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Well, my water broke this morning

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At 4am. Ctx kicked in pretty soon, they were regular and painful but not lasting very long. I had a few good ones, but they stayed 5-10 mins apart. I called everyone, got the troops ready but told them we didnt need anyone yet. I have walked. I have napped. My house is ready. Laundry is done. Kids have been to school and back. Now we are approaching 12hrs and they are nearly gone. I have probably had 3-4 ctx in the last couple hours. Grrr.

I did a hibiclens rinse since I am gbs+ and want to do what we can to prevent anything. Obviously nothing has been in my vagina. But I am soo ready to get this show on the road. I have done hands & knees, walking, sitting, laying. I dont want to drive myself crazy trying to get things started (since it could be a long night) but I also dont want to wait too long and loose my damn homebirth, vbac, etc. I have come way too far for that.

So anyone..reassure me. Tell me it will be fine. Labor will kick in. Baby will come out soon. Or tell me WWYD in a similar sitch?
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Everything will be fine, your labor will kick in... try doing some deep breathing and talking to your baby. Send everyone in your house away and give yourself a relaxing foot bath and visualize your baby being born, take a nap if you can, eat a healthy meal and then start trying again to get things going. Try not to watch the clock and listen to your body. Nothing magically happens at 24 hours that makes anything more risky than a birth 12 hours after water breaks.. you can start taking vitamin C to help fend off infection as well.
Happy Birthing Momma!! Your almost there!
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RRL tea? 1 ounce leaves to hot as possible as fast as you can?

I don't know sweetheart, but i am rooting for you. I am very happy to see it has at least started, you have waited tooo long!!!!

Go mama!
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This is exactly what happened to me. It wasn't until I laid back down after pacing around the house and the neighborhood all morning that the contractions really kicked in, that was about 16 hours after my water broke. So I second the pp, try to relax now! (Easier said than done, I know.)
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It'll happen! Get some rest (even though it's easier said than done)!
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this is what happened to me with DD (my first). after about 12 hours, my m/w at the time had me take a castor oil cocktail (CNM who was on the clock by the supervising OB) and in 45 minutes bam! i was in serious labor, and she was born 8 hours later. i'm not necessarily advocating that you do that, castor oil isn't fun, but it sure did the trick if you get to the point of desperation. i certainly would've been happy to wait a lot longer had my m/w been agreeable.
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Looks like you've gotten some good suggestions here. I'll be routing for you and the birth that you have planned!
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I was in the exact same situation on Sat.! (Except my water broke at 6 am, not 4 lol.)
I totally wore myself out trying to get labor going. I walked a grand total of 10 miles that day, and had myself hooked up to the breast pump for nipple stim for HOURS.
Internal exam finally showed that my membrane hadn't ruptured at the cervix...so it must have been on the side, or up high. Therefore, I was losing amniotic fluid more slowly and that's why it didn't start the ctx right away. NOW, I wish I had just gone to bed that night and gotten some really good rest, because I was in some bad shape the next day!
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I can comiserate...I am online updating my post and saw that you are in the same boat (except I don't have broken water). This is miserable- not the labor part, but the waiting. I am already 8 days overdue and have run out of patience. I will be thinking of you and knowing we are in this together...come on babies, the time is NOW!
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drink a glass of wine, take a shower, and try to go back to sleep. It WILL happen. You want to be ready for it when it does!

Remember that VBACs are often slower labors... our bodies know if we need more time to do it right.

Take it from someone who didn't get that rest. It means everything. Freakin' HIBERNATE until you can't anymore! ;-)
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Thinking of you!
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she's here!

labor finally kicked in around 6ish, got in the tub around 7:15p w/ serious ctx, baby was born at 9p after 25 (long!) mins of pushing. so very excited that i got my hbac.

born: 9:04pm on 4/24
8lbs, 4oz
22in long

carlisle rose is her name and she is nursing great!

hoping to write the birth story later when i can get 2 hands free.

thanks for all of the good vibes!
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Now my turn right?
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not in your ddc, but CONGRATS!! I'm so glad it went so smoothly and you got your hbac- I love your baby's name, soooo sweet!!
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So glad everything kicked in and you got the birth you wanted! Congrats!! What a beautiful name.
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that is *awesome* !!! yay!

great name, btw. love it!
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I had been thinking about you all evening and wondering how things were going. I can't wait to see pics!
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Congratulations! Welcome, little one!!
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