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I posted this on the Trying to Conceive board and someone suggested I post it over here.

First a little background. I am 32 and my husband is 38, we have been ttc for about 11 years but I couldn't get my husbad to a doctor until about 6 months ago (talk about dragging your feet). He has low count due to blockage and I have LPD with low progesterone.

Last month was my first month on Clomid 50 mg on cd 3 - 7, we did an IUI after natural LH surge. My 7 dpo progesterone level was 4.6 (which is exactly the same as my unmedicated progesterone levels). I know that in an unmedicated cycle they want over 10 and in a medicated cycle they want over 15. So I was really disappointed.

This month we did 100 mg on cd 4 - 8 and another IUI after natural LH surge (this was on 4/14). I went for my 7 dpo progesterone test yesterday and my level is 5.9 so I am really bummed right now.

So my question is if anyone actually had increased progesterone levels 7 dpo after having their clomid dosage increased?

Trying to decide if I should try more Clomid next month or move on the injectables.