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hey ladies

sorry i've not been around much but wanted to stop in and say hello. Pavlina - congrats to you for nursing thru all that!

glad to hear everyone is doing well

do you have unprotected sex mamas? How do I know if I should use protection? How do I know if I am not ovulating by any chance? There has been cases where women got pg at 6 weeks postpartum
we've only had sex twice so far since the birth, but both times he pulled out just in case. I am taking the minipill for now until he gets the vascectomy. I took it with zoey with no ill effects so i'm doing that.
there ARE cases where women get pregnant at only a few weeks postpartum. My sister is one of them. SHe breastfed exclusively and had not had a post partum period, yet when her son was 12 weeks old she was pregnant again. Her sons are 13mos apart.

things are wonderful here. Roman doesn't sleep much at all during the day which can be difficult, but he sleeps ALL night. He sleeps from 10pm or thereabouts till 4 or 5am. then wakes to nurse for a few minutes (maybe 15) and then sleeps again till i wake him at 7:30am !!! i dont' even get up to change his diaper!

During the day we're busy with playgroups and crafts and baking.
Roman seems to enjoy watching the older girls play (my zoey is 3 and ashley is 20mos -t he girl i babysit). THey play with him too. He smiles and yes, laffs out loud! mostly in his sleep tho. scared dh once in a while

at his 2month appt he weighed 13lbs 9 oz. the ped gave me a bit of grief for not vaxing, but either shel'l get over it or we'll get a new ped right? of course right!

anyone else still really fat? lol. I've not lost much weight if any. i'm the biggest i've ever been. sometimes that makes me sad but i figure when i stop eating oreos and poptarts i might start losing weight. lol. maybe when i get my fat butt up off the computer and do some excercise? lol

hope all are well. off to tiedye some more gorgeous silks for holiday gifts and then make su pper. have a lovely day !!
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meant to say you can see a recent photo by clicking by kids link on my siggie

and cm..........angel has the same sleep schedule
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hey Pavlina, meant to say i did vinegar and garlic with thrush
i washed my nipples with diluted vinegar and ate a lot of garlic
and did acidophilus
i also washed his mouth and penis with the vinegar rinse cuz he had thrush too

is anyone vaccinating?
i am selectively
can't believe we start next week
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Hello beautiful mamas!
Seagan, so great to hear from you! Of course you're always welcome here!!!! Sounds like Leo is doing great!
Pavlina, thanks for the link. Dh was just asking about that, so it was good timing! Now, I just have to find that here.
Samson laughed today for the first time, kind of a chuckle, it was so cute! We are feeling so much better, thank goodness. It's been really nice here, the leaves are so colorful and the weather has been warm and sunny...last week we had some snow, it didn't stay, but still SNOW!!!!
Soleil is doing so so much better, I guess I am too. Tonight she said, "You have two kids now eh mom? You take such good care of us." What a freaking sweetie!!! At one point I was fixing her a snack with Samson in my arms, and she said, "Look at you all cozy in Mom's arms." :LOL
So, we are settling in quite well here.
I've registered with Aupair.com, and am hoping to have someone come and stay with us in the spring. I've been in touch with an 18 yr old from Togo in Africa. She seems really nice, speaks French, which is what I'm hoping for. So that is really exciting!!!!
Talk to you all soon,

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mamasoleil, oh i am jealous I wish our home was big enough for a foreign exchange student. My sister has a mexican woman live with her four nights a week and she cooks up a storm and does laundry etc...I would die for that.

by the way, i think we had the same cold, only it did not hit anyone but me, how sad that your littlest one caught it

wooby is not set up for pm's or emails so how do we summon her. i miss her!!!
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Darius rolled over. not once but 4 times !!! I layed him down for some tummy time while I folded laundry and he did it. Then later that night he was getting some more tummy time and he rolled over again and then i put him on his belly and he rolled over 2times right into his dad's legs. each time he did it he would kick his legs for a little victory dance....its too cute.
I dunno when baby's are supposed to do that according to the doctors(blah blah) but he's going for it.

Kaje62...we are selectively vaccinating...and thank you for the PM

mamasoleil....your daughter is sweet ...I"m glad you all are feeling better.

Pavlina...I"m glad things are better for you...

I'm still trying to get photos online...still can't nak very well.

my little man is waking....take care everyone and enjoy your day!!!
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Golly, all these babies growing so quickly!
Rolling over, already! Way to go Darius!

We have decided to delay vax, I didn't with any of my other kids, but really wish I had. Sophia is still so tiny, I just cannot subject her to a shot yet.

Good News for us.....DH got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woo-hoo!!!!
Full time, with benes that start immediately!!!! Now I don't have to go back to work full time!!!! I am so relieved! Alot of my anger towards DH has dissipated. He quit his last job 2 weeks after my mom died, Russ was just 3 months old, he's 2 1/2 now, to go back to school. He's been actively looking since I got pg with Sophia with NO luck. Until now!!!!
I just had to share my excitement.

We are having lovely weather this week, after turning on the heat last week. It sure is nice to be able to get outside without having to "suit up".

