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Favorite moment with baby?

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Mine: I love to take a warm bath with my 7 month old son, Luca. He invariably wants to breast feed during the bath, and there is nothing sweeter in the world than soaking in a warm tub with my child up against my chest, nursing. What's your favorite moment with your dear angel?
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I LOVE snuggling with her when she wakes up on the weekends. She is always sooooooooooo HAPPY in the mornings We both usually end up giggling as we snuggle

Nursing while taking a bath together is near the top of my list of favorites as well
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Yeah, I love the bath nursing as well. It's kinda funny, she'll go from one side to the other, like "WOW, there they both are!! What luck!!!"

I love to pour water over her while we're sitting there, too.

Lately, she's been dancing in happiness. That's about the cutest thing she's done, ever.
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snuggling at night. No matter how stressful our day (and night sometimes) is, he's so cute when he nurses in his sleep. I love co-sleeping .
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Ahhhh.... sleeping in with the 3 of us on a rainy Sunday morning with nothing to do but bask in the bliss.

I love my family and give thanks every day!
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Sweet Pea has an overactive sense of humor (like her mother), and I love it when she laughs and laughs at a little thing, like seeing her Daddy or the dog. Sometimes we all three just laugh and laugh because her laughter is so contagious!
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I take baths with my dd almost every night.

I love waking up and seeing her already awake and as soon as I open my eyes she is just one big smile. Like "hey, there you are mom. Good morning!"
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When she's fallen asleep nursing she pops off and uses my breast as a pillow. She just looks so content. I love it!
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I love waking up in the morning to see Anna is already awake and smiling at me! I also love when she puts her hand on my boob while we are sleeping like she's just making sure it will be there when she wakes up!
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waking up with him in the morning.
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I like waking up in the morning under the covers with dd, my arms around her and her little legs tucked up to her belly. Ds is warm and sleepy and pressed up against my back.
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I love making her laugh, its intoxifing!
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Snuggling together in the mornings. And when she laughs!
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I love snugglng, anytime, but especially in the morning in bed. He is so happy and smiles, then rolls over to makes sure daddy is awake too.
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Bedtime Dance!

I LOVE feeding my baby girl in the bath too...what a special moment. I also love waking up with her -she's often snuggled her way into my arms and tries to wake us up by blowing raspberries...soooooo cute. Another fav - I think at the top of our list is our bedtime dance cheek to cheek to a cute song- In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride, although I often end up crying!
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The early morning between day and night when the light filters in on a sleeping baby with a drop of mama's milk peeking out his mouth... it's sacred time...

But I also love when I pick him up and he fits his sweet little head against my shouder, then gives me a little thank you pat on the back...
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Oh man...it is so hard to pick just one...I love the Bath Time Nursing, and the morning snuggles! And of course his fits of laughter...I really cannot choose

This thread makes me a little teary eyed!
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I don't know if I can pick just one, but I love when she comes off the breast full and bloated with milk, with her nose all red from being squished against me, milk all over her face, and looking reeling drunk!
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Originally Posted by BonnieLynn View Post
snuggling at night. No matter how stressful our day (and night sometimes) is, he's so cute when he nurses in his sleep. I love co-sleeping .
This. It's the best part of the day. And dh tucks me in with Ramona every night. It's wonderful!
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I love holding my almost-7-week-old when she's asleep. When she's awake, she's so stiff and rigid, but when she's asleep she's like a soft oozing lump of happy warm goo that just sort of melts into my arms.

I love that warm melty baby feel
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