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Need Advise?!

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I just fell walking inside the house. Most of it was on my hands on knees but I hit my belly enough to have scraped it (38 weeks) - what should I be watching out for?

Baby is moving well
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You'd be surprised how much of a jolt a pregnant belly can take, safely.....generally there is a lot of shock absorb-ability there, between layers of your skin, fat, muscle and then also amniotic fluid. As for signs--watch baby's movemt over the next hours, watch for bleeding (incl. membrane rupture w/bloodstained fluid), or any feeling that something is wrong such as faintness, rapid heart rate, etc (as in, a hidden bleed). But really, you are most likely fine, along w/your baby.
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You will probably be fine. Watch for bleeding, change in baby's movement, abdominal pain and rigidness, nausea.

Are you Rh negative? If you are and have declined prenatal Rhogam I strongly advise you to consider it now.
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Thank you very much. Rh+ so no worries
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