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OMG what a long weekend

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Hey guys I'm here and alive!! We just got our LO home! Our adorable 9 lb 1 oz boy was born at 10:02 on Sunday the 20th-just minutes before the full moon, after all! Didn't have the heart to wake up Alpaca at midnite when we finally got to phone calls though... He nurses like a champ already...and OH what a latch! Now we just have to figure out a name!
Labor was pretty awful for me but I'm glad now that I stuck it out. I will update with all the details later after we've gotten some rest!
I hope the full moon was kind to a few more of ya!!
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WAAAHOOOOOO!!!!! As my 2 year old says... :

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I was worried about your long labor...in fact i was up a lot last night worrying about other things and was concerned about you and prayed against a c-s. YAY! Welcome little one!

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oh good! I;m so glad things went well for you!

Congratulations, and happy baby moon!!!
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Congratulations mama!! Can't wait to here the details!
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Congratulations!! I'm so glad you are home and everyone is doing well!!! Welcome little boy!
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DOOOD! I can NOT believe she didn't wake me up!
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Welcome home and congrats!!
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Congratulations! Welcome home! We were all worried for you so I'm so glad to hear you're home and (relatively?) okay - can't wait to hear details.
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omG! What's wrong with you?! You didn't call Alpaca?! Have you completely lost it?!

CONGRATULATIONS!! OOOh, I can't wait to see the little booger! and one day before his due date.
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Welcome into the world, Cookie Loose!
Congratulations on your BOY! I hope you are eating him up
And phew-y on the labor... I was really hoping all would work out well without the need for pitocin, c/s, etc. Looking forward to story and photos!
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Congratulations, mama!! Can't wait to hear more.
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Congratulations! The 20th is a nice day to have a birthday (it's my birthday--so I was hoping NOT to have the baby during the full moon).
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