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I think I've sprung a leak!!!

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Okay, so I just got up from a nap with DD. It's been one of those days where I could not get in the bed soon enough. I was crampy and my back was uncomfortable. So about an hour and a half into the nap (3:30ish), I got up to pee and noticed my underwear were wet, but it didn't smell like pee. Then when we were finished for the afternoon (just before 5:00), I started to get up and noticed another little gush, along with mucous tinged with blood - just a little. So I think something is definitely occuring! I really wanted May, but if this baby wants to come now, it's okay. I'm 38 weeks today! Woo Hoo! On a side note: I'm loving my dh's comfy boxer briefs! Figured they might be a little more absorbant. Hee hee...
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Whoo hoo! That's exciting Keep us updated!
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Oooh, exciting!

Keep us updated!

Gentle labor vibes should they become necessary: :
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Wow!!!! : Good luck, mama!
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WOW! Good luck!!
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Easy labor vibes headed your way!
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that's awesome! let us know, when you can :
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Yes, Good luck!
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YAY! good luck!!
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How exciting!
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Yeah, everytime I get up to do something, I feel a little gush! My whole body feels electric. I REALLY wanted May, but now that it comes down to it, I don't care so much. DH doesn't seem too excited, b/c he wanted May too, but I think it's because we're not completely ready. We only have a few more things to pick up for our UC, which he will do tonight. He may just be a little shocked and everything is hitting him at once. I dunno. I AM SO EXCITED. Not a bit nervous and completely at PEACE! I'll keep updating as long as I can!

With DD, I had bloody show and lost my mucous plug at 6:30 in the morning and leaked all day. We went to the hospital to get checked at 11:30 at night. They were worried about infection, so forced the pit at 6:30 that next morning. By 9:30 am, I was in really active labor. I had her at 4:09 pm. I'm really curious to see how this is going to play out!

Thanks Ladies for all the encouragement and easy labor vibes
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Woo! How exciting! Easy labor vibes coming your way...
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How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more....ELV's coming your way!!! :
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Oh, I'm so excited for you! I'm curious to know DH's reaction when it REALLY hits him that you will be having a baby......soon! KUP....I'm sure everything will be great and just the way you want it!
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Good luck and keep us posted - and remember aprils birth stone is diamonds and the flower is daisy (i think)
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ELV to you mama.....good luck!
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How exciting! (I'm 38 weeks today too -- can I live vicariously through you? ) Sending you easy and peaceful labor vibes .
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Oooohhhh... good luck!
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