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Replying to the beginning of the post (who knows what's happened in 11 pages!), I dress modestly in partial accordance with the Torah. I wear shirts that at least mostly cover my collarbone with no cleavage showing (and I'm a 38F-G, so I have a whole LOT of cleavage to cover!) and my skirts all cover my knees, and often are ankle-length. I cover my hair based on where I'll be and who I'll be with; I haven't yet converted to Judaism or discussed it with my parents/brothers so I'm avoiding covering my hair when going to visit them.
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Originally Posted by sarahsmiles View Post
I am just beginning to explore covering, and will likely only do it for Mass, since I work in a "professional" environment and the motivation I have is really respect for the Eucharist, anyway.

But ... I have a huge head and thin fine hair that I'm growing out from a pixie cut, and have really run into problems trying to cover. I discovered a headband/scarf/thing called Buff http://www.buffwear.co.uk/ that is clearly marketed at the outdoorsy crowd, but is working pretty well for me to do a do-rag style.

I don't think they'd work for heavy or longer hair, which is probably what most of you have. Everything else I've tried gives me a headache, but even these tend to slip because my hair is so fine. I have bought a few, but I still feel conspicuous and uncomfortable, even though they don't scream "covering" in any way. I'm just wondering if anyone else has used these, and if I'm missing something in how I wear them, or if the problem lies with me ...
They have cowls (convertible to thick headband) here:


They also have snoods and such.
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i don't sew, and i'm wondering if one of you might have a good suggestion for modest clothes for Barbie dolls? my dd got some at a yard sale, and their clothes are so immodestly tight she cannot get them on and off. the alternate clothes i saw in the store were, well, unacceptable options. i don't require complete coverage or anything, a nice knee lenght skirt would even be an improvement.

perhaps one of you has some older, more modestly-styled barbie clothes that you would want to get rid of for, say, the cost of shipping?

i do not formally observe modest dress but it is something i have been thinking about a distracting amount of late...hence my dropping in here.

thanks for any tips!
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Originally Posted by kangamitroo View Post
i don't sew, and i'm wondering if one of you might have a good suggestion for modest clothes for Barbie dolls? my dd got some at a yard sale, and their clothes are so immodestly tight she cannot get them on and off. the alternate clothes i saw in the store were, well, unacceptable options. i don't require complete coverage or anything, a nice knee lenght skirt would even be an improvement.

perhaps one of you has some older, more modestly-styled barbie clothes that you would want to get rid of for, say, the cost of shipping?

i do not formally observe modest dress but it is something i have been thinking about a distracting amount of late...hence my dropping in here.

thanks for any tips!
They apparently make clothes for this doll.

here is a link http://bonekasalma.com/?cat=6

also here http://www.dollclothessuperstore.com...ldresses1.html
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Those are really great dresses. I especially like the Barbie with the hajib (sp?).
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I don't remember who it was, but I wanted to give an extremely grateful THANK YOU to whichever mama recommended shukr... their clothes are stylish, very well constructed, made of excellent fabrics, and fit my tall frame. I am just thrilled with the order I placed and immediately placed a second order as soon as I wore the first order for a few days. My husband is going to be shocked when he sees the CC statement (I am usually ultra frugal) but this is the first time in my life I have found modest clothes I am comfortable in. I have a lot of fabric sensitivities so I was going nuts trying to find the right clothes and am so happy to finally have clothes I don't dread wearing!!

I love shukr : and recommend it to anyone looking for pretty, modest clothes.
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Did anyone notice Pelosi's tunic at the speech last night? It had a mandarin collar, loose sleeves, deep pleats and detailing on the front. I wonder who designed it??



Around 15:00 you can see it.
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I'm a Christian who has been feeling led to dress more modestly. With 2 daughters I am trying to be an example to them as well. I also enjoy wearing skirts more than pants, though at home I wear capri sweats or a simple cotton skirt.
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Hi there. We were dresses only for several years and I have recently been thinking about getting back on the wagon, so to speak. =)
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I am a traditional Catholic Mama and have always covered my head at Mass. For the past 8 years, I've pretty much only worn skirts below the knees, and haven't gone out in public with sleevless shirts. For some time now, I've felt an ardent desire to cover my head, not just at Mass, but elswhere as well. I see the Blessed Mother, and can't help to feel how beautiful she is and always has her head covered. I am starting to wonder why we aren't called to cover our head not just at Mass, but always, if we are always in the presence of God? Anyway, I love these styles in particular: http://www.tznius.com/cgi-bin/tying.pl

