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Ink on Microsuede

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So my toddler got ahold of a pen and made some "art" on our microsuede couch, any ideas of what to use to get rid of the ink? It was just a normal ball-point pen. Some of the marks and darker than others. I have heard to try Windex.

Any ideas?

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Do you still have the info that came with your couch? It should have cleaning directions. Ink comes off of mine with just plain warm water and a bit of elbow grease although my neighbor swears by using a small drop of dish soap on hers.....
Good luck!
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Not the same, but I've had good luck with using nail polish remover to remove ballpoint ink from leather. Try any solutions on a hidden part of the couch and let sit for a few hours before using!!!
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My ds went Picasso on a friend's microsuede couch with a ball point pen - the markings disappeared after a week or so of just normal use of the couch. Basically it just rubbed off!

I hope that might work for you?!?!?!
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Thanks for the ideas. I ended up trying windex wipes. The marks are lighter now and not noticable unless you were told they were there. Hopefully with normal use they will go away.
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I use a microfiber cloth and warm water. Gets everything off of our microsuede couch.
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When DD sharpied our microfiber couch I scrubbed with windex and that helped to really lighten the stains a lot. Over time they did fade more, but never completely went away, at least before we got rid of the couch.
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I have had luck getting ink out with hairspray and perfume.
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Water and a drop of liquid dish soap is what we were told to use by the store that sold us the couch. It worked 100% on the art that my dd2 drew on our THREE DAY OLD microfiber couch. You'd never be able to see where it was - and it was ALL over. We were told not to ever use any chemical cleaner, just soap and water. I microfiber!!!!
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For future reference, start by trying just plain water. My daughter decided to use a blue ballpoint pen to decorate our microsuede couch (she wasn't smart about it...she signed her name so we knew it was her!) I was so upset. I tried plain water to start, thinking that at least it wouldn't hurt the fabric. It took a bit of scrubbing, but the marks were removed within a minute or so. And then I just gave the surface a good rub after it had dried. You can't even tell when you look at it that it was ever drawn on. Microsuede seems so easy to maintain.
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Rubbing alcohol works wonderful on MF. My dd is a couch artist. I have had to clean pen off maaaaany times.
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