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Holy Smokes! I got pregnant on my birthday and found out I was the day before Mother's Day, and baby will be a New Years baby.

I'm Tina. I just turned 35 last month, married to dh 9 years in July. SAHM to Eleanor who will be 3 this month, and Truman who will be 5 in July. I am due January 11th. Still nursing dc#2.

dc #1 was 5+ months of strict bed rest, complications galore and 56.5 hours of interventions and a hospital birth and no midwife or birth center that would touch me.
We had a homebirth with dc #2, 4.5 hours from start to finish, and we are hoping to do the same this time around.

I've had 5 or 6 m/c's, I actually lost count , so I am always very scared for the first few months. I am a professed constant "panty checker".
I am hoping this birthday, mother's day, new years baby is one sticky little one.
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Hi, I'm Nicole, this is my husband's and my second unplanned pregnancy. We are overjoyed right now. My son was born in a midwife run birthing center in Lancaster County and this new baby will be born there as well.

I'm not 100% sure of my dates due to flakey periods and so forth, but it's seems as though I'm around 7 weeks. Which would put my due date between Christmas and New Years.

I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for a Christmas baby. That would be SOOOO cool!
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Hi, I'm Kat! Just found out I was pregnant with our first child on Thursday. We are absolutely ecstatic! Trying not to get too excited, since we keep hearing horror stories of m/cs but are praying and trying to stay calm and relaxed.

I'm approximately due Jan 20th, but of course, who really knows! Our Split Pea will come out when it is good and ready.
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I'm dipping my toe in...

I'm Kate, 43, with two lovelies, ages 10 and 2 - both born at home. I had a m/c in February that was devastating. This is our last try. Hope it sticks! EDD 1/18/09!
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Okay, I'm going to cautiously tip-toe in here. I'm Sarah, SAHM Mama to 2 1/2 yr old Adeline, married to my dh for 4 years. We have just had two back to back early m/c so we are feeling pretty nervous. I am on Prometrium to help - so we'll hope he/she sticks! The funny thing is, every other pregnancy was planned and we were trying, and this time we were just feeling... um... "creative" and voila - we ended up pregnant. So maybe the spontaneity of the event will encourage the babe. I have an appt. scheduled for the 22nd to try and see the babe's HB, which is unlike me, but anxiety is my ruling emotion at this point.

My EDD is around 1/15/09 - but I wasn't charting, so I'm not quite sure when I ovulated this time. So thereabouts. We are planning a homebirth - DD's birth was a planned homebirth turned transfer, so hopefully this time will work out better.

- Sarah
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Hi, I'm Emily and completely new to this forum! My DH--and I'm assuming this means my spouse?--and I found out that I'm pregnant last week. According to my last period that means I'm entering my sixth week and have a due date of January 9th.

Surprised :, yet very excited! All in all, it feels very natural.

Thanks for starting this thread!
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Hi, Emily! DH=dear husband, DS= dear son, etc...
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I just got a +HPT this morning so I'm still a little in shock! Based on my dates I'm due 1/17 but I may be pushing them back a few days when I talk to my midwives.

DS is almost 2 and will be 2 1/2 when this babe comes. I'm planning on having a VBAC.
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Another Jan Mom

Hey everyone!

Glad to see you all here! And so excited to be here! Got my BFP on Mother's Day after 18 months of trying. Couldn't have had a better present.

Estimated due date is 1/24, but more likely to be closer to the start of Jan. Toddler will be 3.5 when lima bean is born.

Last pregnancy and birth was v. hard so I'm hoping for better this time.
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I'm out. - can you please remove me?


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Just got the greatest Mother's Day present yesterday and found out I'm pg again! Due 1/19, not that I take much stock in due dates. Honestly, I'm expecting a Christmas baby, but we'll see.

DH is 23, I'm 22, DS just turned 2. Had 2 m/c before DS and one that ended November 27th. Been trying again ever since then.

Planning another UC (DS was a planned UC that ended up as a hospital induction a month early with pre-eclampsia. Hoping to avoid that this time) with shadow care from the same OB that delivered DS (maybe).

Just so glad to be here!!! I found out today that I have Lyme disease, so I'm on abx 3xs a day for 28 days, but thankfully it's something that won't pass through the placenta.
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I'm Lauren, SAHM to my 10 month old DS, married to DH for 1.5 years. This pregnancy was not planned, but we're excited (and a little overwhelmed) by it. I think my due date is somewhere between the 18th and 23rd of January. Glad to be here, and looking forward to a happy and healthy 9 months for us all!
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Hi everyone!

I am Vicki, 39yr old (40 in July) mom of 4 soon to be 5. I am pretty nervous because I have had 4 m/c in the past. I am seeing an OB right now (she has me on miscarriage protocol) and will switch to a midwife at 20 weeks. My EDD is January 19th.

Juneau, I see you!
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Hi everyone! I'm Shanti. I'm 31 and this is my first! I am excited, terrifiied, and completely happy
Due date Dec. 24th
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Hey everyone!

My due date is January 2nd. It is my first child and I am so excited to be here! : )
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It's a little after the fact, since I have already been posting, but please add me. EDD 1/18/09
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So how is everyone doing? I'm sooooo nauseated again. I was sick with DD for 6 month straight. The thought of being that sick again is really overwhelming me. DH keeps reminding me to just take it one day at a time and I know I should listen. I've only been sick for one and half weeks but it already feels like an eternity. I'm still working full time and it takes so much effort not to puke on my patients. I keep trying to remind myself that this nausea is a good reminder that my little tadpole is healthy but, honestly, I really want to cry right now.
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Hi everyone! Just got my BFP this morning and I'm still in shock! I wasn't expecting it at all this cycle, but I'm so excited.

I have a 1yo ds. We had planned a natural birth for ds, but I ended up with lots of interventions due to low amniotic fluid and had a c/s. It was not at all the experience I wanted for me or my baby so this time I want to HBAC.

Looking forward to a fun 9 mos with you ladies!

papschmitty - I totally understand how you feel as I had BAD nausea with ds. However, I am feeling NO symptoms at all and would really like to have something to let me know that the little bean is ok. The grass is always greener I guess
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hi everyone! 6 weeks 1 day :)

hi all,

i'm 37, pregnant with our 1st, and excited to have found y'all as i really feel the desire to connect with other newly pregnant women. not sure the due date but it's probably around 1/8-15. (the 1st day of last period was 4/1 & my cycle for the past 14 months averaged 33 days).

is there anyone here based in marin county, CA?

i'd love referrals to
- local newly pregnant or mom groups
- midwives/OBGYNs. i'm researching NOW for someone local for a waterbirth in a birthing ctr., home, or supportive hospital

thank you,
om (as in yoga) mom aka antonia
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Welcome and congratulations to all the newbies!

I had my first ultrasound this morning and got to see my little's tadpole hearbeat! We're headed out of town for the weeked to visit our friends from out of state and celebrate their new adopted son. My nausea and a 6 hour car ride is not a good combination!
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