I also have a hard time finding nice modest clothing that doesn't make me look like an old bag lady. I'm 28 and would like to look modest, fresh and vibrant for my husband and when out representing with the family I've read Colleen Hammond's book, "Dressing with Dignity", and it has helped me, but I still feel like I need a modest clothing fashion rescue/makeover! I'm thinking maybe the Bohemian style might work for me... Hmm....
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I use to dress to show off my err assets kwim. But when I was in the middle of my military service I 'found' God and spirituality with a pretty strictly modest church. The women dont wear make-up, jewelry, pants, skirts above the knee, sleeveless, or low cut nor do they cut their hair. I loved it for a while and noticed that when I was dressed modest strangers tended to respect me more, co workers even corrected their behavior and language around me without my request. I struggled with the religion for a while and 'relapsed'. During that time I met my husband and his mother who was attending the same kind of church I use to go to and I took this as a sign. It has taken me 3 years to get back to church but I have been compelled to dress modestly and stop cutting my hair off. I dont know if I will give up jewelry or tattoos or piercings (ones you cant see unless your my husband).

I feel that there is a freedom in modesty and I would like to carry it as far as head coverings and I have started wearing my hair up and contained in public. I am not bragging but my hair is beautiful and by far my best feature and it causes people and men to stare and have lustful thoughts. I also like the thought that only my husband gets to see my hair down or me dressed un-modestly and that its something that I save for him only. I hope that I can show him the goodness of it but for now he thinks I am strange (in a loving way). He does like it when I dress sexy but I think that I can be sexy-sophisticated and still be modest for him.

I talked to a lady in church and we are going to get a skirt sewing party together soon. The best thing about skirts is that they are easily adjusted in length and width and they can be used throughout your life and last longer than pants, they are also easy to make at home and not look homemade (if anyone cares about that I have to wear business attire for work so it makes a difference).

There is the issue with heat and extreme cold and thigh rubbing but there is that chafing cream out there and it works great, also Sears and JC Penny's sells modern bloomers and short like slips that come in cotton, or make a flannel pair; you can make petticoats for the winter under corduroy, jean and twill skirts - pair that with boots (UGGS are great in Alaska) and or leg warmers and your set for winter. Summer time is a big issue with heat. I lived in Arizona for a while and that's a challenge but make a pair of cotton bloomers, under shorts, wear boxers, bike shorts or coulots and that is solved along with knee length hems.

As for altering tops for modesty invest in some lace and make dickies or little inserts for low necklines. Look for pretty camisoles sold at bigger department stores and stock up during sales. I always layer even if its with an A-shirt (aka 'wife-beater' tank top) from the men's department, this gives me a sense of more modesty and I know that my mid-drift wont be exposed.

Hit the thrift stores, there are always skirts there and you can buy a pair of jeans to convert into a skirt but be warned its not as simple as cutting the legs apart and sewing them together so look for a tutorial on-line.

Maybe I will make a tutorial out of the skirt sewing day and post my results for everyone to see.

this is awesome I thought that only Judeo-Christian and Muslim dressed modestly I am glad that other women do to and that they realized the respect and dignity we receive in return. In some ways this is the anti-feminist feminine movement. I feel that the exposed way that women dress, according to popular fashion, is a form of feminine oppression. We are consistently told we are not beautiful enough and exposed to body competition and desensitized to the degradation. Men don't respect women that dress in-modestly and neither do other women. I feel that women can dress how they want to but they also nee to know that they will be treated the way they dress, even if they don't realize it.

I spent 4 years in the military working with men and half that time was spent modest. I learned valuable lessons. When I dressed like a hoochie men were rude to me and spoke in degrading sexual ways to me. When I dressed modestly they opened doors for me, offered seats, told each other to watch their language and corrected their discussions about me (I overheard a conversation about the women in my work space. The men were being disgusting in their conversation and when the subject turned to me they couldn't say anything gross, they were actually 'impressed' with my modesty. It was a good feeling and I was glad that even in privet the guys respected me. I was far more comfortable working around them after that)

Is there anyone out there who has had experiences like this?
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Making a wardrobe more modest without buying things.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for making an existing wardrobe more modest, with practically no money. (I could maybe buy 1 or 2 thrift store items not much more, or enough fabric for 1 clothing item, or scarves and stuff, maybe. super tight budget)

My wardrobe consists of many pairs of too large jeans, 2 or 3 pairs of fitting jeans, a couple pairs of slightly too large jeans (all the jeans are sort of low rise, but not super low rise. They sit on my hips, not my waist. They fit me better. Waist jeans never fit me right.) T-shirts, some of which are short enough than in combination with the falling down pants, they show my midrift, others are long, covering part of my butt. A couple button down shirts (from a stint as an intern in a business casual workplace), and about 4 long flowey skirts.

