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Unwanted books?

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I have a ton of books which I will never read again. Many were assigned in college or are even textbooks. I don't know that my local library would be able to sell many of them and I'm wondering if there are places that will take them. I'd love to get them to a school or something. Any ideas for what to do with them would be great.
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Some of the used book stores in my town will take donations of any books they can't sell and farm them out in their network of agencies that can use them. Everything that absolutely can't be used by anyone gets sent to the recycler.

If you call around, maybe you'll find a used book store that does the same?
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Try offering them on Freecycle.
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You can also list them on paperbackswap.com (don't have to be paperbacks) and get credit for them so you can get other books you want.
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I always take everything to a used bookstore and anything they don't buy I donate to Goodwill. However, being a in college area, I wonder if there is a better place to take used text books?
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There is a gotbooks.com collection box not too far from me. I don't have the motivation to list the books separately and then ship them on any kind of website for sale or trade. I think I will just bring a couple boxes to the collection box. Thanks.
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The soldiers serving overseas always appreciate reading material.
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Bookcrossing.com - you probably wouldn't want to give them all away like that, but hiding a few around town might be kind of fun.

Otherwise, you could call local schools and ask, but it would probably be a lot easier to give to Goodwill or some other charity used goods store. Or freecycle, or whatever.
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Goodwill or Salvation Army will take them. Our local library will sell them for a dollar as part of a fundraiser. You may be able to sell some of them.
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Our library also takes book donations. They sell them for anywhere between 10 cents up to a few dollars each to raise funds for library programs.
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I vote for book crossing. Just for fun!
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There are also organizations which donate books to prisoners. You could see if there's a group in your area and if they need any of your books.
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list the books on your local freecycle.com
Donate to a local library that has a booksale
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some cities have resale book shops that specialize in college text books and such......typically they are in cities with big colleges.....

if not then just take them to your local recycling center or a give them to a thrift store.
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Love the Bookcrossing here too! You can find me there with the same username.
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You can probably sell your textbooks on Amazon or something, that would be nice to make a few extra buckaroos. The rest of course, donate to library or freecycle. You could give them to the campus bookstore and let them put a free pile out- I'm sure the college students would love it.
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Recent textbooks can be sold to textbooks.com. They even pay for shipping! I also use webuyyourbooks.com. They pay for shipping if you sell more than $10 worth of books. You won't make a fortune, but it's nice to get a little back on your investment.
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You can try paperbackswap.com, too. They don't have to be paperbacks!
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Originally Posted by alysmommy2004 View Post
I always take everything to a used bookstore and anything they don't buy I donate to Goodwill.
This is exactly what I do.
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