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Here I am!

I am officially joining you guys here!

I started getting *teeny tiny* positives on Sunday, and they have gotten darker since.

Gotta run now to pck up kids...but I am glad to be here!
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Well, I got my BFP last wednesday (9dpo), went to have blood drawn at the Midwife's on Friday and again on Monday. Now it finally seems real!

My progesterone levels are good (23 @11dpo, 31 @14 dpo), and the hcg is great, too (114 @11po, 422@14dpo). According to my charting, I'm due June 7th, according to the nurse's little wheel I'm due June 2nd.

Congrats to everyone!
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Does anyone else not really feel pregnant? I'm only 5.5 weeks, but I'm not even sick. It all looks and feels the same...
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WELCOME Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im glad after spending the last three months with you now we will hang out here.
WELCOME queen of cups- so do you think you got your little twinies?? i think twins would be cool
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Maybe, liz! I have an u/s on the 13th - we'll see then! My hcg levels are a bit high, and since I got pregnant the first month off the Pill my chances are 50% higher than normal!

I'm thrilled either way, though!
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So, how are all you June mommas-to-be doing?? Everyone feeling good?? I'm still feeling yucky most of the time, but it's so much better than it was with DS that I'm trying to be positive about it. I am so exhausted, though, and wanting to nap so bady in the afternoon, but if I did, DS would either bounce all over me or tear up the house I can't wait until December to get that happy 2nd trimester surge of energy!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!
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I am not really feeling much of anything yet. Of course *that* worries me! Yes, I am wishing for some nausea or something...but I think in the past, it hasn't started until about 5-6 weeks.

Robin, did you say you were due June 9th? Just curious, because FF gave me a due date of June 10th, but you got your BFP a few days before I did. I really put little to no faith in due dates, but I was just curious.
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I'm new to MDC and I'm expecting near the beginning of June. I actually came to this board in an attempt to find a group of ladies to go though pregnancy with who weren't as full of some of the mainstream bs I've found on other boards.

I got a faint BFP on Thursday, Oct. 2 after getting a negative on Sept 25, which I think was about 14 DPO. Of course, my charts have been really screwy due to still nursing, so I don't know exactly when I O'd. The 11th, which is when O most likely happened, was already cd18.

I'm really confused about just how pregnant I am, because my clothes are already getting tight on me, but it took so long to get a positive result, with a fairly sensitive test.

Other than tight pants, I'm getting zits, which I've virtually never gotten in my life. I'm not sure which is worse, the zits or the non-stop heartburn of my last pregnancy.

I'm planning an HBAC, possibly unassisted. We're going to have to move, no matter what we decide on, though.

I don't plan to see any medical people until at least 4 months, and possibly not at all. I've been looking into prices for the protein/glucose test strips and am seriously considering just doing my own testing. I might see a doctor enough to get an ultrasound done to determine placenta position, since if it's over the scar, I may have to change my plans.

Dh is getting his usual couvade's morning sickness. Poor guy! I didn't get sick at all last pregnancy, but he felt sick until I gave birth.
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Nice to meet you!

I am planing on a UC this time also. My last 4 were born at home, first three in the hospital. I am also thinking of doing my own pre-natals. Oh yeah, I am also still nursing! :LOL

Which test did you use that gave you a negative? I ask because I had used First Response Early Result before af was due and got faint-but-getting-darker positives up until the day before af was due. I ran out of tests, but wanted to be sure, so I used an EPT on the day af was due, and it was barely visible. I was a bit worried, afraid something was wrong, so I bought another FRER and used in late afternoon, and it was almost immediately. The pack of EPT had one left, so i used it this morning, now I am three days late, and it came up a BFN . No I am not really obsessed.....they are just sitting around here...I am actually going to be giving away my leftovers here soon. :LOL

Well, it's late.....have a great day!
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one with tight fitting clothes so far Davaskyla. I've only got one pair of jeans that is still remotely comfortable. Sheesh. Has anybody here heard about jean extenders? I saw a woman with them at a party a year ago and now I think I must have dreamed it. It was basically just this elasticy fabricy thing that you hooked onto your existing jeans so you could wear them longer. I'm turning up nothing at the local stores.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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So good to see so many on this thread!

I'm having to pee all the time, I have heartburn after dinner every night, and I'm queasy first thing in the morning and from about 4-8pm every day. As long as I stay away from raw meat its manageable, though, so we're doing more of a vegetarian diet than usual. (I am 5 weeks today - 3 weeks past conception.)

I seem to have suddenly put on weight in my boobs and belly. All my bras are too tight already! Plus my nipples have been hurting.

Here's a question: anyone else have m/s that comes and goes? It actually worries me when I have a day that I feel better. I just keep thinking to myself that I'm learning to deal with it and avoid what triggers it...
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Well I still have no m/s and I am 6 weeks. I really don't feel pg at all and am starting to think the 3 positives I got were all false. Or that maybe it's ectopic, or that the baby died and just hasn't been expelled. The first time, I had m/s by 4 weeks that lasted until 5 months. My cervix doesn't feel any different, either.

But on the up side, I have gained 6 lbs already! Last time I never gained anything until 6 months.

I'm actually afraid to go ahead and schedule a visit with the midwife we interviewed because then she might tell me I'm not really pg and all my hopes will be dashed.

I don't look any bigger at 6 weeks than I did at 4 weeks, and I hear with a 2nd pg you will get bigger each week instead of each month.

