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Everything is ruined!!!!

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I'm so f-ing upset!

We had very little baby stuff left as most of it was sold off in garage sales last year. I listened to everyone around me telling me that I "shouldn't" have any more kids, and I played the game that I wouldn't and sold half of all my precious things!

So, I pulled what was left of the baby clothes out a couple weeks ago and I've washed, dried and hung them. Got the stains out and washed the receiving blankets.

Today I felt ambitious and decided take an adventure into the garage and pull out the rest of the baby things and start getting them cleaned and prepped.
The swing, carseat, bouncer, glider, and every other thing I have left is COVERED IN MOLD!!!!

I don't understand! I put everything away clean and double bagged!

I'm crying right now, actually balling!

We have no f-ing money, we're late on the mortgage and have a shut-off notice on the freaking gas, and everything I was counting on to get us by for the baby is ruined!

I can't wait for this stupid f-ing year to be over!!!!!!!!!!
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mama.....deep breaths!

Of all the things in the garage, what was essential? From your list the carseat is the major thing. Check around....lots of times there is an agency in town that rents car seats out cheap. Your local hospital should know.

I can totally understand how upset you are.
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Oh! Sorry! That sucks.
Can anything be saved/bleached?
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I know this totally sucks, but try to think that maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Jump on the Salem freecycle, and post a WANTED, and I bet you get inundated with tons of beautiful, new stuff! Hang in there!!

Tracey Mouse
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I'm so sorry! We pulled our infant carseat out of storage and found it covered in mold as well. Thankfully a few hot washes with Oxyclean and some replacement straps took care of it. Have you tried washing any of it?
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Everythign happens for a reason, and there's good to always be found in the worst of situations!

If I lived near you I'd totally be on a mission to replace everything... i think I'm a pretty good thrifty shopper... do you have a girlfriend that can fill that calling?

Don't despair... you've got everything your baby wants... two arms to hold, love and boobies! The rest is details!!

Have you tried posting on Craigslist and freecycle?

HUGE hugs, I PROMISE its not as bad as it feels...its going to be ok!!
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I feel a little bit better. My hormones are really getting the best of me this week. It's just one of those "can anything else go wrong" kinda weeks.

I've got everything soaking in oxiclean, detergent and hot water in the washer. And someone suggested I use a lite bleach solution to clean the plastic and metal parts, so I'm going to try that.

I know what's important is already ready. Me and the boobies. Stupid hormones! It just seems like such a waste if I can't fix them.

Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see what happens!
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I'm so sorry!!

I also recommend freecycle and craigslist. I got rid of almost everything (except clothing) from ds because we don't have much storage space even though I knew we were having more. Tell your story on freecycle and I bet you'll get lots of things! Is there any local mama/parenting groups? I'm in a couple (through Yahoo Groups) and there are a lot of mamas who just had there second and are done and passing on everything!
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I just joined our local Freecycle. We'll see what I can drum up there.

I do have a local mama group. There are 6 of us pregnant, all due around the same time, so no one really has any extra stuff.

I'm not looking for people to give me stuff, all though that would be nice. I'm going to see what I can do. The more I think about it, I have a lot of really useful stuff in the attic that I could recycle on Freecycle, and then see what comes back at me. I think I'd feel better about that!
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I know you're not looking for handouts, but I also know there are people out there (like me) that hang on to stuff specifically to pass onto someone that needs it!

I sure hope you can clean your stuff up, and I totally understand you're having a hormonal week! I'm sure you felt a little better posting and getting it out!
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is there a pregnancy resource center near you? We have one in this small town and no questions ask let anyone shop there aka superduper cheap or free things from onesie's to carseats- Check it out maybe.
Also could you sew new fabric cushions on the carseats and babyswing and wash with bleach all the mold off the metal/plastic parts?
I'm so sorry mama-hang in there
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We've had some luck at the Goodwill Outlet by us. Used to shop at them in Salem when we lived there too. You pay by the pound and baby clothes are small so it is just a few cents for an outfit.

Definitely try the free sources first, but if you need more, it's worth a trip.

Hope things start looking up!
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Oh wow - I'd be crying, too. I'm really sorry. It sounds like today is a better day? I hope it brings wonderful results. Hugs.
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Hey someone on the trading post board is giving away baby clothes Hurry and check it out
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A little bleach will go a long way!!! It should take care of the problem--- even if things fade a bit, they should be able to get clean enough and usable!!!
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I am so sorry. I would check out joinging your local freecycle group and posting a wanted for these items and looking out for people offering these items.
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Oh mama! Don't forget you live right next to the most MDC dense city on the planet! I love handouts! Almost everything I have for this baby I have gotten from local mamas. If you want, PM me a list and I will put out the word. I bet I can find lots of stuff in this area. I also have way more clothes than I need and can pull some for you if you want. Just let me know!
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do you know the gender? i have a TON of newborn and 3-6 mo baby girl clothing and blankets, etc. that are yours if you want them. i am in beaverton.
i wish i had something else to give, but the excersaucer we have is Lisas, and we didnt do crib, etc. remember all the baby needs is your arms, and your love, and those wonderful milk makers! the rest is extra.
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We are actually doing fine on clothes and blankets now. A friend of my sisters, in california, just gifted us all her practically new baby clothes. And it looks like she's giving us a britax convertible carseat she bought last year and doesn't like.

I've come to be at peace with the ruined stuff. I realized I never really used much of it in the beginning and none of it, except maybe the carseat, is necessary.

Thank you so much for your offer, but I think we are good! I'm sure there is another mama out there that could use it more than me
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