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Chicken pox vax?

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Hi ladies,

Long story short, my 2nd dd has eczema related to food allergies. She's 8 months old. Her ped told me he strongly recommends kids with eczema get the pox vax as they will get sicker than a kid without eczema.
Can anyone help me find info refuting this? Or point me in the direction? I'm trying to weed through a lot of info and my head is just spinning.
Thanks mamas!
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Unfortunately I can't help with research, but did you ask how "sicker" they get, and what that means? I'm just wondering because I have friends, one specifically with severe eczema, and they've all survived chicken pox and made it to adulthood...

The research on CP is tough to read.. One article I read criticized parents who favor pox parties for favoring exposing their child to "flesh eating bacteria" over a "safe" vaccine.. :

Good luck!
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Um. No.

As a mother of a child who presented with eczema at around 8 months, and now at age 3.5 has severe asthma and eczema, no WAY would I give my child ANY vaccine (much less a live one) without knowing exactly what allergies we're dealing with. IMO, you don't have a good grasp on what affects your child until well into the third year.

No way.

You're going to be hard pressed finding anything regarding children with "issues" and vaccines. All clinical trials/studies, etc only accept healthy children.
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We had dd tested last month and she's allergic to eggs, milk, peanut and wheat (but the wheat was so slight the allergist said it could be a false positive doesn't matter I've cut it out as she's breastfed). I didn't get to ask the ped how much sicker he meant as he mentioned it as he was leaving. I kind of cut him off too because I was done with vax talking. I had just received an epi pen and I'm still trying not to be too freaked out over that.
I've found on Dr. Green's website that kids with eczema can get "sicker" including enciphalitis and some other stuff. However they don't give numbers.
From what I've found so far she wouldn't have lifelong immunity and would be at greater risk for shingles as an adult. Never mind that she could get the pox from the vax itself.
Thanks mamas!
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I really think the doctor either misunderstood something he read or is making that up. Excema already shows that your dd's immune system has "issues" so to speak since it's an immune response. So let's give a vaccine to a child who is immunocompromised, and a live virus one at that. How much sense does that make?
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My two oldest have excema and they are getting over the chicken pox.My oldest was given the CP vax against my consent the others never got it.My oldest did have a rough couple of days and DS#2's elbow was one big scab for a couple of weeks but we stayed home and they are fine.I am making them stay home until they are even scab free so that they will not get infections from others.I have noticed that the worst spots showed up on thier patches and it seems to be lingering on those patches as well.In my readings I have the impression that CP might even help them get over thier excema.I also believe that thier excema is vax related.
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Crittersmom - I also believe my dd's eczema is antibiotic and vaccine related. Long story short she had antibiotics for 48 hrs after her birth, then I was off and on antibiotics for an infection for about a month and a half, and her eczema started after her 2 month shots.
I hope your kids are over CP and feeling better soon!
Thank you mamas!
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My son had severe eczema as a baby. His eczema is mostly diet controlled now (he is almost 7) but he definitely struggles with eczema.

Last week he had the chicken pox. He got an average amount of spots. His brother who doesn't have eczema got slightly fewer spots.

I was worried about him getting CP because of the eczema but for us it turned out to not be a big deal.

CP vax is not given where I live and all kids are expected to get it.
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