I feel best in the long flowy skirts with a shirt that isnt' too tight, but I volunteer in a kitchen and must wear pants there. I also don't have the money for more skirts, and since they must be handwashed (2 of them must be dry cleaned), 4 isn't cutting it. I hate the look of long jean skirts, so turning the jeans into skirts isn't an option I'd wear. (I think jeans are good workhorse pants, but terribly ugly material). Any ideas for making my wardrobe more modest? A good pattern that uses only a little fabric for a slightly full skirt to wear over jeans (knee length maybe?)? Ideas for the shirts? I just feel SO naked in jeans and a t-shirt now. covering my head helps, but not enough. tia
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Jeans are made into long skirts REALLY easily. Hear me out before you say "eeeew", because there are lots of pretty, feminine ways to wear denim.
Here is a tutorial with pictures. If you don't like how they look just plain denim, you can add fabric in between the legs like this so they flow better and are easier to walk in. Or if you really hate the denim but like the way the waists fit you, you can make skirts like this, with just the waists and pretty fabrics for length.

For modesty, I've found that layering is my best friend. I have lots of great shirts that I would never wear without another shirt underneath or a tank top or something else to give them length.
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Hmmm thanks. That first one isn't so bad short. (skirts to the knees, or thereabouts, slightly above or below fit my current definition of modesty.) I'd like to see the last one, but the link doesn't work. Though I only have two pairs of jeans on which the waist actually fits me, and I need those for work.
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Try to find a 'Freecycle' group on the internet in your area, look into Craigs list for free clothes or fabric. You can hand wash dry clean-ables in cool water and hang dry. Dry clean doesn't mean the fabric stays dry its a chemical cleaning agent and you can get the same results with spot treatment and hand washing. You can make wrap skirts with about 1 yard of fabric (you can find tutorials on line) this depends on how fluffy you are; I need more than a yard of fabric.

*Anyone work out regularly at a gym? how do you stay modest while at the gym?*
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Originally Posted by mermaid_knitter View Post
*Anyone work out regularly at a gym? how do you stay modest while at the gym?*
this is a big question for me, too. i practice yoga, and that requires stay-put clothes. i have found shirts (meant for sleeping) that stay put, but i'd like them longer. and loose pants tend to just wiggle around for me--sliding up to reveal in a different way than snug pants. i'm hoping for a skirt to wear over --but i'd need it quite loose and mobile.

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Never tried it, but this was designed for modest exercise I think. http://miraclothes.com/exerskirt.aspx Something similar wouldn't be that hard to make, I think, if you have sewing skills. Tight pants made from a stretchy material, with an attached A-line skirt using the same waist.

Depending on how covered you want to be, something like http://www.primomoda.com/clothing-store/home.php?cat=8 might be an option. There seems to be a lot of Muslim modest excercise wear. Its a little more covered than I personally like to be, but I'll keep looking for things that suit me. (Not that I exercise that much.)
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Personally I favor just loose-ish sweatpants and a long/long-sleeve t-shirt, though I know that's not really going to work for skirt-only people. Were I to do yoga or something I'd probably wear a snug tank or one-piece bathing suit under a looser top, and elastic-ankled pants.

Honestly if I were skirts-only in all situations I'd sooner shop around for a women's gym than try to accomodate that in workout gear.
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My MIL gave our 2.5yo dd a cute pink dress....except that it has spaghetti straps. After I admired it (the moment after she received it, dd tried it on over the clothes that she was wearing), I quickly added to dd that she needed to wear a shirt underneath the dress whenever she wore it. What have you done? Modified the dress? Lost the dress? Made sure that the dress had a sleeved shirt underneath?.....Am I over-reacting?
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not overreacting at all..my girls would wear at least a tight white tshirt underneath if it was a casual dress or a cute shrug overtop
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