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feeling movement

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When was the earilest you felt movement in your pg(s)?

With my first I felt it around 14 wks. OB did not believe me.

My second at 12/13 weeks.....no it was not gas. My midwife said it is was not average but because I'm so thin totally plausible.

wondering when I'll feel it this time.
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This is my first pregnancy but I didn't really feel movement till about 18 weeks. I am 22 weeks now and I feel her move much more often and much stronger.
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1st pregnancy: 17 weeks
This pregnancy: 9 weeks
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First pregnancy-- somewhere between 12 and 14 weeks
This one-- um. *8 weeks* seriously... the light fluttery baby moving ones. Still feeling it, usually right after I eat. Totally not gas. I have intestinal issues and know what gas feels like
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Ditto PP except It's 10wks. I just KNOW that was the baby and not my usual gut issues! It was completely dif.

DD1 was at 15wks
DD2 was at 12-13wks
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I felt my DD at 19 weeks. Pretty sure I started feeling this one about 5 days ago (close to 12 weeks)... This fluttering is definitely NOT gas!
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I felt my first at 13 weeks, 2nd at 12w5d, 3rd at 11 weeks. I felt this baby at 11w3d. I am a size 12, so a little on the chunky side, and I've been able to feel them rather easily.
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first movement felt at 12 weeks with this pregnancy, but once the uterus moved out from behind the pubic bone - I felt nothing more until week 21.
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I think the first flutters were at 15 weeks but they really could have been gas. The first time I really thought it was baby was at 17 weeks and it became unmistakable at 18 weeks. Now I feel definite movement every day, multiple times.

I have a friend who felt her first baby at 14 weeks and this one at 13 weeks too. I believe her because she's not the kind of person to exaggerate or read too much into gas bubbles.
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With DS #1 I felt him around 13wks but dismissed it as not possible, but with DS #2 again around the same time and having gone through this before and knowing what it felt like I had no doubts it was baby...esp since it was moments after hearing his heartbeat in the same spot. I remember it feeling like muscle twitches.

I too am thin, but I don't understand why that would make a person more likely to feel movement inside their uterus.
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I think I remember being 15 wks with my first when I first felt it (back when I was a slender, lithe thing ) and I'm on my fifth pregnancy now and felt the first movements at 13 weeks on the nose, and have felt them become stronger and more frequent. Oh and at that point I'm 180 lbs-ish at 5'5", lots of padding. I think having experience plus just knowing where everything is has more to do than how thin you are.
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19 weeks.
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Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels movement early. Like I said my Ob just flat out didn't believe me....should have been my clue to leave. :

I'm not sure why the midwife suggested my size either.

I'm 10 weeks right now and I'm dieing to feel the baby. That's when I really start to bond.
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with my first pregnancy i was around 18 weeks I think. With my second child (third pregnancy) I felt flutters around 14 weeks. I'm hoping for a little earlier, or around 14 weeks this time around.
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With my first pregnancy, my water broke at 20 weeks and our daughter was born at 25 weeks. I NEVER felt her moving, even though ultrsasounds showed her moving around.

Now I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I've been feeling movement for several weeks. My doc says it is possible if the baby and the placenta are in just the right position.

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