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Any June Mommas-to-be out there??

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I can't possibly be the first one, since my EDD is the 9th. I just got a this morning, I'm only about 11 DPO, but feeling so yucky already, lol!

Anyway, I'm so excited to finally be over here
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Yay Rubelin! Welcome! I remember you from the 2ww thread. I'm on the May thread, but my edd is 5/29, so who knows? I thought I might hang out both places! Glad you're here!
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Rube! My friend Rube! You're here! Yeah! Welcome!!!

I'm so glad you made it over here! Here's to a wonderful, healthy, happy pregnancy! YEAH!!!

(I'm due most likely in mid March) But, wish all of you June mamas a wonderful journey!
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Rube!! How exciting! Many congratulations and vibes!

Now I'll have something to look forward to in June!
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congrats!! I am a April mama but wanted to wish you luck. I am sure the rest of the june mama's will be popping in at anytime now. HOW FUN!!!
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Just got the today too, so I think that puts my EDD in June, though I don't know for sure yet (and won't, till it's born!) Sooo many things to do...find a midwife...call my health insurance company...call all the family and friends...get dd into a bed so we can steal her crib...cancel the dental x-rays...buy clothes...

I'm not even sick yet, but I bet I will be!
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hi there! my EDD is may 31at but that is teetering on the edge i would say! so i will probably deliver in june too.
congrats rubelin and greaseball!
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Well, I got my first semi-negative comment! I went to the student health center to get a written conformation for insurance and all that, since they do free testing for students, and I explained that I had gotten a + at home and she asked if I planned it and I said I did, so that way I wouldn't have to listen to a bunch of abortion talk and sympathy, and she tells me "We don't offer the free tests for students who seek pregnancy."

No big deal if I have to have the fee taken from my student account, but really, what's the difference?

So I explained that it actually happened a lot sooner than I thought it would and that if I had known how I would only have to try for 3 weeks, I would have waited a few months! So it was unplanned in that sense! But no go...oh well. I got the + I wanted, that's all that matters!
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Woo hoo you guys! I was a June mama in 2001, and I'm really excited for you!

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Hey rueblin...I made it with you this cycle!

I have my first pre-natal appt on my birthday Oct 14th...so exciting!
I did the due date calc on a pg site and it says I would be due around June 2nd......so ...we will see..........
Ds #1 was right on time for his due date.....lol...

So exciting!
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OOH, it's so good to see all you newly preggo mommas!! I saw the Dr today and told her the wrong O date I didn't realize until I was driving home, no wonder she said I couldn't have gotten a yet! Anyway, they did a quant hcg, so that will show enough. I also went to my LLL toddler group today and got some great leads for MW's.

I had Ben tell my Mom & Dad today, it was so cute! My mom was way excited and even my dad (mr grumpy-pants) looked amused Yesterday Ben wanted to know if the baby's head was in my head so we talked about the uterus, and at lunch he told DH "Daddy, the baby is in the universe!" DH was It was so funny!

Ok, gotta run, my mom is bringing Ben home any minute and I have lots to finish up (friday is my momma time alone)

Hope you have a great weekend!
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DD doesn't understand when I point to my belly and say "Baby!" because she knows what a belly is and what a baby is.
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greaseball, how old is your dd?? Ben is 3 and really seems to understand this pretty well. I also have a pregancy book (Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Miriam Stoppard) that has really good pics so he could see what the heck I was talking aobut
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She is 21 months now. She'll be 2.5 for the birth, so I want to get her some homebirth videos.
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hey robin i know you...well, more your dh from another online gathering...and we met and had dinner a few times waaaaaaay back when i lived in arizona (hope that reminds you enough!)

anyway. i didn't share my news over there but i'm due june 1. not sure how much i will be able to be around here but i was just (as usual) lurking and saw this and wanted to say hi and congrats to you all.
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RIOT!!! OMG!! Can I go tell Dan??? (Ok, I will have to anyway, so I hope it's OK with you, lol!) Dan had trouble sharing over there, too, with all the recent ugliness IRT babies in general, IYKWIM? It is so good to see you here! I've been thinking of telling him to send you over here cause I thought you'd dig the community, I'm so happy you found it on your own! It's so exciting we're due the same week! I just recalculated yesterday and it looks like my EDD is the 4th, but I'm hoping to go late so that Ben can have his B-day first. It probably sounds silly, but I really don't want his day overshadowed by the new babe, KIWM?? Anyway, ACK! I must run downstairs and share. Hope you're having a good weekend!
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We interviewed a MW yesterday. Sometimes she sounded like she was a little into over-management, and she said she "requires" u/s if I go past 42 weeks, and also requires a GD test, although I won't have to drink the sweet drink. She is not licensed as a MW, but practices with one who is, and she is also a pharmacist so she can get antibiotics w/o a prescription if I test gbs + again. Dh felt like she would be a good match, so I think I will see her for a few appointments and see how things go.

She says she is supportive of UC if that's what the parents want, and that she's willing to be totally hands-off and let me or dh do the catching, and that dd can be there too.

The other thing I didn't like was that she uses the doppler during labor, but she said she didn't have to use it during prenatals.

So I'll give her a try for a few appointments and write up a plan and see what she and the backup think.
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I have a couple of leads on MWs that my friends have/are using, but I'm waiting a bit. I felt so rushed to do everything with Ben, this time I feel like it's no big deal. I did see my family Dr last Friday and she did a blood test, which showed up exactly 4 wks For any testing, I will have to see an OB through our HMO (since the MW will be entirely out-of-pocket) I'm putting that WAY off, especially since the one OB office that our med. group uses is from the most medical hospitals in the city and I don't think they will be thrilled to know that I'm having a homebirth.
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This is my first post at Mothering (though I've lurked for years). I just found out this week that I'm pregnant with my second child. I think I'll be due around June 8th. Meet with the midwife on Saturday and have already told all our friends and family. Guess this explains why I've wanted to do nothing but sleep.
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i feel so uke
well i guess i am pregnant!
last night and the night before i kept waking up feel horribly nauseaus, and this morning when i woke up i ended up puking up bile--i know i know TMI ! sorry i apologize...it was very gross...the sickness is from my stomach being empty-hence the nighttime sick..when i eat 9 timers out of 10 i feel better for about an hour, then time for more food!...but if i learned anything from my last pregnancy it will get worse and it wont matter if i have eaten or not..
whats worse about it this time around is i have DS(3), DSS(2), another boy (2) and two girls (2,3) in my care most of the day....the hardest thing is cooking lunch for them... it's truely gross because i want to eat so few things and of course they need a nice variety filled diet....yuck
well i hope everyone else is feeling better!
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