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I'm Jenny. I'm married, have a 2.5 year old son, and this baby is due in late January. My first pregnancy had complications but ended with a great natural birth in a hospital with a fabulous CNM. This time we're in a different town, and we're planning on going to a birth center with a CNM.
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My name is Neely and I am just about 29. I have been married for almost 7 yrs to my husband Ron. If he wasn't so helpful we wouldn't be on our 5th.
We have 3 girls and 1 boy. We will hopefully be finding out what this baby is. We are looking forward to meeting our new little one!
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Add me to the club!

Hi my name is Kate. I'm married to Ryan, we'll be celebrating out 17th wedding anniversary next month. We started trying for a baby when we first got married, little did we know then that it would be so hard. We've both been diagnosed with fertility problems and you know, after 17 years, I had pretty much given up on getting pregnant. And I was okay with that. I had made my peace with the loss.

So when I got sick and stayed sick I just thought I had a weird bug. I didn't get alarmed that I had missed a period because my cycles have never been regular and I had long passed the stage where I excitedly peed on a stick whenever my period was late because all it ever got me was a BFN. But, my DH kept saying he thought I might be pregnant. So I finally bought some tests just to show him "see, negative" and I was floored when, for the first time ever, the test was positive. Literally floored, I ended up on our hallway floor laughing and crying hysterically.

Even after 3 positive pee tests and all the different symptoms I truly didn't believe it could be real until I saw my baby in our first ultrasound. He/she waved!!!

Our wonderful surprise is due January 13th.
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I'm Kate and since I just joined MDC recently - this was the next thread I think I needed to read!!

I'm 30 and my DH and 2 y.o son Jack are going to be expecting a new addition to our family in January. EDD is supposed to be January 2nd, but I'll believe it when I see munchkin appear. Jack was a bit early, but also weighed well over 9lbs.

For this one - I am actively working with my new doctor (we just moved from Seattle to Milwaukee) in keeping an open mind about VBAC and its my hope that it will be a success. I'm keeping my fingers (& toes!) crossed.

Congrats to everyone for so many January babies!!
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Hi. I'm Paula. This is my 4th pregnancy. My first ended in mc. I have a 3 yr old boy and a 14 month old daughter. This pregnancy was a surprise! I'm due around Jan 8th. My first two children were born via c-section. I just found a wonderful midwife and am planning a VBAC!
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Hello. My name is Sara and I live outside Seattle, Washington.

I have been married to my husband Mark for almost 7 years and we have two boys, Asher (3 1/2) and Micah (16 months). We're due with our third boy on January 17, 2009. I had preterm labor with both of my boys and am already dealing with a fairly complicated pregnancy. I'm already dealing with uterine irritability, a short cervix, and placenta previa.

We're hoping and praying that all will go well and by sometime in December, I'll still be pregnant, my placenta will be out of the way, and we can go ahead with a natural birth with our midwives. But at this point, there's a chance I'll end up with preterm labor or an emergency c-section much sooner, hopefully no sooner than the end of September!

Looking forward to this journey with you all.
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New to MDC jan 09 not new to motherhood

Hello i'm Jaime 32 mom to 3 children and expecting number 4. Came upon MDC and then found the boards i also frequent iVillage boards. New life is due 1/20 but i will be having this baby 1/14 with c-section, hopefully no sooner! I am currently single again my youngest father, is this baby's father (long story). My children come first and i was on my own for years with the children, I have a great supportive family and friends and the children. I am an AP,BF,CD,tree-hugging,composting,gardening, living as green as we can. I would love to homeschool full time, my children attend public school but have assignments from mom at home as well. Plus almost every moment can be a teaching moment. The school system here, and ever since the no-child left behind act, has hurt children like mine. I am excited about this new life, a little shocked but have had much time to process the information as i found out on may 6, about 2 weeks pregnant. This will be my last pregnancy as i will have a tubal during my section.
Great to be here
Peaceful Growing
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Hi, I'm Julie, married to dh for 7 years. We have one 5 y.o. daughter & 2 m/c plus lots of unsticky positive pg tests after her. But here I am now, 17 weeks with a kicking baby and finally feeling kind of OK to be : :

I wear multiple hats right now. We are trying to get our house to market before vacation in less than a month, breaking ground on a new house on 15 acres of undeveloped land, and starting to homeschool Kindergarten in September!

And I have a subchorionic bleed. Ugh. :

Still trying to decide between hospital birth ($250.00 flat) or homebirth ($2000.00) and sadly, money is the biggest issue this time.

