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Triond anyone?

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I know there are a lot of sites out there like this, but has anyone tried writing for Triond? They put your content on websites that need it, or places it would fit. I registered and I'm going to try it out but I'm worried that the little bit of money made won't be worth all the work. I have NO idea how well they pay.
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Hmmm... Never heard of it. I'll be honest that I would be concerned that under conditions of #5 in the contract that they can do whatever they want to articles after you submit them.

I was also surprised at the number of typing errors in the contract, not that it matters much.

50% of the advertising does sound competitive to other sites though.
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I browsed through some of their content and most of what I saw was garbage. If you're good, you could use that "published content" to help you get other work and with good knowledge of SEO you might make decent money at 50% adsense without worrying about building your own design/layout. However, for long term I wouldn't want my work alongside such low editorial standards. SO it might be a good place to start, like helium, only with higher income potential, but I wouldn't stay there long.

You could, however, use the whole "we post anything" to your advantage, and write ABOUT your other online work, driving traffic to your other sites and higher quality articles that are posted elsewhere.
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