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I'll be 32 weeks this week and prodromal labor is pretty much already a mainstay in daily life. Its annoying but I deal with it. I am also measuring about 3 weeks behind. The thought crossed my mind that I may go well past 40 weeks, as I was very sick with the flu and in general haven't been all that healthy, so this baby might take more time to cook and that's why I'm behind right now. When real labor DOES start, however, I have a feeling it will be extremely fast. Some of the bh contractions are strong enough to wake me out of a sound sleep sometimes. I'd normally be drinking my RRL tea by now but I won't touch the stuff because of all the uterine activity I'm already having. I have no history of preterm labor and have no reason to believe that will happen. Both of my boys were born at 40 weeks on the nose. My dad seems to think the baby is going to come late as well, and I was surprised to hear him say that because I'd wondered it myself!