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My girls are here!!!!

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Born Saturday nite at 8:15pm and 11:15pm. It was everything I wanted and more! I had wanted to make it to 38 weeks, and I did! I wanted a sunny day with neighbors walking by when I was laboring and they did I wanted to have labor start in the morning, so it would be easier on my DD. She got to go to a little amusement park all day with cousins and auntie, and I had peace of mind knowing that she was happy.
We felt really grounded in the homebirth idea that day, and I had no fears. My midwives were amazing and lovingly supported me through the labor and deliveries. It was really perfect, and I feel sooooo blessed.
Just wanted to share the good news!
Now I'm sure "how to do it all" will be my next post
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Oh, wow, that sounds like you had the birth of your dreams. That's wonderful, and congratulations on your little ones.
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Congrats, again! Welcome, baby girls
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Congratulations!!! Now for the fun part
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That sounds splendid! Congratulations!
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YAY! congrats! I can't wait to see pictures
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Congrats and welcome to the world, little ones!!

Have you picked out names? Are they biggish or longish or smallish? Can't wait to hear more!
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That's so lovely to hear! Warmest congratulations.
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That is such great news!! Congrats to you and your family
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I look forward to your "how to do it all" questions ...so I can learn from the answers, too! (Sometimes I feel like such a novice)

So glad you made it to 38w. That is so wonderful for you and the babes.
Hopefully you won't be having the weight gain worries/obsessions that I have...
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Welll begun is half done...congratulations!
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Oh yeah, some details Well, my Baby A is Serena, (named for her serene personality in-utero) and Baby B is Sierra (very fitting, as she was always squirreling around in there). Serena was 5 lbs. 14 oz. and Sierra was 6 lbs. 10 oz. I was expecting bigger, as the u/s had guess-timated close to 7 lbs. each! But they have been great eaters, so I'm hoping that we will not have the challenges of feeding as I had w/my DD #1.
And lengths.... so Serena is 18 1/4 inches and Sierra is 19 1/2. I don't think that they are identical, as their faces look pretty different, but I guess I'll find out eventually. They are just beautiful, and hopefully I'll figure out how to post a picture. I'm suprised I even have a second to type all this, I know there are those brief moments early on, and then they seem to disappear! Well someone is waking up, so better go!
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Congratulations, mamaliz!!

Loved seeing your 12 a.m. update post above. It is a crazy wonderful time and it's obvious you are enjoying it!!

Do you have help? I mean in addition to your husband. Family, friends, a babysitter? Accept any/all help that is offered -- and sleep as much as possible.

Keep us posted, when you can!
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