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Post-partum bleeding

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How heavy is the bleeding after giving birth vaginally? How long does it last? Is it painful (crampy like)? Do you still experience vaginal bleeding after a c-section too? Are pads ok or should you anticipate the "super" ones for a while?

Just curious
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It's different for everyone, just like periods are different for everyone I will let you know, though, that there *could* be large-ish clots the first day or two. They tell you this in books, but they don't really give you an idea as to HOW large. (TMI ALERT) I passed one the size of my fist, and I thought my uterus fell out! I called my midwife and she said that was normal, as long as I didn't pass a LOT of them (I only passed that one). One of my clients gave me a big box of super maxi pads as a gift, and I thought that was silly... I ended up using every last one of those pads

If I recall correctly (I last gave birth 5.5 years ago), the lochia lasted about 4 weeks. It was not heavy that whole time... just in the beginning it was like a heavy period, then it ended up lighter, but still there. I do not remember it being crampy at all.

No idea on the csec stuff, never had one, and don't plan on it!
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I was curious about this, too. I was expecting 10 months worth of menstruation in a few days. Apparently, it's not like that at all.

I asked a good friend about it, she said that it was like "a very heavy period", and that it lasted about 3 weeks for her. She said that regular pads were fine for her, but to have some super ones on hand for the first few days at least.

That's just one person's experience, though. I haven't asked my midwife yet.
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From what I remember, it's been four years ago, the first few days whenever I would stand up I would gush blood. Pretty yucky feeling and I'd need to make sure my pad was secure or else it would leak (and it was the super ones that I got from the hospital).

I don't remember having a lot of cramps. I only had to take some pain medication at the hosptial.

I can't remember how long my lochia lasted - a little longer than 4 weeks??? I do know that it really irritated my skin. I have sensitive skin to begin with. I learned I needed to shower a couple of times a day to keep my skin clean (this was a chore while also trying to care for a newborn). At one point my skin on one side became red and swollen - I thought I had been bitten by a spider! So, I learned that if I put on a little bit of Boudreux's Butt Creme (sp?) it helped keep my skin stay "normal".
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From what I remember the first few days were very heavy...much heavier than a heavy period. I had a lot of cramping and pain for the first week and took Advil. I think this varies a lot from woman to woman...but I was surprised by the intensity of the afterpains. I also tore very badly so I think the memory of pain is tied up between the two.

The peri bottle will be your best friend. If you havn't learned about it yet you should do at your birthing classes...otherwise come back and ask. For the first couple days I even took to wearing adult diapers when I slept napped so I wouldn't turn over and leak. Also...those pee pads that you get for labor are great for putting in your bed if you're afraid of leaking. I remember it as being big gushes when I shifted around.

Just for the record I bled for a month, had two weeks off and then got my period. That was a happy day :.
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From a mama who has given birth 5 times now....buy the overnight protection pads...but the thin ones...not the super bulky ones. You need the absorbancy..but you do not need that thick log of cloth rubbing on your sore perineum. I did notice that I had less bleeding after the C-section...I guess after seeing a few C-sections as a nurse I understood...they literally clean out your uterus as it sits on top of your belly for inspection before they put it back and sew you up...so all the cleaning decreases the flow afterwards.

Bleeding for me has lasted anywhere from 4-10 weeks...so I think it just depends on your body. The more activity after the baby is born the heavier your bleeding can be...that was always an indicator to me that I did to much...I had more bleeding that day.

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See...I was forgetting all of this but reading some of the replies it's starting to come back to me a little bit, lol! I remember the gushes too...I hated that feeling! I loved those mesh panties I got from the hospital though. I'm going to order a couple of those for my hb kit.
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I've done both c-section and vaginal so I can answer this!

Bleeding was the same with both. Its like a heavy period for a few days and then goes to a medium flow and then tapers off. Generally it does last longer than a period though.

