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Bleeding question

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I am about 3 1/2 weeks post partum and I have had bright red spotting today. Not enough to fill a pad, but I am wondering if I need to go in to see my provider? I really haven't bled much since about week one and I am not passing clots or anything like that. If you have any suggestions please post!
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What have your days been like for the last few days? Are you babymooning? Resting more than you are up and around? Are you skin to skin, bonding with your baby?

Generally, when you have a "backslide" in your bleeding, it means that you have over done it a bit. It is actually a wonderful way for your body to communicate to you to slow your pace down and remember to simply be...with your baby...quiet...still.

I would feel your uterus, and make sure that it feels like a large, firm grapefruit. as long as it does, and you are not getting large clots, you SHOULD be okay...just listen to your body. If it tells you that you are overdoing things, slow down. Be gentle with yourself...you just did the physical equivalent of running two back to back marathons, and you need to take the time to let yourself heal.
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ITA w/courtenay--

And some women do spot on and off during the first 6wks pp. As long as it does not get heavy/continuous, you are probably just fine.
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another ditto
definitely keep an eye on it, and take it easy.
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I also agree with pp, though I wanted to point out that at 3 weeks postpartum you should not be able to feel your uterus at all...it should be back down in your pelvis and too small to feel from the outside.
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4th ditto. Your body is probably telling you to take it easy.
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Nope its not heavy. Just a spot or two each day. I have been trying to take it easy, easier said than done with my three gremlins at home. I also passed a couple of clots about the size of a nickel? I had pretty much stopped bleeding completely about a week after my birth. I am going to call my midwife on Monday if I am still spotting tomarrow. Thanks for the help!
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