestion feels funky...that might be an uh-oh indicator!
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Kim-thanks for the encouragment! Did you test yet???
Yes. BFN. But, I could by off on my O by two days, so if I am, I would only be 7dpo instead of 9dpo. I can usually get a bfp at 9dpo with a FRE but it was negative today...so maybe I'm only 7dpo. I'm still waiting for my ultra sensitive tests to come in the mail! I still have one more FRE plus those that I ordered coming so I'll be testing again tomorrow and the next day...and so on.

Still having tingly bbs, cramping, and lots of cm. Seems a little too early for AF cramps and such.

Mindfulbirth made me laugh too.
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Hey this sounds like the thread for me! I'm playing the waiting game to . I'm 6 DPO, and honestly I wanted another baby but DH said it was not the right time. We ended up DTD on my O day and he didn't rap it up or pull it out. It was one of those weird things. I expected him to. The bad thing was I was pretty sure I was O. I don't chart but I can kinda feel it. So I feel a little guilty. 2 DPO I felt like there was a little lead wieght in my abdomin, the same feeling i had when i got preg with DS. Then the next day my breast were sore, but they haven't been sore since. I have a few other signs like:
* constipated, which is not normal for me
* my brain can only hold one thing at a time.
* mild heartburn
* bloated feeling

So I just don't know and the waiting is driving me NUTS. I told DH I thought I was and we are both excited about the possibility. But he thinks we shouldn't talk about it any more until we know for sure. So I am all about this thread! Can I join?
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Originally Posted by mom2p.m. View Post
... honestly I wanted another baby but DH said it was not the right time. We ended up DTD on my O day and he didn't rap it up or pull it out. It was one of those weird things. I expected him to.
Ha, ha! This is exactly how an 8 month old ended up sitting in my lap today! I told DH I hadn't ovulated yet, and he thought that meant it was safe He wasn't looking for it to happen just then, but it turned out to be just what we needed (he lost his Dad just days after I found out I was pg).
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So I am all about this thread! Can I join?
Of course, welcome!! I am possibly right with you as I might be 7dpo (9 at the most).

Here is my chart...as you can see I'm not temping so it's hard to know if I O'd on day 14, 15, or 16. I never completely dry up at all, so not temping makes it hard to tell. http://forums.ovusoft.com/chart.asp?...mnmike&tc=0&p= But my pattern is pretty much always O'ing cd 14-16
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Twilight girl, that is so funny. Poor men they can get so confused with all our girl stuff. Only time will tell which way it will go for us. I just felt so certain 2 DPO and now I just don't know if it all in my head or what.

Kimmiepie that's cool to know we are pretty much in the same boat time wise. And thanks for the link to the cheap preg test. i just ordered myself 5. I figure I can just be a freak about it and take one every day if I want to. To be honest I've already taken two, both negative, but I know it is too soon to tell. What can i say, I live out in the country and stay at home all day with two kids. What else is there to do for excitement, j/j
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Speaking of tests I told my DH if I tested neg today I would test again in 2 days , and if I didn't gen aunt flo by 14 DPO I would test again. He freaked out and told me I should wait a week. When I asked his reasoning he said it was too expensive (money is tight). once i told him I got them fro the dollar store he told me I could test everyday if I wanted. I am tempted to try test again tomorrow, but I will wait till thursday. I can get obsessive and do not want to to travel down that road any further than I have to.
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The $ tests have been great for when I'm feeling paranoid. I recently got some strip tests off ebay--it was something like 10 for $3, and those are even better! They're smaller and have alot less packaging so I don't scare hubby when he opens up the trashcan.
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