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For the first time in my cloth diapering "career" I'm embarrassed to say I have way too many dipes. I'd happily sell off a bunch of this, but people just don't seem to be buying much these days unless it's fuz. I have a box of some things that I've been trying to sell that I'm not counting, but here's what we have that isn't in the box...

16 Cloud 9 Softies
12 Firefly Dipes
2 El Bee Baby

2 Mudpie Baby
2 Homemade

12 Regular UBCPFs (mostly used for diaper free time and/or burp cloths)

6 Snap Featherlites
2 Bumkins
2 SugarPeas Wool
2 Fuzbomb Wool
1 Mollytogs Wool Soaker
1 Homemade Wool

About a dozen assorted homemade doublers
48 homemade cloth wipes
2 snappis
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We have:

9 Little Lambs QD AIOs
1 Bumkins
8 FBs
2 HHs

1 Sugar Peas Fitted
2 Sugar Peas Snap ins
1 Darling Diaper
1 Growing Greens One Size hemp fitted
1 Misc WAHM fitted

3 BSWW Frog and cosmic babies prints
3 Prowraps
1 SP Wool cover
1 SOS cover
2 Wool Bum Sweaters I made

Tons of inserts doubers and wipes.

This doesn't include all of the small diapers DS has outgrown.
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I've just started to use cloth diapers.

I have:

54 prefolds

about 6 proraps medium

about 3 large size diaper wraps (my 4 yr old needs a diaper for bedtime)

2 used fuzzi bunz pocket diapers

8 liners

hmmmm....oh and a few disposables for outings and sometimes nights
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hmm, this is interesting that this thread came up again. I just looked at my post and I don't use most of those diapers anymore...I think I will have to go edit.
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Ok, so did you girls have to go and count your stash for this post, or did you know off the top of your head? LOL
I have no idea how many I have. I can get through 3 days. They are all (and I mean ALL) in the dryer right now so I can't go count.
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This is an easy question to answer. Except for the nb period I've never owned more than 26 diapers at any one time. At my lowest I was down to 18 pocket dipes when dd had that awful acid rash and had to use pockets or sposies.

Currently I have 24 prefolds, some hemp doublers for night time, and a few odd covers. Plus one fantastic custom-made fitted diaper made by a WAHM here out of the kindness of her heart.

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I think right around 24 fitteds and aio's together... and a backup of about 8 or so toddler prefolds (they are HUGE on her but ok for a backup)

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We have 18 chinese pf, 4 bummis sww, 5 wahm aios, and 7 wonderoos.
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wow, this thread is a year old, my stash has REALLY changed since then!
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I can't believe how old this thread is!

I have about 30 some AIO's and 3 pockets that get used, and then 15-20 fitteds that just sit there.
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
to scared to count.
same here
When they are all clean and folded I have 3 1/2 LARGE laundry baskets full. I need to post some on the TP, I have way too many!
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I would be scared to actually count them BUT:
I think its around 6 dz fitteds, (with more on the way : )
and around 36 soakers, wool covers or longies : :
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Originally Posted by WendyLouWho
TOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1 holdens landing
2 fleece lovetbums (i want more)
3 bummis sww

1 holdens landing
1 LL

2 cuddlebuns
1 fmbg
1 hemp sos

24 reg prefolds
some tie dyed
4med fuzzi bunz
1 frog pring
1 reverse bug print
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Actually its alot smaller than it used to be. I used to have about 50 fitteds but now its probably more like 20 fitteds. I really need more because Jack has outgrown most of his dipes and I had to sell them to get more.

