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my period?

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Okay so I am 6 months postpartem now. After I had the baby I bled for a while(that's what happens I know) then it lightened up and came back heavy again. I am not sure if this was AF or not but. Then it came again maybe 6 weeks later(it was very light). Then it didn't come again for maybe 2 months(liek a normal period). Then it came again less than 2 weeks ago(normal period but no cramping). well here it is today, I am bleeding again.(lightly) I am completly confused adn have no idea what is up with this. It's already irregular, is thi smy period or is something just off. Anyone have any ideas what the problem is?
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I had really weird bleeding after DS was born. Initially, I supposedky had a uterine infection, but after that cleared up, I started having irregular bleeding at around 7-8 mos postpartum when I had my IUD put in. I thought it had to do with that particularly fun afternoon at the OB/GYN's (sarcasm much? ) but, I was told by my midwife friend that I might have lots of estrogen and it was just my period returning. I've been having a 'somewhat' regular period (light and not always at the right time, but roughly) since DS was 10 mos but it didn't become actually regular til he weaned at 13 mos.SHe also said that the nursing causes all sorts of hormonal ups and downs and general weirdness with regard to ovulating etc., so it's not unusual to have menstrual 'weirdness'. I'm also having WAY less cramping and my midwife friend said that with each babe, menstrual cramping tends to get less and less... COOL! I'll have half a dozen!

ANyhow, unless you're having heavy bleeding, lotsa cramping, flu-like symptoms or fever, IMO I don't think it's anything serious. I am NOT a MW or a Doc tho!!!

Good luck and i hope things straighten themselves out for you soon!
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