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Pay Off

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So I spent the week with family in Chicago. Stressful for many reasons I won't get in to here -- but my brother (who we were crashing with) is a TV centered guy. He KNOWS we're TV-free and yet could not fathom how we have "down time" without it. After a long crazy day with my 3.5 year old and his 9 year old he was begging the kids to watch TV. Mostly because he wanted a nap himself. The 9 year old went to a friend's house to play and my bro was trying so hard to lure my son into the tube.

"Come watch sports with your uncle."
"Wanna see a show all about animals?"

etc etc.

I was trying to hold my ground between letting him know that we don't want him watching TV and also not wanting to be a brat in his house.

So the victory came that tired afternoon when my son said to his uncle.
"I'm not instered in seeing those TV shows Tio. I want you to read me a story."

So his Tio (uncle) went to sleep and my son and I read all 160-some pages of Black Beauty in one sitting on the bean bag in front of the HUGE-mongous turned off TV.
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Wow! That's great!

I bet my 3.5-year-old book-loving lifetime-TV-free kiddoes STILL would have picked the TV...
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That's so awesome!
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