But wait, I get up and pee in the middle of the night! I guess that's reassuring.
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Greaseball.... I know how you feel. As I said, I wish I had more symptoms. :LOL

Actually, I feel sort of nauseous today, but not bad. I actually have a dr appointment tomorrow for a PAP, which has been scheduled since August, before I got a . So, I will go ahead and have it done, but I am considering not having any other pre-natals after that.

As far as showing yet, I am not at all. In fact, I usually don't until around 16-18 weeks. I am not particularly large or small, I weigh about 140 and I am 5' 6". I wouldn't worry about that at this point. Some women do show earlier with their second babies, but certainly by no means do all of them.
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Donna, my "actual" EDD is 6/4, but I did test pretty early, around 11dpo. I am planning on going late, because Ben's b-day is the 5th and I really want him to have that first before his life gets turned around with a new baby in the house. He was early, cause the Dr had gone by my LMP, which was way off from my actual O date (I have 35 - 40 day cycles) and insisted on breaking my water on the "due date" she had made up. Anyway, I know most women really don't look forward to going over, but I am really considering the 11th to be my EDD

Well, all of you wishing for more symptoms, STOP!! Seriously, I was feeling pretty good, thinking how this was so much easier than with Ben but last night the sickies hit me hard. I feel just awful and it is really not fun Eating helps a bit, but before I eat I feel so sick that I can barely force myself to make something or get it into my mouth. I have to stock up on more crackers, starting with a couple of those seems to calm the nausea long enough for me to make something more substantial. I have to have DH make up a bunch of things so that I can just nuke them, cause food prep is not going very well. Oh, December now seems like years away!!

Greaseball, I don't look much bigger now than 2 weeks ago either (besides being bloated), but I am about 75lbs too fat, so there's extra padding hiding my belly. I can feel the hard bump has gotten much bigger in the past few days, though, and I don't recall feeling that with Ben until Thanksgiving or so. All my summer and spring clothes were pretty loose and/or stretchy (one of the best benefits of not having an office job is no office clothes!!) so everything is fitting OK still, I might even be able to wear some things through next spring.

Ok, gotta run, Ben & I are gonna watch a movie. Hope you all had a lovely Monday!
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Originally posted by wildthing
I am planing on a UC this time also. My last 4 were born at home, first three in the hospital. I am also thinking of doing my own pre-natals. Oh yeah, I am also still nursing! :LOL
Glad I'm not the only one! I was worried everyone would think I was wierd for thinking about not going to a doctor/midwife at all.

Which test did you use that gave you a negative?
I got a bunch of test strips on-line that are supposed to be really sensitive. Dh is going out tomorrow and he's thinking of getting me one at the pharmacy. Hopefully it won't be too expensive!

I wouldn't bother, but I'm very confused, now! I tested again today, same tests as I used on Thursday, when I got my faint positive, and got an even fainter positive. So faint, it almost seems like I'm imagining it. I tested on my first pee of the day on Thursday, but not today (mostly because I was up every 2 hours to pee!), but surely the fact that it's a few days later would make up for that?

I don't know what's going on anymore. I'm really beginning to think that I somehow got pregnant a lot later than I thought. I don't see how I could have, but how likely is it to barely be getting a positive at 26 dpo?
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WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I am officially joining you guys!!! I am due mid-June!!! We have been trying to make a baby since April. I'm stoked!
I got 3 faint positives with FRERs before I believed I am actually pregnant for real. My period isn't even due for 4 days, and I didn't use first morning urine, so I am not surprised about the faintness.
I look forward to getting to know you all throughout the next nine months!

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I went through ten of those cheap online tests, but all the evaporation lines made me nervous! I really was negative, but got a lot of false faint lines.

With this one I got 2 faint lines with some cheap store brand, then a dark line with First Response, when AF was 5 days late.

Anyway...I just started to feel a little bit sick, and I require two naps a day now! I'm even sending dh out of the house at short notice to pick up "beef...and peach and raspberry kefir...and cranberry juice, and a potato!" What I don't like is that I've gained all this weight (only 6 lbs, but at a pound a week it's a lot, and many of my pants don't fit) but have nothing to show for it - I don't look pg yet. I just look like I'm being squished out of my clothes. I am all bloated and my intestines are bulging out. Is there anything that can be done about this?

I will be having my first MW appt at around 9 weeks!
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Yippppeeeee!!! I'm finally here!!!!!! We've been TTC since January...lucky # 9 was our cycle!!

I was trying to wait until Saturday (full moon) to test but I broke down and POAS this afternoon..... !!!!

Can't write too much now......I'm too but I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!! Oh my goodness....I am SOOOOO happy to be here!!!!!

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Welcome Erin! I am so glad you are here. Robin, Katie, Greaseball....can you skooch over just a bit......

Gotta run myself, but wanted to say Hi!!!
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YAY Erin! (That chart was too lovely to be not pregnant!) I am happy to be taking this journey with so many women I "know" from TTC! How cool!!!!
So, when is everyone due (not that it really matters)? I wanna make a list! My EDD is the 17th of June, by my estimations. Haven't contacted my midwife yet, who - incidentally -I just interviewed last week, when I was already pregnant and didn't know it! Dh and I decided to hire her right off the bat, she is *awesome*.
We are having an HBAC!

It's gonna be so cool to see a few more weeks of BFPs and pregnant women rolling in!

(Sorry if I sound over-enthused about everything, but I am so damn excited to be here!)
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