This is my first DDC.
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my name is Marie - i'm 30 and live in Vancouver, British Columbia.
i am pregnant with my first (a delivery surprise) and am 17 weeks along.

my partner and i have chosen a midwifery group for our caregiving and are very happy so far with our choice!

in canada both OB/GYN and midwifery care is covered by our provincial public health insurance (as is home or hospital birth - totally covered). you can't have both an OB/GYN and a midwife, you have to choose one or the other. but if your pregnancy becomes high risk your midwife will transfer you to an OB/GYN.
in British Columbia midwives can deliver in hospitals (this varies from province to province), so even though i have a midwife i have chosen to deliver in a hospital and will be able to have an epidural if i chose to.

in my opinion this process offers the best of both worlds.
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LOVE to read, and sah with my kids and sweetheart!

Live on the face of the sun~South Texas

Learning to let go and relax with His guidance
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Hey, finally posting!! I am Caroline, expecting my 6th in the end of January.
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Originally Posted by Caroline248 View Post
Hey, finally posting!! I am Caroline, expecting my 6th in the end of January.
Welcome and congratulations!! I think we were in a ddc together before (Sept 2004?).

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Originally Posted by chumani View Post
Welcome and congratulations!! I think we were in a ddc together before (Sept 2004?).


Yes, we were! I was in Sept 2004 and June 2006! Nice to see you again!
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My name is Angie. My DH is an amazing man, and together we have our little Beatrice who is 16 months old (born April 2007). I am currently a SAHM and plan to be for a few more years. I am due January 4th, which is my birthday,and cannot wait to meet new little who we affectionately call THOR, god of thunder.
Abrazos y besos. Thanks for letting in on this little community!:
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My Intro

Hi everyone!

I'm Shelby, 33yrs old and SAHM, independent midwifery student, and homeschool teacher to my 5 fantastic children. Dh Derick (who is 31 and a Wireless Telecommunications Engineer) and I have been married for 12 years and are currently expecting baby #6 in Mid January. (EDD 1/13) We live in Northern VT.

We have had 2 mc's, one in Oct of'97 at 6weeks, and one in Feb of 04,around 6-8wks which turned out to be a twin pregnancy, and we went on to carry the other twin to 42weeks, with no problems. (this was Bruce)

Our clan include::s: our oldest son, Briar, age 9 9/22/98 Posterior born water-birth after a 26hr labor in a birthcenter.
Oldest daughter, Brieanna, age 8 11/24/99 Dry-land birth in a hosp, 12hr labor(I know, what was I thinking!!)
son, Braeden age 5 10/23/02 Posterior water-birth 9hr labor in a birthcenter
son, Bruce age 3 11/23/04 Compound Presentation 9hr labor,UC Home Waterbirth
Daughter Brooklynne age 2 4/21/06 9hr labor UC homebirth in the shower.

Everyone was birthed without meds of any kinnd, everyone has shared the family bed, been breastfed, non-vaccinated and homeschooled. We are planning another UC homebirth for #6 and would like a girl so that we have 3 of each, but we'll be waiting for the birthday to find out what we have been blessed with. Good thing we're used to both.

Best of luck and Blessed journeys to you all!
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I am due January 17th with my third baby. I am married to a wonderful and involved man and have two sons (a 3 1/2 year old and a 22 month old). They are sweet, active, and keep me laughing (most of the time). My first birth was a horrible hospital induction and my son spent a week in the NICU for meconium aspiration. My second was a wonderful homebirth with a midwife (and he weighed 11 pounds!).

I love this thread and read it frequently for support!
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New here

My name is Amy. I am happily married to my Dh Josh. I am a proud momma to Kenzie (6), Parker (4), Bayleigh (2) and the little bit on the way. I am due January 25th, my youngest's birthday.
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I'm really late to finding this board but here (finally). I'm expecting my first and toally thrilled about this! :

I'll be 32 when Baby comes, (Jan 8, 2009) and planning a home waterbirth. I am currently employed as a sales & marketing manager. I love my job! I work with great people and everyone has been very supportive of my pregnancy. I teach fitness classes part time.

I had 1 miscarriage in Jan (08) and still cautious with this pregnancy. I've been feeling the LO kick a lot and that always puts me back on cloud 9.

I'm totally elated to be here and I wish eveyone a happy and healthy 9 mos!
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Newish to this website and didn't realize this forum was here! But...now I do!

So, My name is Liz. I'm 29, been married to dh for 12 yrs. This is baby #4.

We have a 12 yr old son, 9 yr old daughter, and 6 yr old son. It's been a while since I've been prego so I'm feeling like I've forgotten everything and that I'm starting over! I hope I don't feel that way once this little peanut gets here.

I have severe placenta brain and just realized I forgot to mention my due date lol...I am due on Jan 10th


LOL, bad brains back at work....This babe is another girl!! Finally my daughter will stop crying asking for a sister
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Hi everyone

I am Marina, a 34 year old OB nurse. I am married to Tom and we have a 3 year old daughter name Sophia. We are expecting a new addition in January, my due date is 1/16/09.
Congratulations to all and good luck!
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