Jacks stash -
2 Fussybutt OV fitteds
4 Cuddlebuns
1 Celestial Baby fitted
2 Holdens Landing fitteds
1 RB shell set
2 Disposanots
1 Fuzzi Bunz
1 Daisy Doodle
2 VB AIO's on the way

Sara's stash-
3 med fireflies (which I need to sell)
2 Baby Softwraps
2 Daisy Doodles
1 Beccabottoms AIO
1 LC
1 Celestial Baby
1 Mammamade
2 Fussybutt OV fitteds
1 VK fitted

Wow! Looking at that list makes me realize I really need to go shopping!
I need about 10 more VB AIO's Med/longs, 8 more Cuddlebuns and some more Fussybutt fitteds.
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My stash has changed and evolved SOOOO many times. It is quite embarrassing. But right now I have...

1 dozen birdseye flats
1 dozen gauze flats
9 terry flats
4 or 5 TDD birdseye flats
3 Cloud9Softies
1 Poochie
1 dozen medium Fuzzibunz
8 large Fuzzibunz
5 wool soakers, some that fit, some are too large still
A dozen infant prefolds on the way to me
A few (6 or 7) random prefolds, some dyed, some trimmed...
I've been bad lately so I have a few various fitteds and some wool pants coming to me from the TP.
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This is scary but it was for 2 in diapers (3 at night) and I am going to sell off some in February when I get them back

12 HH's
2 Ella's
11 or 12 disposanots
1 green acre designs (I forget the name of her pockets)
3 Apron Strings

2 Angel Wraps (1 WIO, 1 reg QD)
3 Baby Bloomrs
6 Daisy Doodles (4 are being made)
3 or 4 FMBG
1 FCB (hopefully more soon)
2 or 3 LHC
1 Beccabottoms (on it's way)
1 Very Baby
3 Valor Kids to be made I think next week

(there may be more pockets and AIO's but I can't remember for sure)

we have about 30 including nighttime

2 Fuzbaby (1 bomb, 1 wio w/snap-ins)
2 Angel Wraps
4 or 5 FCB (can't remember the exact #)
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I have just enough to get me through about a day and a half of diapering. I wash every day because I like to. I am afraid, though, that if I listed stuff off it would fill the page because I have about one of everything. I think I have a good combination of AIOs, fitteds, wool and pockets. A bit of everything and Sarah uses 15 diapers a day so I'd say I have about 30 mixed diapers (I have a weird method of rotation - after they are washed they get folded and put into a bin where they rotate through so that everything gets used equally - except the pockets which I save for night or times when I know I am going to be out with her in the Baby Bjorn for a long time.) Someday it might be fun to make a list, just not today Of course, I want lots more diapers because I want to try one off everything.
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Well i just counted what i have from last night diaper laundry its an aprox. guess because there are a few in the dirty pail right now
Sam has:
12 fitteds
10 pockets
and 10 covers 3 Bummis, 4 WWB 1 maybe 2 butt sweaters and 1 fleece statinator

Carter has:
11 fitteds
10 AIO's (but we only use about 4 or 5)
7 pockets
and about 10 covers including 3 longies 2 soakers 3 gerber vinaly covers and 2 WWB
i also have about 20 gerber prefold for stuffers and 3 DSQ prefolds and 1 indian prefold
may be alot but i have 2 in diapers and i can do wash every other day and still have a few extra in case
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Well I just shipped off most of the fitteds that were starting to fall apart, since we have officially switched over to prefolds and flats. We do have some fitteds for dh and dd to use...they haven't gotten the hang of prefolds and flats yet. I'm including what's on the way too This is only current rotation (there are some more wool covers that are too large in storage)

28 Indian premium
24 Indian toddler
19 Chinese premium
1 Chinese regular

2 dozen birdseye
1/2 dozen Kushies flannel
3 Doodlebottoms natural flannel (plan to order 9 more of these)

Kissaluv blue
2 special Davina Diapers
3 custom OC Earth Seedlings
ME Sandy (on the way)
ME 1 size (on the way)
Tykie Diaper tiger OC diaper (on the way)
1 custom Lucy's Hope Chest (on order)

4 medium SugarPeas
1 Doodle Bottoms with Koala embroidery (3 more embroidered covers to come)
1 Crystals Cloth cashmere (on order)

Then TONS of doublers and wipes!
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