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If you're talking about religious covering, you may want to check in Spirituality. If there's not a tribe, you could start one.
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Originally Posted by bmcneal View Post
I don't know, but that would be nice if there was
Feel free to start one
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If I'm not going to let my future daughters wear shorts should I also remove them from my son's wardrobes? And what about going shirtless?
My boys do wear shorts in the summer. It wouldn't be practical for them to wear pants in the heat. In that same vein, dd wears lighter dresses in the summer so she's not baking either.

I do let my younger two go shirtless, but not the older two.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Mennonite cape dresses are great, because they're made for nursing. I'm actually wearing an older style Motherhood nursing dress today, and it reminds me of the cape-style dresses.

I generally wear tops and skirts when I am nursing.
Last week we were at the house of a woman from our church (we go to a Mennonite church). Most people there wear store bought clothes, but she wears the cape dresses. I was so surprised when I saw her start nursing the baby, because I couldn't tell her dress had any openings.

I have a question about head coverings. What do those of you who wear them use? I purchased a head covering from our church, but DH would like for me to only wear it during liturgy or times of prayer, so I need something more day-to-day. I've looked at scarves, but I'm not sure how to wrap/wear them, so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
I use a regular bandana all the time. I just wear it tied in the back, with my hair up in a ponytail or twist underneath.
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jumping in

I consider myself pretty modest. I usually wear jeans (or capris)and a nice shirt with sleeves that go to the elbow or longer. I like ankle length skirts, but I'm such a tomboy that I don't feel very comfortable in them. I do wear them to church and such. I personally feel its sad the way some women dress so immodestly, showing off almost everything. I fell like it's sort of against the feminist movement as it's like I'm objectifying my body (but you can't). I dunno, am I making any sense? It just seems weird to me. How can you wear a super low cut shirt and expect men NOT to stare? I mean, come on. We all know how men think
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I fell like it's sort of against the feminist movement as it's like I'm objectifying my body (but you can't)
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I have been dressing modestly for a few years now (meaning I 99% of the time don't go in public with my arms/legs showing, though I will wear capris and short sleeved t's on occasion I try to keep covered as much as possible now days) I do wear sandals out and I wear tanks and stuff around the house. not sure how it happened but this is where I'm at! (I'm mostly identifying with agnostic pantheist beliefs these days, so no religious reasons) I just hate my skin showing in public or drawing attention to my body in anyway! though I have gone in a jacuzzi (I have a pretty modest swimsuit though and only at night!)

my kids are mostly little nudists in the summertime. (we are in AZ) I have no rules for them. it's just something I'm comfortable with for me. I have only talked about this to one person IRL who actually noticed and asked me!

I really would love some tips on flattering clothes that cover though (I hate frump!) I am into gauzy cotton but headed back east mid week until Jan or later. so am going to be needing some warm stuff!
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this is a great site for modest nursing clothing.
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I had a great idea for nursing clothes, since the 'pull-up-your-shirt' thing exposes WAAAYYYY too much boob for my comfort- not to mention belly, sides and back. And it's COLD!

So, I'm going to get a bella band and wear it over my jeans/whatever, and pull it all the way up to my bra. THat way, I'll be covered, and warm! It'll also help the whole 'I'm-tall-and-none-of-my-shirts-are-long-enough' thing. I think the whole effect will be flattering, like a longer camisole under all my shirts, but without extra layers or straps! :

Whad'ya all think?
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I did that with an old tank top that didn't fit anymore. I cut the top part off and just used it like a belly band. But eventually I preferred to wear a nursing tank under whatever shirt as I felt my boobs were better covered with the combo.
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On most nursing clothes, my boobs are either A. too big to fit through the holes, or B. too low to hike up through the holes.

/Thank goodness I at least found nursing bras in my right size this time!
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hello! I'm a modest dresser here =) I cover my hair in public (not always at home b/c I think a head needs to breath! and my husband likes it out sometimes), I wear long skirts/dresses and no sleeveless or cleavage showing or tight shirts. I double layer on top if possible and my clothes are never tight or revealing in any way.

Originally Posted by JessicaRenee View Post
You could wear a longer skirt under the dresses if they're too short.

