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When I was growing up, I attended four different private schools, three protestant and one Catholic, and three public ones. My experience, maybe surprising but true, was that the ones with the healthiest environments happened to be the public ones. When my son was little, he attended two different private schools, neither of them parochial. When I was looking all over the county at various schools for a better fit for him, I was surprised to find that the little public school near our home seemed to have the healthiest environment. By "healthy," I'm referring to the way children related to one another and the way teachers related to the children. I guess it would take some study and research to figure out exactly why this was the case, but it was definitely a strong perception in those cases. That being said, I really don't think that's necessarily a rule of thumb - I think it probably varies from case to case. But I think the public school experience can be a lot better than a lot of people give it credit for. - Lillian
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My husband is a teacher and I used to teach in pubic schools. Now I can't speak for all schools and teachers, but the experiences I have had in public schools is that most teachers/schools I have seen are doing the very best job they can for our kids with limited resources/pay, and volunteer alot of their own time/paycheck to the school in helping kids. I also have an autistic son and with our imput he recieves services he wouldn't otherwise recieve if he was schooled at home by us or in a private school setting.

There is a lot of benefit from a public school education, some things to monitor (for us especially its other children and how they treat our son having autism and making sure he is getting the accomodations he needs) but with positive parental support at school and home it can be a great experience I wouldn't have it any other way for my kids.
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The main question I would ask is what form of discipline do they use and what forms of auxiliary support services do they have.
Also, I would ask what their goals are for students and what areas they tend to focus on most: academics, community involvement, sports etc.

I love my kids' public school. They are very focussed on restitution and provide supports for students and families with any behavioural or other issues that may arise. I feel as if the educators at my kids school and I are a team.

ETA: not sure where you are but I'm in BC.
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From what I hear, a public school is as good as the involvement of it's parents. The best public school in my area has very active, involved parents and attracts so many pupils that it has a waiting list, especially for French immersion! The worst school in my area used to be that way, until demographics changed and there was less parental involvement.

I don't think there's anything wrong with public schools per se. Like another poster, I had notsogreat experiences at a private Christian school as well as public school. It all depends on the school. check it out. Go with your instinct. good luck!
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