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Out of lurkdom

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Hi --

I just finally joined after lurking for more than a year.

I'm Wendy, mom to Karen (13 months). We're in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm a full time geophysicist, lucky to have a husband (Phil) who is doing the stay-at-home-dad thing.

About us: Karen is a breastfeeding fan. She's a very intense individual, but thankfully generally happy. She's only just started to pick up some sign language -- it's delightful that she can tell us what she wants!
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Welcome to the boards.
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~ Hi Wendy ~
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My dd's both used sign lanuage before they talked too!

Glad to have you out of lurkdom! I'm sure you already love it here!

Happy posting!

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Hi there
So happy to have you here with us! Enjoy yourself with us
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