I do this!! people may think I'm crazy I don't know. but i have a couple of old dresses I just love but they are way too short so I match them with a coordinating solid colored skirt and wear it underneath for a layered look. I am very comfortable with this as it's very loose and also very easy to either wear in hot or cold weather. I can layer more tights and knee socks if it is cold. e or just sandals if it is warm.
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Originally Posted by HennyPenny View Post
I do this!! people may think I'm crazy I don't know. but i have a couple of old dresses I just love but they are way too short so I match them with a coordinating solid colored skirt and wear it underneath for a layered look.
I buy shorter dresses to wear as shirts. I just hem them up to mid-thigh or above the knee if they fall below.
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
I was posting some links on another thread and wanted to share them here. These are Christian links:




I'm actually bummed we didn't meet in person when I lived in Maryland (AA county) I always saw your posts about church searching and what not and read them b/c I too was searching. I have no clue if you recognize my name or not lol... but anyhow I noticed your covering on you siggie the other day (I still lurk the Maryland tribe boards b/c I make it back often enough for special events and what not) and I was like "yippy! Im not alone!" haha and now I realize there really are lots of covering mamas on here. how nice! I really thought I was the only christian covering mama here!

by any chance the lady you were talked about who nursed her baby in the cape dress, does she have two little girls and a baby boy? someone not long ago from balti visited my old church in Goshen, Md and I have forgotten her name!! it's right there on the tip of my tongue! just curious if it's the same family. anyhow I know they were starting a home bible study but we moved before we were able to attend.... anyhow if it's not this person just ignore this part
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re: boys "dress codes"

my son has standards as well as my daughter. He can wear shorts but they have to be loose and below the knee. and not out on certain occasions out of respect - like church or what not. around the house is fine. and if it's REALLY hot going out is fine too. no tight t shirts and with weird symbols on them. and I prefer him to wear button down shirts b/c they are easy functional, hide stains really well! (plaid) and look a bit more modest in a lot of ways.
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by any chance the lady you were talked about who nursed her baby in the cape dress, does she have two little girls and a baby boy?
Sounds like Patty?
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I have been dressing more modestly. Wearing more skirts, tights, long sleeved or looser fitting shirts (no tank tops out) and covering my head. I'm pretty flexible with my head covering. I do allow hair to show, just as long as I have something over the top part. For me it's not about hiding my hair but a deliberate action I do that brings me close to God and gives me reminders throughout the day to talk with Him.

On that subject, my friend gave me a bag of bandannas of every color imaginable! I normally just tie it back underneath a ponytail, but I was wondering if there are websites that show different ways to wear and tie bandannas.
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There is a tribe for coverers, over in Spirituality.

Jewish convert here. I've been really drawn towards covering and modest dress. I think it's lovely and elegant, etc. I just can't get past giving up some of my favorite articles of clothing (I know, it's so silly ). What I've been doing is whenever I buy clothing now, I only buy modest clothing (3/4 sleeves, skirts below the knee, covered collar bone). Now, so much of my wardrobe is LOVELY modest stuff that I find myself really enjoying dressing modestly.

For me, the hardest is the high necklines. I have a sensory thing with my neck, and I hate wearing t-shirts and other collared shirts unless they're fitted (like a turtleneck), so I find myself wearing v-necks with a modest tank underneath it. Not 100% kosher, but I just can't wear crew neck shirts. Come winter, though, I'm all over the turtlenecks!

Heidirk, how you feeling?? I been on the same threads as you recently! Let me know if you need food or anything when your LO comes.
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Hey thanks! When I read back over some of my threads, I realise how up-and-down I seem, but that's just the way it's been going. I feel fine, but I'd happily give birth any time at this point! What I'm really trying to do is just not worry about what I can't do anything about! I always have that moment of panic when something changes, but I've really been trying to focus on getting the house clean for the baby, and taking a back seat so God can take care of me! It's hard to do.

For right now, our material needs are met. I have yet to hear back from Medicaid about our application. And DH slid his car off the road on Saturday, and it needs some major repairs. Again, all I can do is call medicaid and make sure I did the application properly, and wait. I can't drive the car more safely for DH, so there we are.

I will definately let you know if we hit a point where we need more help, thank you so much for offering!

I am glad the weather has cooled down. I had a huge problem staying modest during this pregnancy, I was so HOT all the time. Literally I felt like I would suffocate, so I tried to stay home so I could wear as little as possible. What's funny is, as my belly grew, DS started trying to pull my shirts down to cover it! I don;t have a huge around-the-house maternity wardrobe, so sometimes I just had to say, 'I'm sorry baby, I know mama's belly's sticking out, her shirt is just not going to stretch that far today.' I think it's cool that even my 2 yo son knows that certain parts of mamma should not be exposed!
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I try to dress modest and trying to get better at it. I am going to subby
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