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Welcome to all the new preggo mamas!

We had planned on keeping this pg a secret other than with our immediate family members but DH was so excited that he kept telling everyone and then telling them it's a secret and not to say anything. I decided to go ahead and blow this thing wide open by posting it on my blog. I took a picture of DD in a "big sister" T-shirt and let people come to their own conclusions. I think I'm going to have a ton of email in my in-box tomorrow. I have my first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday and I can't wait!
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Hi, I'm Kay. I just got my BFP this morning! I've been married for 13 years. My husband is a SAHD. I'm a chiropractor in private practice. We have two sons almost 2 years old and 3 and a half. We've been TTC for 8 months, so I'm sooo excited to be here! Hoping for a girl this time, but of course would be just as happy with another boy! My EDD is also my 36th birthday.
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Went to the DR yesterday. Saw the bean!! YAY!!

The baby is only 5 weeks, which I have been telling everyone that it was, they said no...you are 7 weeks. GRRRR. But I did get to see the cute little thing, heard the heartbeat. I go back May 29 to see it better. So my EDD IS 1/2/09. My moms wants me to always say that it's 1/1/09 bc she wants it to be the first baby born that year. We'll see how long I can hold out!
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Hello and congrats to everyone! I am Chrissy, mostly SAHM to a very active 3 year old boy. DH and I have been married six years this month. We thought we were done, kinda on the fence and pretty sure we were done. To make a long story short, this little one broke through many barriers to be conceived (we are still puzzling as to when it could have happened!) Socked would be an understatement of how we feel. I am starting to come around, I know I will love this baby, but first I need to get used to it!!!

I think EDD will be jan 8 (3 days before my bday!). We are uninsured for this pregnancy, so I think I am going to lean twords a birthing center, for both comfort and cost.

We havn't told anyone else yet, we are still getting used to it. I am a little nervous, I was so angry and shocked at first, now I am worried about mc, I know it is irrational, but what can I say hormones. And maybe the baby knows at first I didn't want it! How terrible am I. Just for the record, I want it now, and keep talking to it to tell it so, lol. What can i say again, hormones!!!

Wishing everyone happy and healthy preggers!!
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Hi ladies and congrats on your BFPs!

My name is Rachel, I'm 24 (25 in June), newlywed to DH (married May 2007), TTC since Aug 2007, and finally got my first BFP 10 days ago! I'm so, so excited! This is our very first pregnancy! My little one's EDD is Jan 6, 2009, fingers crossed!

I'm planning a homebirth with a midwife, but I'm bracing myself for the family reaction to that news (particularly the uppity half of DH's family)... I've only told my mom and sister so far - my Mom did the "Oh, really? What if something happens?" thing, but my sister kind of flipped - she even resorted to saying that my labor noises would scare our cats, so I should do it in a hospital or at least a hotel (?). Hah!

I'm also (reluctantly) in law school, 1L, and currently not studying for finals - who can concentrate when they just find out they're preg with #1? I'm planning on going for fall semester, which means I'll be 8 months preg during those finals - I'll probably be unable to study then too! *sigh*
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Welcome, everyone! Rachel, a friend of mine was pregnant in law school and took exams when 8 months pregnant, then took the next semester off. She graduated a little behind the rest of us due to that leave, but she did it. So, if you want to, it's doable.

Of course, I'm speaking as a current SAHM, who very happily left my job as an attorney. I figure the law will always be around. I also know a local lawyer who was a SAHM for 26 years after law school until her husband left her. She then took the bar and is now a solo practitioner. It's doable!
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I just got my BFP this morning! I am nervous about posting since I have had a couple of losses previous to this. My name is Beth and I am 33. I am married to a wonderful DH and have a 4 year old son. I am currently SAHM since we moved to another country and I was looking into going back to work in September. I am due Jan. 10 which is 4 days before my birthday. My DS was born on his only cousin's birthday so I wonder if this little one will come on mine.
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congrats and sticky vibes to everyone! i am due in july; i just get so excited when a new pregnancy thread comes along!
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I belong here!

Serena, an already-mother but looking to be once again. I don't do due 'dates' but from my calculations, there will be an addition to our family in January, God-willing. DD was a 42 weeker so I stay away from the date just to keep the sanity.

I spend a lot of time greening up this family, preparing traditional style foods, learning, learning, learning!

I'm a little scared to post here this early actually, I've had a few early miscarriages. Good sticky vibes to everyone! :
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I'm Kristi. My due date is 1/7/09. I have a one year old daughter named Ziva, born last April and one baby I'll meet in the world to come. I'm in the process of becoming a doula (hopefully by the end of the year I'll be certified!) and in becoming more crunchy. I'm having a homebirth- most likely unassisted, but possibly with a midwife and I want to try a waterbirth this time!
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well, add me to the list ! I found out yesterday, edd is Jan.8. I'm Melissa, SAHM to 3 girls, ages 9, 8 and 18 mos. We've been trying for about 8 months, had some infertility issues between #2 and #3, so I'm pretty excited. I'm 34, homeschool my girls, and keep the books for my dh's office. I'm glad it is summer, because I get sick from week 6 until week 12 of pg! I am not looking forward to that, but the rest is usually pretty good for me. I've had 3 natural births, all in hospitals. This will be another of the same (I hope).

congrats to all the other mamas-to-be!

(looks like I may need to be doing a username change in about 9 months )
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Add me. Just found out today. My edd is Jan 9. I have will be married 5 years in July. I have 35 mth old ds and a 14 dd. I am a SAHM and I love it. My other two dc were born at home and I am hoping that this one will be too. ( There is a shortage of midwives here).

Congrats to everyone else.
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Add me to the list! Due with baby #5 on 01/05/09.
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Hi! I'm Katy, I'm a WAHM and have a wonderful 3 year old DD, an amazing hubby, and a great little dog! I live in Baltimore, MD. I'm due Jan 14th. I'm looking into birth options for this time around. I'm hoping to use a birth center for this delivery.
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Hi! I'm Diana, SAHM (occasionally WAH) to a 3-year-old dd. I just got my BFP yesterday. I have had three losses in the past two years (two last summer) so I'm a bit nervous. I am 44 -- pregnant five times in my 40s after five years of infertility in my 30s, go figure. EDD 1/14.
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Congrats to all the January mamas!

My name is Emily and I'm really excited to be joining you guys! I'm 34 and my DH is 33. We will be married for 8 years next week. This is our first child. I had a m/c 8/07 so am really hoping this bean sticks! My due date is Jan 15. I'm hoping to have a homebirth.
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Hi, my name is Nikki, and I'm a SAHM to my almost 2 yr. old ds, and married to my dh for 3+ years. I'm 33, and I just got my bfp on Tuesday after trying for a few months and being certain we had no chance this month!

EDD is 1/12/09.
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I'm Amanda, mom to Caroline who will be three at the end of this month. I'll be 35 in June. I had a late miscarriage in January of this year, so I'm due right around the one-year-anniversary of that loss. I'm nervous but feel good...for a few more days at least. The nausea hit at 6 weeks last pregnancy.

ETA: EDD is Jan. 15
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Hi! Teresa here. I'm probably due in early January. (Maybe late, late December? Maybe more mid-January? Needless to say April was not a meticulous time for me!) Hoping for a homebirth with my same brilliant midwife.
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