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well, i'm here. got my BFP this evening at dinner.

I am pregnant with #2, due sometime in mid June (18?) We have ds #1 who is 14 months old now. He still nurses up a storm and i plan to let him wean naturally- we will be tandem nursing.

This baby will be born at home unassisted. I am also glad i am not the only one in this thread doing that, lol.

Part of me is afraid i will lose the baby, or this is all a dream. But i am already sooo attached to the dream of my new baby!

Nice to meet you all, Tabitha
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Congratulations, Tabitha! What a lucky TTC month!!!
Looking forward to getting to know you!
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I understand about being attached to the dream of a baby. Don't go through your pregnancy with fear. Be thankful for the wonderful life God put inside of you, and enjoy it!
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My EDD is May 31, but I am going to try to keep it in a few more weeks because of finals. You all know about inducing labor; is there a way to de-duce it? I hear one way to induce is to starve yourself for a day and not drink any water, so the fetus will be like, "OK, gotta get out of here! No more good stuff in it for me!" So maybe if I am extremely well-nourished the fetus will be like, "Why would I want to leave? I'm gonna stick around!" I read if you follow the brewer diet at www.blueribbonbaby.org that you will often carry at least 2 weeks over.

I have had horrible dreams about m/c so I am really anxious to get into the 12-week safety range!
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I am soooo happy to see so many TTC friends here! I am nearly in tears. Katie, Erin, Tabitha.....My heart jumped when I saw each of your posts! Gosh, too bad we don't have a happy-crying smiley!!!!

I am glad I am not the only one worried about m/c. Letia, thank you for what you said.

My edd is......technically June 10 .......but I refuse to get sucked into a due date this time.....so from this moment forward, I am only due sometime around the middle of June.....That's it. f anyone asks, that is the most specific answer they are going to get from me.
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sure, I understand, I've been there|



but, my next pregnancy, (nor in yours! ), I can't live in fear.

Congratualtions girls! Such an exciting time! Enjoy it! Leavin yall to celebrate!
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Originally posted by wildthing

My edd is......technically June 10 .......but I refuse to get sucked into a due date this time.....so from this moment forward, I am only due sometime around the middle of June.....That's it. f anyone asks, that is the most specific answer they are going to get from me.
Yeah, I plan to tell people "the end of June" though my EDD is 6/17/03! When I was pregnant with dd I got at least 4 calls a day in the final weeks of pregnancy. People would *say* they were calling for some other random, unimportant thing, but I could tell that they were wondering if I had secretly had the baby and just not called them yet! : It got really annoying, and I started feeling pressured to produce a baby.

Is anyone else planning a homebirth? Or HBAC? UC?
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OOOOH! it is so wonderful to see all of you here!! Erin, I could not be more thrilled for you! Tabitha, I hope you don't get any M/S, it is SO hard to sew when you feel like puking, lol!!

Well, my "technical" edd is the 4th, but I'm shooting for at least a week past that. Ben's b-day is the 5th and I don't want new babe to overshadow that. We're having this one at home, but since the faboo MW that I really want to use hasn't returned my call after a week, I don't know who will be attending : I had a dream last night that I gave birth by myself, with Dh standing by, and it was really peaceful and wonderful. So now I'm wondering if maybe a UC is possible. Well, of course it's possible, but I don't know if it's what I want or not. If this is a girl, it will most likely be my last pregnancy, so I do want it to be special and wonderful, just don't know if I need to be alone.

Hey, are any of you nursing mommas having issues with nipple pain?? Ben only nurses at bedtime and when he wakes up in the morning and I'm not really letting him have any other chances cause it's all I can do to get through those. It's so funny, I used to be totally not interested in nursing through pregnancy or tandem nursing, now I'm feeling a little worried and sad that he might wean. Maybe I should start a new thread.

OK, I should go and finish up my messages and get back to bed. I had a rotten day, feeling wretched and found out my mom doesn't want Ben to come over like he does every Friday. Why this week when I REALLY need a break!?! sorry for the whining, I hate the first trimester, I'm such a mess

Night all! or rather, good morning!
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Tabitha!!! Congrats!! WOW....this has been a great month on the TTC board!!


I called my parents last night to tell them. My mom wasn't home so I got to tell my dad first (DH thought that was kind of neat). My dad just kept saying.....wow...great....wow....that's great!! He's so cute!

My mom was out with friends and I asked my dad not to tell her but just to have her call me when she got home. She did and was all about the movie she saw...finally I was just like....that's great...I'm pregnant.

Dead silence....I could almost hear her brain processing what I had said.

Then she got all giggle-y and said....hold on I have to tell dad the good news. I was like....Uhhh...mom I already told him! She said...OMG...he didn't let on that there was ANYTHING going on....just told me to give you a call.

Hee...hee...hee. SO FUN!!!

