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I don't, but I hate tuna anyway.
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I love tuna! I haven't had any in a while, though. A few months before I got preg, I found small (tuna-size) cans of wild caught Alaska salmon at Costco, and we switched. It's a decent substitute, but the flavor is NOT the same. I've actually been thinking about buying a can or 2 of tuna once in a while anyway. With my 1st preg, I ate tuna about 3 times a month. The main reason we switched is because I read that 1 out of 6 cans of tuna has more mercury than it should and dd likes it, too. I was more concerned about her than me. I'm not completely opposed to eating canned tuna though. Just strongly limiting.
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All of the sudden, tuna sandwiches sound good for lunch. You guys are messing with my head!
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I can't do any fish at the moment. I still have food aversions. blah.
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This was one food I totally craved this time, but the craving has since waned and I don't feel like it anymore. I did cave in one day and had 1/4 of a sandwhich I had made for the kids and dh. I just keep saying "neurotoxin, neurotoxin" to myself and then go eat something else. I think even chunk light canned tuna is much more mercury laden then the companies will admit and isn't safe, even though they say it is, I just don't believe them.
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I absolutely love tuna and macaroni salad. I've had canned tuna (chunk light) once since getting pregnant, but I've had a couple of tuna sushi rolls (a little tartar, and 2 spicy tuna rolls).

My midwife says it's fine - as long as you're not eating it everyday. Everything in moderation.
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