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Nolan Martin is here

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Well i started having contractions on thurs 17th during the day but no progression of them they would vary from 10-30 min apart
we had the boys picked up by my inlaws around 8 and the contractions seemed to be dissipating so i figured it was stopping but was ok with a night with out the boys
we went to bed about 11
at about 12:40 i had a contraction then about 12:45 another one and i felt a pop but nothing then next contraction about 12:50 with another pop and this was my h20 which was new to me as my water broke with previous 2 right before birth so i called the midwives to come over
they got there probably 1:15 ish and Nolan came out at 2:20am on the 18th
I had said we were good to have him anytime after 7pm on the 17th so he was a great listener
is nursing like a champ, would like to be attached all the time
like from 11-5am last night
hopefully tonight we will get some more sleep
I will try to post pics when i get a chance
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Yippie! Congratulations! :

Welcome Nolan!
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WHOO HOOOOO! Hello Nolan!
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Congratulations! Sounds like a great, easy birth! Enjoy your babymooning!!
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Congrats Momma!!
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Congrats Mama! Love the name. We had a hard time deciding between Nolan and Liam for ds1 but he looked more like a Liam. I also love the Irish meaning of Nolan "noble" (in case you didn't already know).

Enjoy the babymoon!
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Congratulations. I really like his name.
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Congrats!! Sounds like a great birth!
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Happy Healing babymoon to you. Welcome NOlan
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