Hope everyone has a great day,
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Kaje, thanks for the reminder...I haven't really even looked at Mothering.com since Elena was born. We're just having so much fun with her that I rarely even sit down at the computer anymore! She's really a wonderful baby and we've had a relatively easy adjustment to parenthood. She did have her first immunization a couple days ago and she gave a little squeek and that's about it. We started with just one shot (DTaP) to make sure she won't have any reactions. We're not doing all immunizations, but probably most. Our ped is awesome and very supportive of whatever we decide.

Today is her 2 month birthday! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Hope you're all well!!
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We are not doing any vaccinations at all.

Mamasoleil ~ I was an au-pair in Vancouver - I was planning on immigrating to Canada this way,b/c if I worked 2 years in Canada I could automaticly apply for permanent residency. But....I met my husband who is US citizen and things have taken different turn....
Good look in finding good au-pair. After being one for 4 years (in UK) I am not sure I would want one in my house - not trying to discourage you though......lol...there ARE great girls out there. I am NOT one of them......lol. I love kids, don't get me wrong, I just hated living with strangers.
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Mavis-Rolling over? Way to go Darius!!! Zach only rolls if I lay him on his side, but not from his back.

I am looking for info about delaying vax, or maybe splitting them up and not doing all of them at once. Zach is supposed to get all 4 next week, but I just can't bear the thoughts of it, and I am a veteran mom. LOL Does anyone have any good websites that can help me decide what to do? Any help would be appreciated. Gotta run, my little man is waking up.
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Hello again.

Well, little Delilah is 5 weeks, 3 days now. I weighed her yesterday at WIC (I'm the breastfeeding counselor) and she is 10lb, 1oz now.

kaje62- We're selectively vax'ing and I also told her ped that we aren't starting until a year. That should give me enough time to decide which ones to do. And I can't see giving her shots this young anyway.
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Hi Girls,
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Hi Girls,

I am also an August mom. My dd was born August 15th. She was 9lbs 10 oz and as of today, she is almost 8 weeks, she weighs 13lbs 11oz!! I can not believe it! She has grown so much just from what I provide in my milk.

Olivia is also smilling and "talking" now. I find it amazing that she is developing so quickly. We co-sleep and are getting approximately 4-5 hours in a row, she nurses and then another 4-5 hours of sleep.

I live in a fairly small, narrow minded town and find it hard to find moms in my area who share similar parenting styles, but have yet to chek out a la leche league meeting.

Do others have a similarly rough time finding "play mates"?
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gentian violet did it for us! Knocked the thrush out. I put it on my nipples and in Ronin's mouth. and on his yeast rash, I used some monistat cream. Cleared up the rash right away.

Ronin is doing very well. He is a chubster. Holy cow is he growing!!! I love this little fella. I am having a hard time bonding as intensely with him as I did with Aria. It is like we bond during small fleeting moments, whereas with Aria we would lay in bed for hours while I just gazed and admired her. Is this normal for the second one? I have heard there is something special about the first baby.

Aria is handling sisterhood very well. She is 3 tho... She has been sent to her room a few times lately for ruining things. Like gentian violet on the carpet. Sneaky little bugger that she is, she found it and painted herself and the carpet purple. UGH!! Today she poked a hole in our screen in teh window. *sigh*

I love my little man and cannot believe he is almost 7 weeks old!
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I'm another August momma!! My son Otis was born 8/30/03 (barely august huh?) He was 7 lbs. 6 oz. at birth next day he had lost 2 oz. they had me on fluids doula's said that was normal. Last week he weighed in at 10 pounds 11 oz.

I've heard that babies sleeping a lot is a growth spurt?? Is this so??
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Hi mamas ~ how are you doing? IT's been very quiet here.......
I was just reading some posts about cloth diapering and felt sorry for all those mamas who's babes are big wetters.....
...Sebastian does not pee ALL night! Seriously! I put diaper on around 8pm and don't need to change him until aroun 5am!! And sometimes he is still dry! But then he pees ALL DAY....lol. He even nurses at night - 2-4 times, but he won't pee. It has been like this for about 2 weeks now. Anyone has the same experience? I am really happy he's like that and hope it's gonna stay like that.
And he slept 5 hours straight last night!! FINALLY! He is slowly but surely extending his night sleep.....
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Wow! My computer has been down and look at what I have missed! I am so glad to be back online!)

It sounds like vaccinations are a hot topic lately. We live in a very mainstream area and have still not found a ped who "allows" us to not vax, so we don't have a ped! Still searching... :

Ethan is two months in the 13th. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. Much faster than with dd. Ethan is still a very sweet tempered peaceful baby. Dd has finally made the adjustment and I feel like we have our sweet little girl back.

Mamasoleil, how is Soleil doing with Samson?
Pavlina, Congrats on Sebastian sleeping! That is super!
Chanley, OHHH! Gentian violet on the carpet is not fun
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Is anyone else's baby drooling a lot?

Anja just started drooling last week.

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yup, darius has been drooling a lot...
does that mean teething starts soon?
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Originally posted by Mavis
yup, darius has been drooling a lot...
does that mean teething starts soon?
I don't know if I'm ready for teething yet! :LOL
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