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Yeah, I was sadly "Little Debbie" as a kid, to differentiate me from the older Debbie in the next class up in Hebrew school. I even changed the spelling to Debi in high school just to be different! And then I was "short Debi" as a camp counsellor, being only 5' tall. Now I play in a band with a woman named Deborah, and people decided to call her Deb, which she hates, or "banjo Deb," which I imagine she hates even more.

That is why my daughters have "weird" uncommon names. I got tired of someone picking a random qualifier to go with my name! My Ronni (Veronica) and Sammi (Samara) are the only ones they know with those names. I'll bet Sammi runs into some Samanthas, but probably not too many Samaras. And we've only met one Veronica so far -- and none who go by Ronni. *whew*
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I just met a baby Heather, and I thought that while there were a million Heathers when I was growing up, I hadn't heard of a new baby Heather in a long time. She'll likely be the only one in her class.
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DD1 has a friend named Heather, they're lots of nice and old names in DD1's classroom, there's another girl in her classroom with the name Blanche, and i know a Cathy and she's 2!

What about Ingrid's? or is that just a rare name?? lol (btw, my dd2 is Ingrid)
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Probably because people with those names are the parents. And a) most women don't name children after themselves b) men are seemingly less likely to do so and c) we're all able to remember being "Kelly M." or "Dave G." etc. and therefore don't want to bestow that on our children. We are more likely to name after our parents or grandparents, or to come up with a completely new name.
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My Silas is due in July. It's still not that popular though, which is one reason I chose it. Of course, I'm sure it will be gaining.
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Originally Posted by karina5 View Post
Catherine/Katherine is popular these days but "Cathy/Kathy" is not. Most little Katherine's go by Kate or Katie.
Yes, our Katherine is Kate, but a couple of older Kathys have said, "oh, we're all Katherines!" Incidentally I told my husband "no Kitty," but he'd never even heard of Kitty as a nickname for Katherine. I know several, so I'm assuming that's regional!
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Originally Posted by YesandNo View Post
DARCY. A name from my 1980s childhood. I bet she'll be the only one in her class!
When I was a child I had a friend named Darcy and I loved and envied her name! (I was born in 1965) Our neighborhood was full of girls named Heather, Holly, Marcy, Chrissy, Amy, Dawn, Lisa, etc. I don't hear these names anymore.

A little off-topic but...I always wanted an 'exotic' name. So when I was confirmed I wanted Felicia or Venetia - but I couldn't find a saint with those names. So, I ended up with Felicity. Now it is a known name but in the 70’s in our area the name was completely unheard of. Half of the church laughed when they read my name out – but then most of the girls chose Mary or Anne!
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If DS had been a girl his name would have been Autumn Dawn.

One reason we have rejected many of the mentioned names is because we know people with those names and we don't want our child named after them.
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i love timeless names
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It's because the names are dated to our ears... they are 80s and 90s names, we have heard them our whole lives and we have associations with the names to people we know, etc. They are boring right now.

Give it time and they will be fresh again.
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Originally Posted by Kapat View Post
What about Ingrid's? or is that just a rare name?? lol (btw, my dd2 is Ingrid)
Ingrid was our girl name. I love that name. But we had a boy. His name is Ivo (sounds like EE-vo).
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Wesley hit popularity in the 70's while Seth not uber popular was the most in the last 20 years. I love both names.
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My 12 yr old niece was looking through my old high school yr book, and in addition to laughing at all the big hair, wondered "Whats up with all the Amys???"....i guess not many girls in her grade are named "Amy", but it was SOOOO popular when i was in school. She was also horrified by "Renee"....again, very popular in my school, not so much in hers.

I'm a "Kathy"...ugh. I've still not forgiven my parents for that one, my life would have been different had i been a "Kate" methinks.

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I agree w/those who have said that many of those names are just too close to us. Trends take awhile to repeat.

I also think that our naming pool has broadened considerably over the past 15-20 years. We grew up with so many people who shared names, and now that we have a wider range of choices, we're taking advantage of it. We reach across cultures, religions, and decades to find names that speak to us, but seldom are tempted to reach into the limited naming pool of the 1950's-1980's.

We're also much more cautious about "taking" names from others -- we spend a lot of time and energy naming our children, whereas people from other decades really didn't. It used to be extremely common for cousins to share names, for example, and now we're worried if there's another kid on the same block with the name we're considering.
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Originally Posted by Sharlla View Post
Wesley hit popularity in the 70's while Seth not uber popular was the most in the last 20 years. I love both names.
Those are two of my favorite names too. I would name a boy Wesley, or Seth now.

Some names seemed to be regional too.

I grew up in Chicago, where most boys were Steve, Dave, or Mike. But, when I moved to Phoenix, the boys were named Kevin, Chris, and Scott. There were maybe two boys named Mike in the whole town.
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Originally Posted by karina5 View Post
But you don't ever meet a brand-new baby Jennifer or Melissa or Kelly or Kimberly (can you imagine a baby "Kim"!) or Julie or Tammy or Dawn or Wendy or Stacey or Kathy or Pamela or Brenda or Lori or Linda or Christy.

Boy names haven't changed *as* much but I would be surprised to hear of a baby Jeffrey or Todd or Scott or Dave (not David but Dave) or Mike (not Michael but Mike).

Wouldn't that be weird??
My first daughter would have been named Jeffrey if she had been a boy.

But I know what you mean. I keep wondering when Lisa and Jennifer are going to make a comeback. Probably when my generation are all great grandmas.

I didn't know Emerson was a classic name, actually. I thought it was a surname that had become popular as a first name, like Madison or Taylor.
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I have a friend with a Henry and another friend that just had a George.

DS1 has a name that was popular in, not the 1980's but more like the 1880's. His name is Lucian.
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Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
My son is named Darcy. We frequently hear "Darcy... I haven't heard that name in a long time".
OOOH - Pride and Prejudice. I LOVE Darcy. Hugs and kisses to your little DS.

Over here there is a real lack of names, because there are about 10 (OK, maybe 100) and everyone is named Lars Larsen or some such. And the names have not changed much since the 70s or 80s. Yes, the name Mogens is out of style, but I guess in 20 years it will be back in again. We named our DCs Kristoffer and Lea, because we wanted names pronounceable in Danish and English. There is one little DC I know named Indigo. Considered way crazy over here, but his folks are from the UK, so it is "forgiven". I love that name!
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That wizard thing was interesting. It appears Alexia just "started" in the 1980's and peaked in 2003. I wonder why people started using it? There's always a celebrity or something ya know? I don't know how we came up with her name....my dh just randomly came up with it and we loved it.
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Hey!! My DD is Alexia too!!!
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