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My midwife hands me over today...

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Today's the last day I get to see Sallie! She officially hands over my care to Plunket, a sort of well-baby-type organisation, at 2PM today. I feel rather bereft! She's lovely, and because she didn't have that much to do on her last post-partum visits beyond weighing the baby, we ended up having a lot of interesting chats about cosleeping and autism and our families and the like. I baked her a big basket of goodies as a thankyou gift, and am now quietly pnicking that her family might be vegan/gluten-free/off sugar/not fond of baking. If you were a midwife, would you like double chocolate chip cookies, mini sultana loaves, spiced apple cake and chocolate brownies? She has two boys, so I figure they'll eat what she doesn't...

I think for my next baby, I'd like to have Sallie again. What about you? Would you have the same midwife again? Are you planning to keep in touch between babies?
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If she doesn't want the basket, I'll PM you my address. Wouldn't want all that effort to go to waste!!

I would love to have the same midwife again; unfortunately, I doubt that'll happen - we're not planning on anymore children for at least 3 years, by which time the hospital where I delivered will no longer have a maternity ward; also, being military, she will probably have been stationed elsewhere.
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I would love to have the same mw/ob practice. They were great! I was really sad that at my last pp visit I didn't get to see my mw because she was delivering a baby.
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We used the same midwife for both of our kids. She retired in between, did a degree in ECE and then came back to midwifery just in time for us to use her again (like within a few months!) She's headed overseas to do volunteer work in a few months now so we feel very lucky to have been able to use her for the window that she was here and practising!

We LOVE our midwife and I totally know that feeling at the end of seeing her. We only have 1 more visit before we're there too.

(oh, and I'm sure she'll love the treats )
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I'm not a midwife and I'd love some of that!

My doula is coming by tomorrow, I think I'll bake her some whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies.
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What a nice basket! I bet she'll love it. :-) I would love to do something similar, but I think my midwife tries to eat kosher...

I'm definitely planning on using this midwife again. Ideally, I'd want the same birth assistant, too, they worked really well together and I loved having them both there and having their combined experience!
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Mmmmm. Even if she has food restrictions of some kind, I'm sure someone in her family will love that basket -- and it's the love behind the food that counts.

I already said goodbye to one midwife at my two week checkup. Next week I have to say goodbye to another; she's the one who ended up delivering Teddy. I'll be sad, because this is it for us. No more babies.
However, they are in the same building as our family practitioner, so I could always drop by. And of course..there's that yearly checkup to put off for months - I mean - look forward to every year, but it just won't be the same.
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Sounds like a fab gift!

I too would want to work with my MW again! After my 6 wk pp visit next week, I won't be seeing her anymore and it's kinda sad!!
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I love love love my midwife. I really hope she doesn't retire before another eventual baby. I can't imagine having different mw, mine is just perfect in every way!

I'm sure she will appreciate the baked goodies : even if she herself doesn't eat them! We got mine a big bouquet of spring flowers and a card with a long note and some pix.
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