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Anti-war teacher quits her job rather than her principles - Page 2

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Just wanted to bump this thread to see if there was any more life left in it...

Perhaps it's time for this topic to go to
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Some thoughts ...

1. Something I find interesting--the PI ran a column about this incident without running a news article about it. That's unsual. I wonder why. If people were complaining about this teacher, were they not willing to be interviewed? Even in a google search I couldn't find a NEWS article on this. I'd like to hear more of her songs and/or the other side of this story.

2. There WAS a time in history where generally Christian values were taught in schools, (I remember as part of a documentary listening to two older Jewish men talk about their experiences with Christian influences in public school. They said they didn't see it as wrong at the time, because it didn't occur to them to question that norm. But they knew they were being raised differently at home.)

That doesn't mean it was better then. There was a time before I realized my husband was allergic to SOY and ds and I were allergic to MILK that I could saute our mushrooms in one pan instead of two. Didn't mean we were BETTER off then, but things sure as hell were EASIER.

3. No matter how I would love my son to go to a (private) school who had teachers like this who taught values like this, I also can't help but think of the child who's mom or dad is in Iraq, and clinging desperately to the message the rest of the family is giving, that it is a good and important thing his parent is doing--because if it isn't, why did they leave? What is that child thinking as this song is being sung?

4. I was helping out in Kindergarten ds's classroom yesterday, and she played a tape for the kids to follow along with, that was obviously a favorite, that was a adaptation of "Going on a Lion (or Bear) Hunt" done with a Transalvanian accent called "Looking for Dracula". One boy raised his hand and said his parents didn't want him listening to this song. The teacher said, "Pretend it's a bear". ---Huh?

How would I feel as that child? As that child's parent? How would I feel (as a pagan) if it were looking for some big bad ugly & scary witch?

She stressed at the end though, that the song was just about someone pretending to be Dracula, that there's really no such thing. (Great, but I'm thinking, I can't wait until she tells them there's no such thing as magic/witches or they study that old, made-up "mythology".) I don't suppose her position's an easy one...

5. I know I've caught teachers in a bind before. In a parent/child speech therapy class, my partial nudity by breastfeeding my student/son's little brother in class offended one of the parents there. His asking me to do it in the hallway offended me.

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