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Moby Wrap question...

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Hi everyone,

I have a two-week old son, and we've been enjoying our Moby Wrap for the last few days (had a C-section and had to wait a while to start using it).

My question is kind of a neurotic one, for those who have used the Moby using the Newborn Hug Hold. Though DS sleeps well & seems to be comforted by this hold (which is what I would have expected), I find myself worrying about him getting enough oxygen in there! He's so snug in there, with his head facing my chest, surrounded by the wrap...which of course is what makes it so comforting for him, I know. With all the alarmist info about SIDS, I find these worries keep popping into my head when he's sleeping in the Moby.

Ever worry about air flow/breathing issues? Have any info to reassure me? I recognize this is probably kind of silly...thanks in advance!
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I have been wearing my little girl in the hug hold since she was about 2 weeks old and I had the same concern. She's 9 weeks old now and I still worry. What I do is try to get her to turn her head to the side so that I can see her nose. I always like to make sure that I can see her nostrils so they aren't pressed into the fabric or me. I know this can be hard sometimes though- they get comfy and don't want to be bothered. It seems to help if I wear her a little higher on me. This way her face doesn't fall between my boobs, instead she has to lay her head almost on one of my boobs. Than secure her head with one of the shoulder straps once she's asleep. You do this by starting off with the logo tag part higher up on your waist. If you've only been using it a few days you will get even more used to it soon and know how loose/tight to tie it depending on where you want your baby to be. Hope this helps!
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Another thing to keep in mind, is that babies noses are designed to get squished--Dr. Jay Gordon expresses this really well--the way their nostrils are shaped actually opens when the tip of the nose is compressed, i.e. when breastfeeding. (and probably pressed against you in the Moby) My boy spent hundred of hours in the Moby when tiny, and made it through just dandy.
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I would definitely turn baby's head so that his nose is clear of your chest.
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Thanks everyone!

Very helpful replies, all. I'm glad to know I'm not as neurotic as I thought, and I appreciate the info you gave me...I'll just plan to either wear him a little higher, and/or keep his head to the side as much as possible. I also like the Dr. Gordon info about nostril flaring.

Thanks again!
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I don't know if you're looking for any more responses, but just in case: We worried about this, too, and would try to move her head to the side, but sometimes she just didn't want to! If she fussed when we tried to shift her head we would usually let her be for a bit and then try again. One comforting thing is that if you pay attention you can feel the baby breathing when s/he is snuggled so close. At least I hope that's comforting! My DD is 9 months now and we still wear her in the Moby a lot, so obviously the fears didn't interfere too much with our ability to use it.
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I would make sure the wrap is tied snugly enough that she's relatively upright and not slumping down chin to chest; this is more important than whether her face is facing your chest or turned to the side. Make sure the inner parts of the X come up to the back of her neck to support her, and then just put the side across the back of her head for support rather than putting both sides up and over her head.
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