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I've also heard of organizations that you send books overseas to countries without a lot of books/schooling/resources for children. You may want to google that.
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If there are any books that are appropriate (see their donation guidelines) and you can afford the shipping, you might want to consider Ethiopia Reads - they place books into libraries for Ethiopian children who either have no books in their schools or have no money to go to school. A lot of these kids walk miles to the library just to teach themselves to read.

Half Price books will buy anything they can resell, and will donate out the rest or recycle anything that is totally unusable.

Local libraries usually have a donation station for a yearly book sale, I know ours does.

Our County/City building has a bin where you can donate reading material to prisoners
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It's a great online community of book lovers, probably works a lot like paperbackswap (though I'm not familiar with that one) - you give away books you don't want and get points to trade for books you do! I LOVE it. I've gotten rid of almost 60 old books this way, not to mention seriously lengthening my "to-read" list. I'm always amazed and delighted when books that I think no one would ever want find a happy home!

ETA: Bookmooch also participates in charities where you can donate points to a charity of your choice so that they can get more books.
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A couple people beat me to it. I was gonna say Paperbackswap also.
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