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Cyclists and Runners

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Just looking for other mamas out there who cycle or run... hoping to compare notes on how our bodies are coping with this, which maternity cycling shorts work the best, etc.

Since before I even found out I was pg, I've noticed that my heart rate behaves a lot differently than before. It tends to run higher when I'm exerting at all and it's a lot jumpier in general - just all over the place compared to "normal." I have found that it helps if I warm up more slowly. Anyone else experience this? Other upcoming issues I should look forward to?
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well, i didn't start back running again after my first pregnancy (dd is 20mo now) so i dont know if i will this time around. i noticed it got particularly hard on my knees last time, pretty quickly.

as for biking, i don't cycle anymore but i bike around town alot for errands, with a bike trailer in tow. i noticed both times that uhm, the seat feels differently when pregnant! as in painfully different! i ride alot standing up now! haha.
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i've been running for over 15 years, at least 5/6 days per week. so i kept on running through my previous 2 pregnancies -- 6 months into my first and 7 months into my second (then back to running after about 3 months postpartum). i switched to speed-walking after that (about 3.6 mph), which i continued until the day i gave birth each time.

i'm now 7 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, and still running 2 miles at least 5x per week. i run with a heart rate monitor, and my heart rate is usually in the 130 -- 160 bpm range, but it's pretty steady overall. i have definitely slowed down since this pregnancy began, but my plan is to keep going until my body tells me to slow down even more, or switch to walking. (i should add that i'm 38, so no spring chicken!)

i credit running with helping me to stay healthy throughout my pregnancies (no diabetes, blood pressure or weight gain issues) and to have fast, easy labors. there is some research that shows that regular, aerobic exercise and overall physical fitness can speed up labor. running also gave me more energy, i think. both my babies were healthy, full-term (39.5 & 40.5 weeks) and normal birth weight.

i think the key is to listen to your body, and do what feels right to you.
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I don't have answers for you as I don't wear a HR monitor, but I do find my heart races more and jumps up quicker while pregnant. I even had some little "palpitation" type things last time which my m/w told me not to worry about.

I just got back into running a few months ago so hopefully I can keep it up. I also just started Spinning...can I do that if I just take it easier???
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AmieV - I don't see why you can't keep up the Spinning. Personally, I *hate* stationary bikes of any sort, so I'm keeping it outside. But I'm not sure early pg is the time to get used to riding in traffic and such.
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I am ACCIDENT prone on a bike, after being hit (twice) and a mild concussion trail riding, I've since hung up my outdoor riding shoes!
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Yeah, that might convince me to switch to indoor riding...

I'm kind of curious if riding in the summer is gonna suck. It's been kind of rough so far but it's still cold here (<50 degrees last weekend). I may have to turn into a morning person just to get my riding in this summer.

Any of you guys planning on doing any century rides or marathons or anything? I've got a metric century on the schedule for next weekend. It's still up in the air if I'm actually going. :
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I'll be running a 5 mile race this Saturday and a 5K on Wed. I am thinking of signing up for a 5K in September, but I might wait to see how I feel.

This will be my first and I'm due 12-9-08.
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I had been running 2 miles 4 times a week until about 2.5 weeks ago. I cannot get out of bed in the morning and the thought of running actually repulses me

Fortunately, I have been unpacking and arranging all of our stuff in our new house and doing tons of yard work so I'm not being completely sedentary.

I'm hoping I can back into some sort of workout routine even if it isn't running (until after baby is bored). Anyone have any exercise suggestions that don't involve running? I was thinking maybe prenatal yoga??
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I guess you can add me in with the running group, but I'm not quite in the racing category. Lately, um as in the past two years, I've been running on the treadmill for 2-3 miles twice a week. I feel good enough just doing that. I have noticed that the last two times I've done that though, I bleed just a tiny bit.

Don't know if I should be concerned, or not? It doesn't happen any other time.

Prenatal yoga or yoga of any kind sounds wonderful.
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