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Thank you, MDCers!

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I just had to post and say thank you to everyone who posts so much information on this site about vaccinations. Today was our two-month WBV and my beautiful daughter didn't get any shots. :

I am still researching and still learning, but I am just SO HAPPY that I'm not sitting here worrying about what's going on in her immune system right now. I was just thinking that for all i know, I could have been pacing back and forth right now with her in my arms screaming from the DTaP (not necessarily likely, I know, but possible), instead of sitting here reading MDC as she sleeps peacefully on my lap.

Anyway, like I said I'm still researching, but I don't think I could have made this decision today without reading this forum, so I had to say thanks.

Oh, and btw, our ped was great about it! She's pretty open and we'd talked about it before, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem...but I think I kinda scared her . I told her I'd love more info if she can find some for me..."I'd really like to see a long-term study comparing vaxed and unvaxed populations," I told her, "but I know that doesn't exist because it's considered unethical, so in the absence of that I'd at least like to see some statistics comparing the likelihood of complications from these diseases in both vaxed and unvaxed populations, as well as the statistical likelihood of adverse reactions from the vaxes, but I don't know if that's possible either since a lot of reactions aren't reported, and a lot of times the diseases aren't diagnosed." She stared at me for a minute with her mouth open and then said, "Let me get you the exemption form."

Yeah, I felt pretty smart.
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Congrats on having a vax-free baby!

What did she have you sign? Exemptions are for schools and daycares.
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Way to go! It's nice your doctor is reasonable. Makes it so much easier to communicate.
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Originally Posted by wendyjoe View Post
What did she have you sign? Exemptions are for schools and daycares.
you're right, I'd been reading so much about exemptions that I said it wrong. It was just a form stating that I had read the CDC info about diseases and vaxes, that I understood I was putting my child and other children she comes in contact with at risk of death from the diseases :, and that I was declining these vaxes -- and she checked off the boxes for the 2-month ones.
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Lord that is a horrible waiver! I thought mine was bad. Mine just said that I understood declining these vaxxes MAY put my child at risk for contracting the diseases. But I emphasised the MAY word by underlining it before i signed it. But that sounds horrible on your waiver! Sheesh. They really make it hard to sound like a lucid, concerned, well informed and educated parent, dont they?
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Next time bring this form with you (copy it and edit it in Word)! It's a bit more fair:

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So glad you educated yourself and the doctor didn’t give you grief!!

I had to sign the same form I felt awful signing it but I didn’t want to get booted from the office and I have read over and over it is not a legal document and can not be used against you.
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I didn't have to sign any form-they were very understanding.
Congrats!! I vaxed my dd at her 2mo check-up and regretted since.
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I had to sign one, too, that said DS might catch the diseases the vax would prevent. I honestly didn't read it and I kind of wish I would have. You know how it is, though; they just stick it in your face and expect you to sign it thoughtlessly. Ugh. I want to switch peds so bad. DP doesn't think they're so bad, though, and they're not too bad yet, but I could see it escalating as DS gets older.
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