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I love pregnant sex! Everything is better when I'm pregnant!

I agree with pp's though, take it easy, your anxiety about would be worse for the baby than the actual sex!
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Maybe just a little unrelated, but I'll tell anyway. I've had an uncomfortable feeling about sex all along. To begin with, I didn't want it anyway. I just felt too bad. But yesterday, I finally felt up to it, (yay!) and timing worked out, so we did. Within half an hour after, I had major cramping down low in my pelvis. It only eased if I sat/laid down. Finally, after 3-4 hours, I checked my cervix. It was closed, but WAY too soft. So, dh and I were both kicking ourselves for going against my intuition. Thankfully, it seems to have stopped now, and I haven't had any spotting. I guess I just really didn't need that prostaglandin injection. If we do try again, we'll be sure to use a condom.
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I am with you on the condom part. I have that same worry about the "prostaglandin injection". I will save that for when I am due lol.
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I never ever let DH make a deposit unless we're trying to GET pregnant or get a baby OUT.
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DH and I dtd all through my first pg and no ill effects. In fact I always felt wonderful after. I attributed it to the testosterone I absorbed balancing out my hormonal fog!

No ill effects this time either.
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Yeah, I've had the same fears, but now that I'm entering the 2nd trimester and I haven't bled in over a week I think I'm starting to feel up to it. I have an appointment next Monday and I'll ask the doc then about it and if we hear the heartbeat and she says it's A-OK then we'll go for it. Poor DH hasn't gotten any at all since I the test came back positive. First because I was afraid I was going to puke and then because I started spotting bright red blood. Good thing we normally don't have super high sex drives anyway!
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Originally Posted by nccrunchymama View Post
I guess I just really didn't need that prostaglandin injection. If we do try again, we'll be sure to use a condom.
I found this on a site I trust - hope it helps you feel better...

"Although orgasm, as well as breast stimulation, can cause the uterus to contract, this will not cause miscarriage. A bit of cramping after intercourse can be very normal. Of course, if cramping continues, or if it is associated with any spotting, you should see your care provider right away.

There's a very positive side to sex during pregnancy. Physiologically, the increased blood flow to the pelvis, the uterus, vagina and clitoris is enhanced, which congests the pelvis a bit and can increase a woman's pleasure, causing more intense orgasms. It can also cause a heightened libido. "
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