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So I was half an hour late for work today because I just needed more time to sit at home and try not to feel quite so icky. I talked to DH about it and he said my reasoning made sense--if I am holding out telling them because I think something bad might happen, I'd still need to tell them then anyway. So why hot just tell them? I'm pretty close with the 3 women I work with--so I'm telling them today.
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DH won't let me tell his family, so they'll be the last to know. This time, I was blurting right away to all my internet friends first. Dh wasn't even the first to know because it took courage to tell him. I hate that. He shouldn't have to be wary when I tell him I'm pregnant. He should get to be happy. But everyone over here knows, basically. Just not out in CA where his family is.
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I am the worst secret-keeper in the world, so this part is AGONIZING!

So far, my best friend, her husband/mom/dad, and MDC know. I'm sure it makes me a horrible wife for telling the best friend and letting her tell her family before DH knows, but he's out of town and I REALLY want to tell him in person... and I had to tell SOMEBODY! :

I'm scheming different ways to tell our families - MIL, FIL and SIL will be visiting us on Mother's Day, so I'm tempted to give MIL something having to do with grandmothers. I'd like to do the same for my mom, who was planning to visit at the same time, but now it looks like she won't be after all so I'm not sure if I should mail it and have her open it on the phone, or what...

My sister and I have a running joke about a friend of hers who, at nine months pregnant, said "I'M SICK OF BEING PREGNATE!" on her MySpace... And was dead serious. I don't know how you can be about to give birth and not know how to spell pregnant. Anyway, I'm going to tell my sister I'm pregnate, too.

Grandma who might end up sharing a birthday with the baby will probably get a phone call... extended family/friends will probably find out through the grapevine, assorted phone calls, MySpace, etc.

Does anybody have cute stories about the way you told your DH/DP? I'm trying to figure out if I just want to tell him I'm pregnant the minute he walks in the door, tell him he's going to be a dad, make him a nice dinner, give him a test, give him a book, etc... I have a bazillion ideas but none of them have seemed perfect yet.
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I just showed DP the test, well actually told him where it was as I was in the shower, and he just got home from work. lol I told him to look under my shirt where I had it stowed away. hehe I couldn't speak much then as I was still shaking.

I was all cryptic when telling my sister because I was in the waiting room waiting for the blood test and didn't want all kinds of people to stare at me. lol So I said I had big news, and I wanted her to guess.. she was like, "huh, do I get a hint?" "I'm waiting to get blood drawn to confirm something..." "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!"
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Oooh I fail at secrets. Told the hubby today - when he got home I told him I had a present for him, made him close his eyes, handed him the digital test... He didn't believe me! I insisted and finally had to pull out a FRER to prove it, lol. Once he realized I wasn't messing with him, he was overjoyed. It was awesome.

We promptly called pretty much everybody we know, including a sibling each. The only people we're trying to keep kind of insulated are our parents and my grandma and his sister - they are all going to find out on Mother's Day.
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Oh, that's great that you finally got to tell your DH! I am waiting to tell my parents on Mother's Day too. I want to tell my Grandmother but I may just need to start with telling her we've been married for 2 years first : I figure if I get my call in to her first thing on Mother's Day, by the end of the day I will have saved myself the postage and printing costs on announcements. We just never got around to telling everyone since they live so far away But I know it'll make my parents' day.
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My DH knew as soon as I did, because I made him look at like 5 HPTs to make sure I wasn't imagining the line! He was skeptical, since it was so faint, until I did a digital test a few days later - he trusts words more than shades of pink and blue!

I told my mom on the phone last weekend - she was the first to know. I told my sister today, but as soon as she said congrats, she started doing the whole doctor-hospital-anti-midwife-anti-homebirth thing, etc. Grrr. I'm trying to let it slide, since she'd be high risk if she ever got preg.
DH and I will tell all of his parents (and his steps) when we see them in 2 weeks. They're going to fall off their chairs, since they didn't know we were trying and I'm a 1L in law school! As for how we'll tell them, we're planning on showing them our professional wedding albums, since they haven't seen them yet, and then handing them another album that's blank, with a note inside, saying "photos due around 1/6/09".

I'm not sure when we'll tell everyone else. Since I'm only 5 weeks right now, I'm wary of screaming it to the world, even though that's exactly what I want to do! Also, my 19-year-old cousin who lives with her parents and is dating a high school student (!) just announced (on facebook, no less) that she's pregnant. My extended family is still shocked and disappointed with her (but not surprised, sadly), so I'll feel a little bad for her when I announce that I'm pregnant, since their reactions will be so different. *sigh*
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told my co-workers friday and my boss today. they're all happy and reminded me to make use of th couch in our office. thankfully my boss has 3 kids (a 22 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old) and has deep understanding and sympathy for the fatigue.

I'm done telling people for awhile--well, except for my parents on mother's day. I just want to make sure everything is ok for awhile and make it through the first trimester.
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I'm toying with the idea of not telling anyone until they figure it out on their own... How evil would *that* be!
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