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I wouldn't change a thing.
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No, I don't regret it. He was not my first, but I was his first. Lets just say I wish I wasn't.
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No, I only wish that he had experience before me. I was his first kiss even.
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I was molested as a child and violently raped when I was 19.

We didn't meet until I was in my late 30's (and, I had had three sexual partners between age 19 and when I met dh).

So, no dh wasn't my first. I wish he was.

What counts, though, is that he is my last.
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Nope, don't regret it at all.
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No regrets here. I was his first everything...and we like it that way. Worked out reeeeaaaaaallly well.
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Wow... I'm a foster mom and I know that there are so many people whose first is not by their choosing, but it is still hard to hear.

And it's surprisingly nice to hear people whose first was not a regret! I didn't think about the NOT being the first being a problem for lack of the SO's experience!!! I was engaged to someone like that before I met dh and I honest-to-God told him that we should separate for a while and he should go out and experience other women. It was that bad. I left 3 months before our wedding day (in 1995) as the invites arrived to be assembled. Best thing I ever did--because the sex wasn't the only problem.
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It always breaks my heart on threads like this that so many women's first time was not by choice. It amazes me every time how many there are.
I'm so sorry for all of you.

I have no regrets. I waited until I was ready to have sex, in love with the person I was with and I am perfectly happy with that choice. I might have skipped a few inbetween my first and dh but oh well, every choice got me where I am today.
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s to all you mamas out there, I'm one of you too.

When I was with STBXH, I regretted it all the time...that I couldn't change things, take things back, make it different and make him my first. It was a struggle for a long time.

Now that I'm with DP tho, I'm so glad that I had all those experiences before her - they are what made me who I am today and there's no changing the fact that I really like who I am now.

I do, however, like the fact that she's my first woman and I hope my last.
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Nope. Not sad in the least. He likes my experience.
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ish I had more experiences before getting married. Way More. too late now.
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DH was pretty far from first. And I wouldn't change a thing.
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No, I do not wish I had saved my virginity for my husband. I had enough bad sex to really appreciate the good stuff when I finally found it. Also I was not nervous or anything and I knew what i was doing too!
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Nope. I learned A LOT about what I don't want in a partner/sexual relationship so i can really appreciate what I do have.
Dh was nervous getting involved with me because I'm much younger than him, because he was a girl's first before. After several years she left him because she wanted to find out what she was missing. DH was actually relieved to find out I had a "history". Though he was shocked to find out how much history!! :
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Dh was my first. I love that.
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DH was my first (only) but long before we were married. I kinda wish I had more experience... or at least a level playing field I was not DHs first.
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I do wish that DH was my first, but I know that we wouldn't have held out till our wedding night. I met him when I was 15, we started dating just before I turned 17, and didn't get married till I was 23.
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Originally Posted by BlueStateMama View Post
Oh God no. Way too much fun experimenting in my 20s. Plus I think I'm more content being monogamous because I've sowed my oats.
Oh yeah, same here!
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Honestly, I wish I'd fooled around a bit more before marriage (I had a whole lot of religious guilt I had to deal with, THAT I regret), and I don't regret DH not being my first at all.
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I do, especially because he was so close to being my first and because when I did have sex for the first time I was just in a really bad place in my life and it was for all the wrong reasons.
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