If you get too active to early it can go back to heavy bleeding again.
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For both my c-section and vaginal birth I bled for 6 weeks. I would say that it was very heavy at first - way heavier than an normal period, but it tapered off after the first few days. It was clotty at first, too.
I loved (and hated, but they really worked) those adult diapers. I didn't have to worry about leaks at first. I'll be getting some again this time, too. Just for the first couple of days.
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I had a c-section and had *very* minimal bleeding. Just a couple days of really light stuff.
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Uck, I was not prepared for this last time, worse than I thought, honestly. 6 weeks of bleeding, much heavier at first than any period I'd ever had, and pretty heavy for a longish time. And I kept activity to a minimum thinking this would help it lighten up, but it didn't and I felt like all i did was lay around. : I really hope it's shorter this time. Oh well. I did have a great birth
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From what I can remember mine lasted about 6wks also, very heavy, clotty in the beginning tapering off to just brown spotting at the end. I also loved my peri bottle and the bowl that goes over the toilet (I think it is called a sizbath??).

I had a bit of tearing and some stitches so I needed to clean down there often but it hurt to much to really wash with a cloth and finding time for a shower multiple times a day was impossible! SO I would first rinse really well with the peri bottle (over the toilet) and then just fill the bowl with warm water and sit on the toilet for about 5-10mins kind of washing with one hand while tending to baby with the other. Felt nice and clean after and helped me heal up quick!
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Ug that was the worst part of birthing. My bleeding lasted about nine weeks and I was NOT prepared for that! Started very heavy with clots and tapered off but was still wearing the lightest pantyliner at ten weeks I remember. I was very shocked that it lasted so long. But I did tear pretty badly so that didn't help...
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Mine lasted 6 weeks, really heavy in the beginning with a couple big clots the day after birth. It did taper off but I did not rest as much as I should have, looking back now. The two clots I passed were like tomato size too! The first couple days I used diapers my mw gave me, so I still have them and may use them after this birth, then switch to cloth. I also had some chux pads and used those in bed and while sitting on our couch for a couple days. And I absolutely loved my peri bottle too...filled it with tto and lavendar and it was great. And sitz baths too. Lovely.
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Wow. So it sounds like I should expect a minimum of 4 weeks of bleeding, heavy in the beginning and then tampering off. That sounds about normal. Just wondering how it would all be as the time gets closer and closer.

I had no idea. It just seems like childbirth should be so easy and quick yet the healing time takes awhile. i tend to have very painful periods and my mom did too until she had me and she said they were no longer painful so perhaps this will help allievate cramps for me?
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I didn't have terrible menstrual pains before my first birth so I can't help you there, but I have heard similar stories. And I'm sure your mother isn't messing with you I hope you do experience nicer cycles after birth.

After reading all the posts about PP bleeding it's all coming back to me now too . I have about 4 weeks bleeding with a large clot about a day after the birth (scared the crap out of me!lol). I used those nett undies (they came in my home birth kit and were great with a super pad in it. I also used chux "squares" to lay under my bum at night so i didn't have to worry about any messes (I was very glad i had/used them).
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I bled for 6 weeks all 5 times; all vaginal deliveries. I mean to the day; 42 days, then poof...gone. The first two-three days are very heavy for me, then varying for the next week or two, then it tapers and I just spot until the 42nd day.

The afterpains, well, those just get WORSE after every delivery; I swore I was still pregnant and in labor again after a couple of them!
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I don't remember bleeding for so long, I drank so much red raspberry leaf tea I heard that helps with bleeding after birth. But I honestly drank the tea for breastmilk reproduction and boy it worked like a charm, I felt like a cow! lol!!!

Here is a very interesting link about it
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I had bleeding like a heavy period for a few days and then just spotting after that. It all lasted a week or so. My birthkit included a mesh underwear-like thing that was perfect for the first couple days... kept the pad secure, but allowed air flow. I also loved my peri bottle... used it for many weeks (even though I didn't tear... I just couldn't imagine wiping ).
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I used the mini hose I installed in my toilet. I also used it to wash the poop out of our cloth nappies! lol! double purpose!
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