We're going to hold off a little on telling the extended family (maybe Thanksgiving...if I can make it that long) and also DH's family......but my mom and dad have known we were TTC all along and they have been very supportive so we HAD to tell them right away!

I also told a couple of close friends, my sister...oh yeah...and all of MDC :LOL

Have you guys already talked about who you've told (if anyone) and how??? I have to look back and catch up on this thread. If not....I'd love to hear!

The EDD I'm getting from various online predictors is June 15. I hear ya about not being too specific....I'm just going to go with mid-late June.

Okay......now I need to move over to another thread to read about some practical matters like the fact that I haven't had a bowel movement in 2 1/2 days

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Congrats everyone!

I think my due date is 6/7 or 6/8. And I'm planning a homebirth this time. We meet with the midwife tonight. And we've already told just about everyone because I have a hard time keepng my mouth shut about anything.
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WELCOME newcomers!!
i am kind of cheeting by being on two threads- my Due date is may 31st, BUT kiryn was 10 days late and i am bugeting on my baby most likely coming in june, plus i know so many people on this thread, can i stay??
i am still mega sick...i hate being sick all the time, and mostly all i DO want to eat is crap..we usually eat so healthy-mostly whole grains, mostly organic...and here i am eating taco bell and instant flavered oatmeal...
i am also really emotional, but go figure!
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Just had to stop by and say hi to all the new June mamas! I'm over on the May mamas thread, but I'm due at the end of May and know so many more of you over here from the TTC board, so I might have to do the same thing Liz is doing and visit both!

So glad you're all here. Yeah!!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, ladies!

So I had to go get a quant hcG test yesterday because I am applying for medicaid and they need proof of pregnancy....this morning, the nurse called me with the results: inconclusive! : What the...?
I asked her, "Well, what was the hcG level?"and she said, "The lab goofed up and ran a qualitative test instead of quant...all they can say is your levels are between 5 and 20, so we can't know for sure that you are pregnant. You will have to come in for a re-draw." So I told her I had a positive HPT, although faint...but hey - my period isn't due yet! She said, "Well, we just can't be certain. Could be any number of things." Mean while I will have to wait till at least TUESDAY for results.

OK, call me crazy, but isn't hcG only produced at pregnancy? And if you do have it and you're not pg, it's less that 5, I read. HELP!!! This lady freaked me out!!! My mind is spinning with thoughts of chemical pregnancies, abnormal pregnancies, NO pregnancy! Anyone....?!?!
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Can I say one more time how happy I am that so many great mamas are here now!!!

Other than dh, I have only told 2 IRL friends....and they knew all about ttc, so I kind of had to tell them! :LOL One of those friends is hoping for a BFP next week too! On-line....one other of my groups knows, and of course MDC.

I have felt sort of nauseous the last 2 mornings, but nothing awful. Although, man, some smells about make me hurl!

Liz and Jaqueline, of course you can come over here!!! Really, add a day or two onto your due date and you would be here anyway.
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From what I have heard, you are right, a 5 is pregnant. So, if it is between a 5 and 20, I wouldn't worry. As you said, you're not due for af yet, right?
What I would do, personally, if I were worried and did't want to wait for results until Tuesday.....go get you're blood drawn, bu I would also do another HPT, and see if the line is darker than the ones you already had. That would reassure me that my HCG was increasing while I waited for blood results.

Also, I might insist on talking to the Dr instead of the nurse. Not that nurses don't know what they are talking about, but often they are not allowed to tell you things that a dr will.
Let us know how it goes, okay?
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Lucysmama: Well, they said they goofed, so probably you just need to go back. If you didn't have to pay for the test, tell them they owe you $10 for your time. Also, if the guy goofed, why didn't they just re-draw and test again? You could take another HPT to be sure, in the meantime.

When I needed proof a urine test worked just as well. Maybe the lab doesn't understand that faint or inconclusive results are often positive. Maybe find another lab?

I am also planning a homebirth. I still don't know who to invite to be there for dd. I want her to have the option of attending, but to have the choice to leave as well, so the MW suggested I invite someone else just for her. All the people I know are students, and aren't going to take time off from finals, or right before finals, to hang out at my house at short notice for something that might last 2 hours or might last 2 days. I don't have family nearby, and dh doesn't have family in support of homebirth or of children attending births, so I'm still thinking...
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Editing post...read next one.
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Well, I am pretty sure I'm out. I took another FRER today, just to see the line get darker for reassurance that hcg is rising...and it was a total BFN. I used a FRER...
So I guess this is either a chemical pregnancy or not viable in some other way. I haven't had any bleeding or spotting, but I feel miscarriage is imminent.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 9 months...
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OMG Katie!!! I am so sorry!

Take care of yourself. Hopefully you will be back here soon!
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Oh Katie...I'm SO sorry.
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