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We dont have that many in her current size. Laundry pretty much every day.

9 prefolds (24 more on the way)
15 or so fitteds (mostly SOS)
1 AIO by Beccabottoms
6 covers (all PUL)

I just sold a bunch of stuff and will probably sell a few more fitteds. I'm really a plain jane kind of girl!
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I have:

3 Angelwrap QD AIO's plus extra soakers
9 Beccabottoms UT AIO's plus extra soakers
11 Texas Bluebonnet QD AIO's plus extra soakers & doublers
3 Texas Nights
2 Changing Babies One-Size AIO's
1 Changing Babies One-Size WIO
2 Beccabottoms SSS wool covers
1 Butterfly Kisses fitted
6 CPF's
A bunch of microfiber doublers made by me

I recently sold 5 Daisy Doodles w/ extra soakers & doublers, a bunch of true AIO's, and gave a Texas Night to a friend to try out.
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I've got a drawer full of stuff she's outgrown, but I'll list what I'm using now.

24 Infant CPFs (don't use these much anymore)
12 Dyed Infant CPFs
3 tie dyed Premium CPFs
5 Dyed Premium CPFs
1 Premium CPF
2 HHs
4 FBs
2 Wonderoos
2 Happy Hempys
1 Harleyz pocket fitted
4 Bumkins AIOs
2 Muttaqin fitteds
1 Liz's cloth AIO
1 Kissaluvs Contour
1 Ella's Pocket

2 Muttaqins
2 Bumkins
2 pr Wool Longies
1 Stacinator Wool
1 Stacinator Stretch Wool
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I've just about perfected my stash. Don't have really anymore that I'm dying to try and the only thing I would really, really love to have is a pair of Yvon's longies and a rice cashmere KP!! Oh, I do want to get a half dozen or so VB AIO's for DH and the diaper bag and grandma!

This includes what's on it's way to me!

12 Toddler IPF's
12 Premium CPF's
4 reg. CPF's
12 eezi-gears
3 mutts
7 Flag's (the OCD in me is dying to round that off to 9! LOL)
1 mammamade kesbaby OV
1 mammamade kosinight
3 prefitteds
6 flannel flats
6 hemp flats
1 doodlebottoms contour

2 embroidered doodlebottoms
1 KP dip-dyed
2 SCC wool
1 BBSS soaker
1 RB wooly pullie
1 aristocrat (being dip-dyed!)
2 recycled longies
2 wool pants
1 knit longies from natural simplicity!

One lonely VB AIO, that I and want more of!!
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I'm afraid to count.....

I'm sure it's upwards of 100 though, not including pf's and covers. We have about 3 dozen pf's and 8 covers total for the 2 girls.

This is about a third one-sizers, a third mediums and a third L/XL (depends on diaper as to what size Darcy wears) and a few nb's thrown in since we're planning on more babies.

I just know that I can have 3 loads of diapers sitting around waiting to be folded and not be anywhere near out of diapers!
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I have...

4 regular pfs
8 premium pfs
4 toddler pfs
5 one size fitteds
2 absorbitalls
3 hemp pfs
20 fb
1 wonderoo
1 knickernappi (new and a fave already)
2 wool covers (wanting to sell)
2 soakers
4 bummis sww and snap
1 bumkin vented
1 prorap
1 green earth cover
2 prorap colors one blue and white
10 joeybunz
5 moe inserts
4 fleece topped doublers
1 microfleece towel
8 flats
just used one receiving blanket as a fb stuffer (doing wash now)
2 walmart training pants for when nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is clean.
1 prorap all in one for the diaper bag
Well that's probably not all but it's all I can think of. My friend has all my smaller stash using them on her baby. So I'll have plenty for number 3 if we ever get to have a 3rd.
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