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I just got the onbu I ordered from peppermint and I soooo want to love it. Its light weight and I think it will be great for the summer and the fabric looks much better than I thought.

But.... I hate the way it makes my boobs pop out. I've worn it a couple times around the house and the apartment complex and my DS seems not to be well distributed on my back; hes a little up on one side than the other.

MY DS is 6 months and almost 18 ilbs and he just doesnt feel as comfy on my back as my chunei.

I want to keep it because I think its a well constructed carrier and will suit our needs if my concerns have solutions. So is there another method to tie onbu's Ive looked at the HS site, so Ive already checked that out.

If this doent work out I think I will return is and maybe get a mesh pod- but thats my second option. Whatcha think.